F1RST Wrestling: Fight Night


Minneapolis, MN – 9.26.2009

Ophidian vs. Nate Bash

This was supposed to be a tag team rematch from “In The Armory Now”, but Amasis was unable to make the show. Ophidian goes for Bash’s knee. He rolls Bash up when Bash resists. Bash hits a dropkick after a leapfrog. Ophidian sends him to the floor, then rolls out with a headscissors. Ophidian hits a slingshot senton back in the ring for two. Ophidian puts his body weight across Bash’s back. Bash muscles out and Ophidian crashes into the canvas. Despite this, Ophidian is able to put on a modified Octopus Stretch. Bash throws him off, but Ophidian headbutts Bash in the stomach to keep control. He headstands into a headbutt to the chest and gets two with a jackknife pin. Bash brings Ophidian out of the corner with a spinebuster, countering a DDT. Bash drops him with a snapmare driver for two. Ophidian elbows him against the rope. He hits a savate kick and Chocolate Rain for two. Bash gets rolled up from the mat. He catches Ophidian with an enzuigiri upon getting to his feet and takes him out with a lariat for two. Ophidian comes back with a fisherman’s suplex for two. Bash catches Ophidian’s crossbody attempt, and dumps him with a Michinoku Driver for the pin at 8:46. Not a bad substitue for the would be tag match, but nothing truly remarkable or noteworthy happened. **

Frightmare vs. Lince Dorado vs. Arik Cannon vs. Ryan Cruz

Frightmare takes the opening exchange with Cruz, getting a nearfall out of a sitout hip toss. Cannon reaches a stalemate in exchanges with Dorado and Cruz. Frightmare and Dorado pick up the pace with headscissors and armdrags. After they stand-off, Frightmare tags in Cruz. A cascade attempt from Cruz turns into a piledriver from Frightmare, accidentally. Dorado tries a quebrada, but Cruz catches him mid-air with a spinwheel kick. He also slams Frightmare onto his face and chest to counter a headscissors. Frightmare headscissors Cannon to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. Cruz follows with a moonsault off the apron when he’s sent to the apron by Dorado. Dorado Sasuke Specials out onto everyone. Back inside the ring, Cannon gives Frightmare a delayed vertical suplex. Dorado then hits a quebrada onto Cannon. Cruz knocks out Dorado with a tornado kick. Frightmare hops in from the entrance ramp with a tornado DDT onto Cruz, leaving all four men laying. Cannon wins a strike exchange with Cruz by poking his eyes. Cruz catches Cannon on his shoulders, stringing together a Finlay roll and a moonsault off the second rope. Dorado breaks up the cover and shotgun dropkicks Cruz to the corner. Dorado Tiger walks up Cruz and gives him a Dragon suplex. Frightmare breaks the bridge with Kneecolepsy on Dorado for two. Cruz hooks Frightmare for Boom Shaka-Laka. Frightmare fights out. Cruz hits him with a running knee in the corner. Cannon knocks down Cruz with a back elbow. From the mat Frightmare headscissors Cannon. Dorado ends up on the top turnbuckle. Cruz hits Boom Shaka-Laka on Frightmare. Cannon goes after Dorado but Dorado strikes him away. Cruz tries a superplex. Dorado headbutts him to the mat and hits a shooting star press for the pin at 13:33. My assumption was that this was to give Dorado momentum going into the Sweet Sixteen tournament next month. That’s a hard point to find through muddled, directionless action and a very abrupt finish. I had some expectations here and they were sadly not met. *½


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