ROH: Glory By Honor VIII; The Final Countdown

New York, NY – 9.26.2010

Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero

Kingston attacks Hero right at the bell. He swipes Hero’s face with forearms. Hero beats on Kingston on the floor, throwing him into the barricade. Hero covers Kingston with some of the floor padding, and then hops off the apron onto Kingston with a senton splash. In the ring, Hero cracks Kingston with a series of elbows. Kingston backdrops Hero, but Hero charges with a big boot for two. Hero lays in some more elbows, and Kingston responds with one of his own. Kingston ducks a rolling elbow and gives Hero a release German suplex. Hero goes to the floor and Kingston follows with a suicide dive. Kingston lays in the strikes to Hero, throwing him into the barricade a few times as well. In the ring, Kingston gives Hero a urinage slam and a lariat for two. Hero gives Kingston a blockbuster for two. Hero gives Kingston a running Liger bomb for two. Kingston hits a forearm to prevent a rolling elbow. He gives Hero a modified Death Valley Driver for two. Kingston hits a dragon suplex for two. Hero blocks the backfist with an elbow, then hits a rolling elbow. Hero cracks Kingston with the Death Blow for two. Kingston headbutts Hero and takes him over with an exploder suplex. Hero hits a cravate suplex, and Kingston gives him a backdrop driver. Kingston puts Hero’s loaded green elbow pad on his hand. Shane Hagadorn comes in and gets nailed with the backfist. While the referee is distracted, Hero puts on a gold loaded elbow pad and cracks Kingston with a rolling elbow for the pin at 16:09. For a drawn-out grudge match, this was pretty disappointing. This never really left first gear and the “fighting spirit” stuff felt pretty forced. This isn’t over, so I hope the conclusion is much better. **1/2

Bryan Danielson’s final pre-WWE match was on this show. Check out my review of all of his “Final Countdown Tour” matches!


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