ROH on HDNet: Episode 31

Philadelphia, PA – 9.10.2009

Eddie Kingston vs. Kenny King

King hops over Kingston and bails to the floor. He comes back in and Kingston breaks a lock-up clean in the corner. King breaks one with a punch, then bails to the floor. Kingston follows and throws King into the barricades multiple times. Kingston lights up King with chops in the corner. Kingston throws King overhead with a suplex for two. King low bridges the top rope so that Kingston tumbles to the floor. King lays in some punches and chokes Kingston against the barricade. King throws Kingston’s head into the barricade over and over. King throws Kingston back into the ring. He suplexes Kingston and rolls into some more punches for a one count. King gives Kingston a spinebuster for two. Kingston drops King with a urinage suplex. Kingston suplexes King into the corner then hits him with a short-arm clothesline for two. Kingston calls for the backfist. King uses the referee to duck and then drops Kingston with the Royal Flush for two. King gives Kingston a handstand enzugiri and snaps Kingston’s throat on the top rope. Kingston catches King off the ropes with a suplex. Kingston nails King with the Sliding D but King grabs the bottom rope to relinquish the pin. Kingston drops King with the Backdrop driver. Chris Hero comes out and hops on the ring apron. He backs away as Kingston is distracted. King hits Kingston with double knees in the corner and follows up with the Coronation for the pin at 10:01. This was a fun singles match, and it was kind of a gutsy move for ROH to main event one of their TV shows with two of the lesser known guys. But they put on a pretty good TV match, and these two meshed real well. It also got King over while advancing the Kingston/Hero issue. **3/4


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