AAW: Us vs. Them


Berwyn, IL – 9.5.2009

Jigsaw, Hallowicked, & Gran Akuma vs. Arik Cannon and The Northstar Express (Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz)

Akuma and Arik start off. Akuma and Jigsaw are at odds so we’ll see how this goes. Arik tags in Cruz before anything happens. Cruz kicks Akuma, and Akuma kicks him right back ten fold. They lock hands and Akuma gets a waist lock. Cruz turns it into a wristlock, and Akuma kicks through and kicks Cruz in the leg. Akuma gets a wristlock, which Cruz rolls out of and pokes Akuma in the eyes. Cruz applies an abdominal stretch. Akuma reverses a whip and applies an Octopus stretch variation. Akuma gets whipped and taken down by Crus. Akuma evades a dropkick, Cruz avoids a kick to the head, and both men reach a stand still. Hallowicked tags in as does Corbin. Hallowicked pushes Corbin off the ropes. Hallowicked cradles Corbin for two. Wicked comes off the ropes, ducks a leapfrog, and again tries a roll up for two. Hallowicked gets sent to the corner, leapfrogs Corbin, and gets another roll-up! Wicked takes Corbin to the floor with a step-up Frankensteiner. Arik comes in as does Jigsaw. Arik nails Jigsaw in the gut with a knee. Jigsaw blocks a suplex. Arik glots over, and Jig blocks the O’Conner Roll. Arik gets it on a second try. Both men get to their feet and Arik knocks him down. Jig takes Arik down with a pair of armdrags and tries a crucifix pin for two. Arik cuts off Jigsaw with a superkick. Cruz holds Jigsaw for a chop, and Arik misses. Repeat with Corbin. Jigsaw runs to this corner and Arik follows. Hallowicked comes off the top with a flying crossbody onto Arik! Cruz grabs Hallowicked’s arms and misses the chop again. Repeat with Corbin. The NSE yell at Arik and chop him. Jig and Wicked chop the NSE, and Akuma comes off with a double crossbody on the NSE. Akuma chops Arik. Akuma gets taken down by the North Stars, then they hit the Shell Shock on Akuma. Hallowicked and Jigsaw come in with stereo dropkicks on the North Stars sending them to the floor. Wicked hits a twisting pescado on both of them. Jigsaw goes for a dive, but Nikki Mayday stops him. Arik Cannon comes in and blasts Jigsaw with a lariat. Cannon and the North Stars choose Jigsaw as their target, isolating him in their corner. Jigsaw evades an attack from the North Stars and rolls to tag Hallowicked. Wicked knocks down Cruz with a series of clotheslines before hitting the Rydeen Bomb on Corbin. Wicked gets rolled forward by Cruz. Wicked pops up Cruz, but Cruz comes back with a roundhouse kick to the face. Jigsaw comes back in and hits a brainbuster on Cruz. Cannon comes in and ducks a superkick. Arik lands a big right hand before hitting the Total Anarchy. Akuma comes in and hits an Enzugiri to Arik in the corner. Akuma comes off the top with a tornado DDT. Akuma goes for a splash, and Corbin catches him mid-air with an Ace Crusher! Wicked and Jig break up the pin and send the NSE to the floor. Arik takes Wicked in the corner with a big chop. Hallowicked sets up Arik on his shoulders. Jigsaw comes off the top with a double stomp and then Wicked hits the Go Too Sleepy Hollow. Akuma, with Jigsaw’s help, with an Enzugiri assisted Yoshi Tonic on Arik. Akuma pins Arik but The NSE break it up. Wicked and Jigsaw send Corbin and Cruz to the floor. Akuma lands a somersault plancha onto both men. Jigsaw goes for a dive, but hits Akum aas the North Stars abandon them. Arik lands the Back Drop Driver before nailing Wicked with the Glimmering Warlock for three! Awesome six man tag match here, with the CHIKARA guys impressing a brand new crowd (presumably). Everyone worked real hard, it advanced the issue between Jigsaw and Arik, so I have no complaints here. ***1/2

Read the rest of my show review here!


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