Hiding in Plain Sight


Nashua, NH – 9.13.2009

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Louden Noxious, Leonard F. Chikarason, Mike Quackenbush, and Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen.

Hallowicked {I} & Frightmare {I} vs. Icarus {F} & Chuck Taylor {F}

Icarus stretches out Hallowicked’s legs. Hallowicked turns him over in a double leg lock. Icarus grabs the ropes. Hallowicked armdrags him into a side headlock. Frightmare kicks Icarus and delivers a dropkick. Incoherence double hip toss Icarus for two. Frightmare lands a senton for two. Hallowicked comes off the second rope with an alita and takes Icarus over with a step-up Frankensteiner. Icarus drives him face first into the second turnbuckle. Taylor misses a corner attack and Hallowicked swipes out Icarus’ feet so he dropkicks Taylor in the back. Taylor’s head hits Icarus’ crotch. Frightmare uses scare tactics to make Taylor cower. He snapmares him into a back kick for two. Incoherence give Taylor the Sidewinder for two. Taylor takes an armdrag and headscissors from Frightmare. Frightmare follows him to the floor with a tope con hilo. Icarus suicide dives onto Hallowicked. Taylor gives Frightmare a release belly-to-belly suplex. F.I.S.T. turn the tide in their favor by wearing down Frightmare in their corner. Frightmare ends up sending Taylor to the floor. He uses Icarus to run the ropes for a diving Frankensteiner on the floor. Hallowicked nails Icarus with a pair of clotheslines and the Rydeen Bomb. He hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Frightmare lands the Kneecolepsy. Taylor breaks the pin and tosses Hallowicked outside. He gives Frightmare Sole Food. He then boots him into a back cracker from Icarus. Hallowicked makes the save. He tosses Taylor to the floor, then tosses Frightmare onto him. Icarus tries the Shiranui. Hallowicked blocks it and hits the Graveyard Smash for the pin at 10:51. This was a hot match that got the crowd’s blood flowing. Icarus and Hallowicked have such a rich history that they always have really fun encounters. Taylor and Frightmare are pretty keen too. ***

You can watch this match in its entirety here.

Ariel is making her CHIKARA debut tonight. She doesn’t care that Sara Del Rey has been on a roll in CHIKARA because the New England fans have her back.

Sara Del Rey vs. Ariel

Sara trips Ariel while holding onto the collar and elbow tie-up. Ariel puts on a hammerlock, but Sara quickly turns it into a wristlock. Ariel turns that into a full nelson. Sara grabs the ropes to escape. Sara uses a one leg to monkey flip Ariel while holding onto a double knuckle lock. They armdrag one another and throw stereo dropkick. Sara grasps on a side headlock. Sara shoulder tackles her down. Ariel rolls Sara up for two. Sara gets her own two count with a jackknife pin. Sara blocks a backslide with a big boot. She throws some kicks at Ariel. Ariel snapmares Sara into a basement dropkick for two. Sara cranks on Ariel’s neck. She sends Ariel to the corner. Ariel avoids a corner attack, but Sara throws her to the mat by her hair. Ariel catches Sara on the second rope and hip tosses her down. Ariel runs the ropes into a bulldog. Ariel’s second basement dropkick earns a two count. She gives Sara the three amigos. Sara kicks out. Sara hits a Koppu Kick. The Royal Butterfly suplex gets her the win at 9:46. The fans were too busy cheering “TWO!” thanks to a sign in the crowd, but then again, while this was passable, there wasn’t much to it. *½

Leonard F. Chikarason comes out with Hydra and Steve “The Turtle” Weiner. Leonard has a Champions of Charity plaque. He says that they’re presenting an award to a man who has contributed to wrestling, as well as many different charities: Jeff “Lobsterman” Costa. Jeff comes out with one of his female students. Leonard presents Costa with the plaque, and a picture is taken with everyone in the ring. Leonard asks Costa to say a few words. Costa riles up the fans and receives a standing ovation. Costa gives a heartwarming speech until 2.0 comes out to interrupt. 2.0 cuts a promo saying they deserve a plaque. Tim Donst comes in and attacks Hydra from behind! 2.0 attack Turtle and Lobsterman and steal the plaque before bailing. Chikarason says that because Donst destroyed Hydra last night and because he ruined this award ceremony, his match tonight against Vökoder is cancelled and he is suspended for 60 days. Donst attacks Hydra further, forcing Chikarason to threaten Donst with a permanent suspension. Donst ceases the beatdown and leaves the building. The fans chant “Lobsterman” as the CHIKARA staff check on him and Turtle.

UltraMantis Black {ONT} & Delirious {ONT} vs. Eddie Kingston {R} & Grizzly Redwood {R}

Delirious attacks Redwood and brings him to the floor. Kingston and Mantis are about to engage in combat when Delirious attacks Kingston from behind. Kingston absorbs Delirious’ chop. Kingston peppers him with his own chops until Delirious bites him on the forehead. Kingston gives him a belly-to-belly suplex. Mantis attacks Kingston with a forearm. Kingston armdrags him away, leading to them engaging in a Lucha sequence, much like they did in Easton. Kingston ends it with a dropkick. Redwood blind tags in and punches Mantis in the stomach. He snaps Mantis back using the top rope. Redwood goes for a headscissors but Mantis snaps him neck first across the top rope. The Order front and back rake Redwood. Delirious and Redwood pull each other by their beards. Redwood and Delirious sweep each others’ legs out. Redwood dropkicks him in the knee. Redwood accidentally chops Kingston in the leg as Kingston holds onto Delirious. Delirious back sentons Kingston. Surprisingly, the Order decide to gang up on Kingston instead of the smaller Roughneck. Kingston fights back by avoiding the Panic Attack and giving Delirious a release German suplex. He then blocks Mantis’ Praying Mantis Bomb with a uranage suplex. Instead of tagging in Redwood, he decides to try and fight off the Order on his own. He has the opportunity to tag out but instead suicide dives onto both Delirious and Mantis. Him hitting the floor brings in Redwood who throws some double axe handles to Delirious’ back. Kingston is pounding Mantis on the floor. Delirious catches Redwood coming off the middle rope with a headbutt to the stomach. He drops Redwood with the Praying Mantis Bomb for the pin at 10:37. This told a good story with the dichotomy between Kingston still not fully accepting Redwood as an equal and Mantis and Delirious growing as a formidable unit every time they team. The action itself was solid and would be the last time Kingston teamed with any Roughneck member. **½

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson

Claudio targets Jigsaw’s left arm as Jigsaw tries to go for Claudio’s left leg. They break cleanly and tag in their respective partners. Quackenbush puts on a wristlock. Danielson dropkicks him away but Quackenbush pops right back up. Danielson goes for a short-arm scissor. Quackenbush gets the ropes before it is fully applied. Danielson trips him into an ankle pick. Quackenbush goes for a cross armbreaker but Danielson key locks his legs. Quackenbush rolls out and single leg dropkicks Danielson to his corner. He applies a cravate. Danielson puts on a chinlock. Quackenbush grabs ahold of Danielson’s neck. He then gets on a courting hold. Danielson belly-to-back suplexes his way free and tags in Claudio. Jigsaw tags back in as well. Claudio grabs a front facelock. Danielson rocks him with uppercuts. Jigsaw avoids a corner attack and snaps off two armdrags and a dropkick. Quackenbush stomps Danielson’s left shoulder as Jigsaw holds onto a wristlock. Danielson uppercuts Quackenbush. Jigsaw surprises him with a high crossbody. Quackenbush assists Jigsaw with a headscissors. Jigsaw follows Danielson to the floor with a suicide dive. Quackenbush rolls up Claudio’s shoulders into an armdrag. He monkey flips Claudio onto his stomach. Quackenbush tries a tope con hilo. Claudio catches Quackenbush and powerbombs him back into the ring from the floor! Claudio uppercuts him in the shoulders to the floor. Claudio catches Jigsaw’s flying Frankensteiner. Danielson chop blocks Jigsaw’s bad knee. Jigsaw hurt his knee at Dragon Gate USA last weekend, so Team Uppercut do as much damage possible to Jigsaw as they keep him isolated. Both Claudio and Danielson become much more aggressive in this period. Quackenbush palm strikes Danielson in order for him to break his single leg crab on Jigsaw. Jigsaw rolls out as Quackenbush and Danielson trade strikes. Quackenbush comes off the second rope with a bulldog. He backdrops Danielson. Quackenbush drops Claudio with a Torbellino. Jigsaw enzuigiri’s Claudio into a mule kick from Quackenbush. Claudio breaks through a double clothesline attempt. He gives Jigsaw Swiss Chin Music. Quackenbush is popped up and takes Claudio over with a huracanrana for two. Danielson swiftly kicks Quackenbush in the back of the head, then locks on Cattle Mutilation. Jigsaw uses his good leg to stomp Danielson and break his partner free. Claudio pops Jigsaw into an uppercut from Danielson! Quackenbush breaks the cover. Danielson puts Jigsaw back in the half crab. Claudio misses an uppercut on the floor and hits the ring post. Jigsaw rolls up Danielson for two. Quackenbush and Jigsaw double superkick Danielson for two. Quackenbush locks on the CHIKARA Special! Claudio uppercuts Quackenbush to break the hold. He spins Quackenbush in the UFO. Claudio misses Swiss Chin Music. Jigsaw low bridges him to the floor. Danielson suplexes Quackenbush. Jigsaw catches Danielson as he climbs the ropes. He ends up diving to the floor with a Frankensteiner to Claudio. Quackenbush looks for a double underhook superplex. Danielson shoves him down. He tries a sunset flip from the top, but Quackenbush reverses it into the Alligator Clutch for the pin at 21:47. When you look at these four names, you have high expectations for what’s to come. This match lived up to those expectations. They told a phenomenal story while also modifying the tag team formula for the better. It was a magical moment for Danielson to stop at CHIKARA on his way to WWE and they put on a really fun, exciting, and memorable match. It’s a shame Danielson didn’t have a longer tenure in CHIKARA; he was a phenomenal addition to the company, of course. ****

You can watch this match in its entirety here.

After Danielson says thank you to the fans and his fellow wrestlers in the match, we cut to Sal Rinauro who is literally twiddling his thumbs backstage. Sal says he is tired of Mike Quackenbush sitting around twiddling his thumbs. He’s been working for months to try to get a shot at Quackenbush’s NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship, but Quackenbush has been ducking dates to face him. But now, Rinauro has his shot when CHIKARA comes to Easton next month. He’s going to take the belt and Quackenbush’s NWA bookings.

Shane Matthews says he and Jagged just got off a 20 hour flight to be here in Nashua. They’re excited to be teaming with their favorite CHIKARA stars, the UnStable. Jagged shows us a wall with a blank piece of paper. Jagged says it’s a clean slate that represents where they begin tonight. Leonard F. Chikarason approaches them, saying he was wondering if he would see the Badd Boys tonight. He seems puzzled that he didn’t see 2.0 last night but did see the Badd Boys while the reverse is happening tonight. Chikarason says he’s going to keep his eyes on both teams.

Jimmy ‘Equinox’ Olsen was hurt last night, so a replacement must be drawn for him in the scheduled ten man tag. Matt Classic, Scotty Goldman, and Colt Cabunny aren’t around when their names are drawn from the hat, but Colt Cabana is! This will be Cabana’s first appearance in CHIKARA since the debut show in May of 2002.

Green Ant {C}, Carpenter Ant {C}, Lince Dorado {TFN}, Dasher Hatfield, & Colt Cabana vs. Vin Gerard {U}, STIGMA {U}, Colin Delaney {U}, Jagged {2.0} & Shane Matthews {2.0}

Jagged has the plaque he and Matthews stole from the award ceremony earlier on. Green Ant brings him down in a wristlock. Carpenter Ant applies Pliers. Green Ant takes down Jagged with a flying tope. Dorado throws chops at Gerard. After some back and forth, Dorado takes him to the corner with a satellite headscissors. Dorado avoids the Western lariat and moonsaults into a Japanese armdrag. Delaney laughs at Cabana for being Scotty Goldman. Cabana isn’t sure who Colin is, so Colin angrily throws a punch. Cabana catches the punch and spins Delaney around into a wristlock. They end up criss-crossing the ropes. Cabana baits Delaney into a slap. The second time around, Delaney tries a slap, but Cabana slaps him again. Cabana pretends to give Delaney an opening for a slap, then slaps and bionic elbows him. Every member of the Rudo team takes a bionic elbow as well. The UnStable corner Cabana, so he bails. Hatfield crossbody’s onto all three of them for a two count. The Colony tandem splash the UnStable. Dorado comes in with a springboard seated senton to Delaney. 2.0 stomp down Hatfield in the corner and give him a side Russian legsweep. The UnStable help 2.0 wear Hatfield down. Hatfield puts Delaney in a tree of woe. Gerard is about to cut off his base running. Hatfield avoids the attack. Louden Noxious begins commentating over the microphone as if it were a baseball game. Cabana hits a pop. All of his team run the bases and hit Delaney with a baseball slide dropkick. STIGMA, the catcher, blocks Cabana, but Cabana simply shoulder blocks him out of the way and overhand chops Delaney. Angry, Shane Matthews pours water on Bryce Remsburg. Bryce ejects him from the match! An all out brawl with the rest of the wrestlers breaks out. Hatfield baseball slide dropkicks STIGMA. Carpenter and Green Ant both hit tope con hilo’s. Dorado lands a Sasuke Special as Cabana lands an Asai moonsault. Matthews gets back into the ring. As Bryce is distracted on the floor, Lobsterman Jeff Costa comes into the ring and clobbers Matthews with his lobster hand. Dorado hits a shooting star press for the win at 16:17. This was goofy and served it’s purpose, paying off the Ceremony from earlier. Cabana was a nice surprise, but his re-debut with the company is the only remarkable thing about the match overall. *½

Dasher Hatfield says he had a heck of a weekend going 2-0. However, he’s a little lonely, and he’s not waiting around for the the Super Smash Bros. to have his back again. He’s going on a search for his own partner.

Player Dos is annoyed that Player Uno seems to be willing to throw away their partnership to get the Cup. But if that’s the case, he’s going to give it his all against Uno tonight, and be the first one in line to shake Uno’s hand if he happens to win the Cup.

Young Lions Cup
Player Dos (Champion) vs. Player Uno

Dos takes Uno to the mat in a hammerlock. Uno gets his foot on the ropes. After some posturing, Uno shoulder blocks Dos. Dos pops right back up. He catches Uno with a leg lariat. Dos feigns a dive, then comes off the top rope with a somersault senton. Dos dropkicks Uno in the back of the head. Uno drives Dos to the corner and chops him. He gives him a hard forearm to the back. Uno backdrops Dos across his knee for two. He drives Dos’ back into his knee, then bodyslams him into a legdrop for two. Uno picks him up for another slam, but Dos counters with a reverse DDT. Dos prawn holds Uno for two. he then lands an enzuigiri. Uno back elbows Dos as Dos comes off the ropes. Uno brings him down with a vertical suplex. Dos slides out of another slam. Uno misses a corner splash. Uno forearms Dos once Dos ascends the ropes. Dos brings Uno down with a sunset bomb. Dos delivers a pair of clotheslines and a superkick. He deposits Uno with a pump-handle slam variation. Uno rolls through a sunset flip and chops Dos. Dos responds with a rolling forearm. Uno dumps Dos on his head with a half-nelson suplex. He gets two with a Michinoku Driver. He goes for the Bubble Bobble Buster. Dos follows through and lands a reverse DDT. Dos hits a low elevation fisherman’s buster for two. Uno avoids the frog splash. He spins out Dos into the Pitfall. He lands a moonsault for two. Uno looks for a super powerslam. Dos slides out and hits an enzuigiri from the canvas. He comes back up and drives Uno down into the mat with the B13 for the win at 10:34. This was about on par with their match from Young Lions Cup weekend, which is a bit of a letdown considering how high the stakes were here. They were evenly matched and worked well, but it lacked the feel of an epic bout. ***

Green Ant is hyping up Fire Ant and Soldier Ant. He asks Carpenter Ant if he thinks they can pull it off. Carpenter Ant says he knows they can pull it off, and that September 13th is the beginning of the new era for the Colony.

Campeonatos de Parejas
Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP} (Campeones) vs. Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C}

Fire Ant takes Ophidian over with a fireman’s carry. They each try some pinning combinations to no avail. Fire Ant prawn holds Ophidian to the floor. Amasis sunset slips Fire Ant for two. Amasis flips out of a fireman’s carry and rolls Fire Ant to the floor. Soldier Ant backslides Amasis for two. Soldier Ant tries some pinning combinations of his own. He wins a chop battle with Amasis. The Colony double boot him down and land a falling headbutt/senton splash combo for two. They chop up Amasis in the corner. Soldier Ant gives him a belly-to-back suplex for two. Fire Ant misses a somersault senton. Amasis lands a split-legged legdrop. Ophidian sends Fire Ant outside and delivers a dropkick. He Skins the Snake back in on Soldier Ant. Amasis clobbers Soldier Ant with a Busaiku Knee for two. The Portal gang up on Soldier Ant as Fire Ant recovers outside. Soldier Ant avoids a double clothesline and nails them both with a tandem clothesline of his own. Fire Ant mows down the Portal with forearms and enzuigiri’s. The Portal go for a double backdrop. Fire Ant kicks them both away. He drills Amasis with a tornado DDT and prawn holds Ophidian for two. The Portal back elbow the Portal in opposite corners. They collide them together. Both teams attempt German suplexes. The Colony get it on the second try for two. The miss Revenge of the Ants. Soldier Ant suicide dives onto Amasis while Fire Ant tope con hilo’s onto Ophidian. In the ring, Soldier Ant nails Amasis with a discuss forearm. Ophidian comes off the top with double knees. Fire Ant drills Ophidian with the Heat of the Moment and the Yahtzee Kick. Amasis crossbody’s onto Soldier Ant. He catches Amasis and gives him the TKO, picking up the first fall at 13:25. As soon as the second fall begins Ophidian locks Soldier Ant in the Death Grip. Soldier Ant spills to the floor to break it. Amasis and Fire Ant are trading blows on the floor. Amasis stomps on Fire Ant. Soldier Ant boots Ophidian. In the ring, Amasis gives Soldier Ant a jawbreaker. Ophidian chop blocks Soldier Ant’s leg as Amasis gives him a shoulder tackle. Fire Ant throws chops at Amasis. He goes to Burn Down the House but he’s shut down. The Portal hit him with Mummification for two. Fire Ant evades the Slave Initiation. He stacks up the Portal in the corner. The Colony give them both the Ants Marching dropkick. Soldier Ant dives into Amasis with a saluting headbutt. Fire Ant Burns Down the House on Ophidian. A brainbuster gets him two. Ophidian fights off Fire Ant. He ducks a running forearm, but Soldier Ant deadlifts him up for the TKO. Ophidian instead converts it into a reverse prawn hold which Soldier Ant kicks out of. Ophidian gives Soldier Ant a fisherman’s suplex for two. Ophidian and Fire Ant fight for offense, and Ophidian slips on the Death Grip to get it. Fire Ant’s arm drops twice. The third drop he fights back and drives Ophidian’s injured arm into the corner to escape. Amasis sneaks in and drops Fire Ant with That Move I Beat Moses With for two. The Twist of Funk has the same effect. He goes up top for the 450 splash. Fire Ant rolls out of it’s trajectory. Soldier Ant barrel rolls Amasis for two. He then locks him in the CHIKARA Special! Ophidian breaks it up. He cracks Soldier Ant with a spin kick for two. He sends him out with another spin kick. Fire Ant antzuigiri’s Ophidian four times. The Beach Break gets him two. Fire Ant puts on a cross armbody to Ophidian’s injured arm, then switching to a short-arm scissor. Ophidian taps out at 24:35, giving the Colony the win and the titles. The only complaint I have is that they didn’t play up Ophidian’s injury more. Otherwise, this was a heated, aggressive bout with plenty of believable false finishes. It emphasized just how important the belts were and showed that the Colony were more than due for this accomplishment. ****

Green Ant and Carpenter Ant come out to celebrate with their partners.


One Response to Hiding in Plain Sight

  1. Come on, the baseball game in the ten man tag was terrific. There is SO much to love about this. The sheer creativity of doing a baseball game in the middle of a wrestling match, there being chalk at ringside, everyone getting into position, the crowd doing the wave and the “belly itcher” chant, 2.0 failing to catch the ball, Colin Delaney hanging in the Tree of Woe for the whole segment, Bryce throwing Shane Matthews out of the “game”/match… STIGMA as the catcher trying to prevent Colt from reaching “home” (protecting Colin, his ally in the UnStable) was a nice touch too.

    On a more serious note, QuackSaw vs. Team Uppercut was fantastic wrestling, and Incoherence-FIST was really good too.

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