DGUSA: Open The Untouchable Gate

Chicago, IL – 9.6.2009

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. YAMATO & Gran Akuma

YAMATO and Akuma attack Jigsaw and Quack as they make their entrance. YAMATO and Akuma double team Quack, concentrating on his back. Jigsaw comes in. He gets kicked by Akuma and speared by YAMATO. Akuma and YAMATO trap Jigsaw in their corner, concentrating on his leg. Jigsaw is able to roll-up Akuma with an armdrag off the ropes, but Akuma cuts him off by kicking his bad leg out from under him again. YAMATO taunts Quack on the apron, even preventing him for making a tag. Jigsaw hops off YAMATO’s back into a sloppy hurricanrana to Akuma. Quack finally gets tagged and takes out Akuma with a few clotheslines and bulldog into his knee. Quack drops Akuma with the Black Tornado Slam. YAMATO breaks the pin and Quack chops him in the corner. Quack forearms YAMATO, but Akuma kicks him from behind. Quack cannonballs off the ropes onto Akuma. YAMATO comes back, and Quack hops on the apron. He headbutts YAMATO in the chest and goes up top. Quack rolls through YAMATO’s push, and Quack palm strikes Akuma. Jigsaw superkicks YAMATO out of nowhere and luckily Akuma breaks the pin. Akuma drops Jigsaw chest first across his knees. Quack breaks the pin. YAMATO blocks a palm strike and gives Quack a brainbuster for two. YAMATO locks in the Crossbone Vanguard. Quack boots YAMATO as he charges at him, and takes YAMATO down with a Thesz Press for two. YAMATO rolls through into a jackknife cradle for two. He holds on and applies an ankle lock to Quack. YAMATO locks on the Crossbone Vanguard again and Jigsaw breaks it. Jigsaw gives YAMATO a Michinoku Driver, and Quack follows through with a somersault senton off the top rope. Akuma breaks the pin. Akuma hits a swinging neckbreaker on Quack. Jigsaw blocks Akuma’s spider exploder suplex that he tries on Quack. Akuma misses a moonsault. Quack hits a double knees doomsday device to Akuma. YAMATO drops Jigsaw with a sleeper suplex. YAMATO spears Akuma by accident. Quack sends YAMATO to the floor and drops Akuma with the Quackendriver II for the pin at 14:17. This was really sloppy and awkward at points, making a disappointing follow-up to the awesome match and promising angle from last month. I liked the story of Jigsaw’s leg being the target, as he did a good job with it, but this was nowhere near as good as I hoped. **1/2

YAMATO locks in a choke onto Quack after the match, and Hallowicked makes the save.

Pre-Show FRAY!
Arik Cannon vs. Hallowicked vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Shiima Xion vs. Prince Mustafa Ali vs. Johnny Gargano vs. The Great Malaki vs. Flip Kendrick

This is an elimination match with guys coming out at certain intervals of time. Cannon and Hallowicked start off with holds and armdrags aplenty. Cannon lays in some shots after reaching a stalemate with Wicked. Cannon brushes off a Frankensteiner and dumps Wicked with a twisting neckbreaker. Hallowicked gets the step-up Frankensteiner as Louis Lyndon enters. Lyndon drops Hallowicked with a few shots and Cannon lays in some chops to Lyndon. Lyndon flips to avoid a clothesline and comes out of an electric chair to an armdrag. Wicked comes back but Lyndon quickly takes him down. Cannon punches Lyndon and drops him with a spinebuster. Cannon punches Wicked and drops him with the Total Anarchy for two. Cannon gives Lyndon a delayed vertical suplex and Xion enters. Lyndon sends Xion to the floor. Cannon misses a moonsault on Wicked. Wicked rolls him up with La Magistral for the pin, eliminating Cannon. Xion fights off both Hallowicked and Lyndon. Xion sends Wicked to the floor with a hurricanrana. Lyndon pins Wicked for two. Ali enters kicks Lyndon in the head. He dropkicks Hallowicked before eating a boot from Lyndon. Ali superkicks Lyndon on the top, and then crotches him. Ali gives Lyndon a senton on his back as he sits on the top rope. He hits a reverse 450 splash on Lyndon, eliminating him from the match. Xion comes in with a crossbody, but Ali rolls through. Xion pushes Ali away and elbows him in the corner. Ali kicks Xion as he falls back. Hallowicked comes in and does the same to him for two. Gargano enters and beats on everyone. Xion Manhattan drops Gargano, and Wicked Yakuza kicks him. Wicked and Gargano brawl with Ali on the floor, and Xion hits a sky twister press to lay them all out. Ali comes in Xion spears him in the corner. Ali gives Xion a spinwheel kick. Xion superkicks Ali, and drops him face first on his knee. Gargano drops Xion with the Uinquely You to pin and eliminate Xion. Gargano waits on the floor as Ali and Hallowicked fight in the ring. Hallowicked gives Ali a rolling neckbreaker in the corer to eliminate Ali. Malaki enters with an elaborate ring entrance, setting his hands on fire. Malaki aggressively takes on Hallowicked. Gargano comes in and is also a victim of Malaki’s onslaught. Kendrick enters as the final participant. Kendrick hits a 450 splash onto the other three guys on the floor. Kendrick drops Hallowicked in the ring with a spike DDT. Gargano tries to take out Kendrick, but he escapes and gives Gargano an enzugiri. Malaki lays in strikes to Kendrick in the corner. Malaki drops him throat first on the top rope. Malaki applies a Regal Stretch to Hallowicked. Kendrick hits a sky twister press on Malaki to eliminate him. Kendrick eats a Rydeen Bomb from Hallowicked for two. Kendrick gives each guy an armdrag. Kendrick drops Wicked on his head. Gargano crotches Kendrick and pins him for the elimination. After a few failed pin attempts Hallowicked crotches himself, and Gargano spins him out of the corner with a facebuster for two. Gargano finally drops him with the Uniquely You for the pin at 25:34. This never got out of first gear and was pretty bland throughout. Malaki was absolutely terrible and damaged a lot of hard work put into this. This was not on the same level of talent in the first one, but still some shining moments throughout the match. **1/4


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