Young Lions Cup VII Night II


Easton, PA – 8.15.2009

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Leonard F. Chikarason, Bryce Remsburg, Louden Noxious, Colin Delaney, and Mike Quackenbush.

The show starts with all of tonight’s competitors posing for the ceremonial Young Lions Cup picture. Bret “Ressle” Race is absent.

Bret Race comes out dawned in a red lucha mask and a red cape. There’s something suspicious about his appearance, however. As it turns out, Bret Race is the very old “Darkness” Lester Crabtree in a disguise trying his best to make it into the tournament. However, as he obviously exceeds the age limit, he is taken out of the tournament. With that said, it’s time to draw a replacement at random from the hat! The first name drawn by Leonard F. Chikarason is Vökoder. Vökoder is indeed here. He is the robotic wrestler that’s been appearing in the CHIKARA crowds all around Pennsylvania.

Young Lions Cup VII Quarter-Final Round
Yellow Dog vs. Vökoder

Vökoder gives some hard kicks and a Mongolian Chop to Dog. Dog shoulder blocks him down and pretends to whiz on him. Vökoder grabs his leg. Dog kicks him from the mat and backslides him for two. He gets to with a small package. Vökoder kicks Dog in the chest. He delivers some chops. Dog kicks him away and comes off the second rope with a Frankensteiner. Dog picks up a chew toy with his teeth. Vökoder fight shim for the toy and ends up outside the ring. Dog dives off the top onto Vökoder on the floor. Dog tries a roll up. Vökoder kicks out and delivers a chop. Dog backdrops him. Vökoder spears Dog out of the corner. He drops him with the SDT for the pin at 3:37. Vökoder looked dominant, but could have looked more dominant. His mysterious persona certainly had the crowd enraptured, and Yellow Dog did a solid job too. *

Young Lions Cup VII Quarter-Final Round
Soldier Ant {C} vs. Carpenter Ant {C}

Soldier Ant neckdrags Carpenter Ant to the corner. Soldier Ant goes for the leg but Carpenter Ant grabs the ropes. Carpenter Ant rolls through some Irish whip attempts. Soldier Ant dropkicks him to the floor. Carpenter Ant comes back in but gets rolled up right away for a two count. Soldier Ant brings him down in a wristlock. He snapmares Carpenter Ant into an elbow drop. Soldier Ant puts on a side headlock. Carpenter Ant reverses into a hammerlock. Soldier Ant sends Carpenter Ant to the floor. Carpenter Ant puts on a standing Octopus stretch when he comes back in. He kicks Soldier Ant in the arm. Carpenter Ant focuses his attack on Soldier Ant’s arm. Soldier Ant trips Carpenter Ant as he comes off the ropes. He latigo’s him into a lateral press for two. Carpenter Ant nails Soldier Ant with a Polish hammer for two. He goes to the top rope. Soldier Ant brings him down with a super belly-to-belly superplex. Carpenter Ant kicks out of the pin attempt. Soldier Ant attempts the TKO. Carpenter Ant counters into a hammerlock guillotine. Soldier Ant turns that into the CHIKARA Special. Carpenter Ant taps out at 10:06. Ah, now I see why the CHIKARA Special beat Carpenter Ant in his debut – FORESHADOWING. This was great. The chemistry was there, people were really curious to see what Carpenter Ant had in store, and he delivered an interesting, back-and-forth match in which people actually believed he could win. A definitive success. **½

The North Star Express are together in a promo. Corbin says they are facing each other tonight. He asks Cruz to cover his ears. Corbin says he respects Cruz and believes if he can beat him, he will win the Young Lions Cup. Corbin does the same for Cruz, who says he feels Corbin may hold him back. Corbin pretends to have not heard that, but he totally did. He even asks Cruz about it, but he denies it. Corbin clarifies that Cruz has been holding him back when Cruz goes off screen.

Young Lions Cup VII Quarter-Final Round
Darin Corbin {NSE} vs. Ryan Cruz {NSE}

After going back and forth on the mat, they hip toss one another and sweep out each others’ legs looking for a pin. Cruz locks on a side headlock. They go slow motion as Corbin escapes. Cruz shoulder blocks him down. He slaps Corbin in the stomach before taking him over in a tornado clutch for two. Corbin pokes Cruz in the eyes! They armdrag one another and have a stand off. They go back to normal speed. Corbin slams Cruz onto his stomach and splashes his back. Cruz responds with a chin lock and an enzuigiri. Corbin uranage slams Cruz across his knee for two. Corbin works over Cruz’s back. Cruz breaks a bear hug by clasping his arms against Corbin’s head. He bites his forehead and takes Corbin down with a spin kick. Cruz backdrops him. After a slam, he comes off the second rope with a moonsault for two. Corbin hits Cruz in the back before climbing the ropes. Cruz catches Corbin as he comes down and delivers a uranage slam. They trade pinfall attempts. Corbin drops him with a DDT for two. Cruz catches Corbin on the second rope. He brings him down with a powerbomb for two. Cruz goes for Boom Shakalaka but his back is in pain. Corbin avoids a corner attack. Cruz boots him from the second rope. Corbin slams him into the mat with Cruz Control for two. Corbin tries a swinging neckbreaker. Cruz shoves him off and hits a tornado kick. Boom Shakalaka gets Cruz the pin at 12:11. They used their knowledge of each others’ offense very well, and incorporated the slow-mo before things got serious. It was a good contest with a great finish and quite fun to watch. **¾

Shane Hollister says he’s come a long way from Davenport, Iowa to face Trik Davis. Hollister has faced Davis many times and knows what it takes to beat him. It may be his first time on the East Coast, but it won’t be the last, as he’s planning on taking home the Young Lions Cup.

Young Lions Cup VII Quarter-Final Round
Shane Hollister vs. Trik Davis

Davis armdrags Hollister and violently shoulder blocks him to the mat. They exchange wristlocks. Davis rolls up Hollister out of a hammerlock. He then takes him down in a side headlock. Hollister reverses into a headscissors. They maneuver themselves into a sunset flip chain. Hollister kicks Davis to the floor and pescado’s into an armdrag. Back in the ring Davis knee lifts Hollister him the stomach. Hollister applies a modified standing Octopus stretch. He spin kicks Davis right in the face for two. Hollister lands a slingshot elbow drop. Davis blocks Hollister’s oncoming charge and sends him face first into the second turnbuckle with a Complete Shot. He gets two with a kneeling press. Davis drives his buttocks and knees into Hollister’s chest. Davis sends Hollister to the apron. Hollister enzuigiri’s him from the apron. He calls for a tornado DDT, but Davis shoves him to the floor. Davis slingshots out and forearms him in the back. Back in the ring he earns a two count with a crucifix pin. He throws Hollister into his boot. Davis slingshots off the bottom rope for a double knee attack to the neck. He drives his knees into Hollister’s chest again. Hollister comes back with a springboard tornado DDT. They trade strikes. Hollister blasts Davis with a right hand. He snapmares him into a rolling enzuigiri. He hits a basement Blockbuster and another enzuigiri. He powerbombs Davis and drops him in a leg capture Complete Shot for two. They fight on the second rope. Davis brings Hollister down with a Side Effect for two. Hollister blocks a boot, but Davis gives him an Ace Crusher and a backpack stunner. When Hollister kicks out, Davis puts on the Hangman’s Clutch. Hollister elbows his way free. He kicks Davis in the side of the head. He uses the top rope for a Go 2 Sleep. Davis kicks out. He rolls Hollister into a low superkick. Davis gets the pin with a 2k1 Bomb at 13:58. Ladies and gentlemen, your sleeper hit of the first round. These two had an explosive, hard hitting match. Hollister made a great impression in his debut and Davis has improved since his last CHIKARA appearance many years ago. This was so much fun and a total surprise. ***¼

Grizzly Redwood says the Young Lions Cup is the perfect time for him to no longer joke around. They set him up with the king of the jungle himself, El Leonino, in the first round. Redwood wants to know what Leonino is going to do when Redwood chops him down on his way to the Cup?

Young Lions Cup VII Quarter-Final Round
El Leonino vs. Grizzly Redwood {R}

Leonino rakes Redwood’s back. He scratches away at Redwood’s stomach, then scratches his eyes. He slingshots in from the apron with a pair of armdrags and a dropkick. Redwood rolls to the floor. Leonino chases him around ringside. In the ring Redwood misses an elbow drop to the back and succombs to a hip toss. Redwood headbutts him and drives a double axe handle to his head and back. He chokes Leonino in the corner. Leonino headscissors Redwood to the corner. He bulldogs Redwood face first into the canvas and lands a back senton for two. Redwood comes back with a clothesline for two. He back elbows Leonino down for two. Redwood puts on a chinlock. He knees Leonino in the stomach as he comes off the ropes after escaping. Redwood drives his knee into his face for another two count. Leonino tries a roll-up but only gets two. Redwood clotheslines him down. Leonino takes him over with a Frankensteiner. He knocks Redwood down with some double overhand chops. Leonino delivers a gutbuster and a Pounce. Redwood chops his knees out and boots him in the side of the head. He spikes Leonino with a brainbuster for the pin at 7:12. It was curious to see Leonino get so much offense, but these two characters matching up certainly made sense. It was alright given the time constraints. *½

Player Uno says that it is his third year entering the Young Lions Cup tournament. While his partner, Player Dos, may be a favorite to win, tonight, he’s just in Player Uno’s way.

Young Lions Cup VII Quarter-Final Round
Player Uno {SSB} vs. Player Dos {SSB}

Dos works his way out of Uno’s hammerlock. Uno brings him down in a front facelock and gets two nearfalls. They switch headscissors on the mat and reach a stalemate. Uno drops down to the top rope to send Dos outside and suicide divs after him. Back in the ring Uno delivers a backbreaker for two. Dos gives him a chinbreaker, but as he goes to hit the ropes, Uno drives Dos shoulders first across his knee. He stomps Dos’ stomach and drops him with a neckbreaker for two. Dos fights out of Uno’s brainbuster. Uno misses a corner splash and falls to the floor. Dos dives over the ring post and tope con hilo’s onto Uno. Back in the ring, Uno pulls Dos off of the top rope and hits the River City Ransom for two. He spins him out into Pitfall (a Complete Shot variation) for two. He misses a moonsault. Dos hits a diving forearm in the corner. He strings a side suplex and standing moonsault together for two. Dos spins him out into a facebuster, earning another two count. Uno goes for the Game Genie. Dos counters it with a DDT. He goes for Final Smash. Uno slides off his shoulders. Dos spikes Uno with a reverse Frankensteiner. He misses a frog splash. Uno hits the Game Genie and a spinning headlock elbow drop for two. Dos Pele kicks Uno and enzuigiri’s him. Uno blasts him with a haymaker and Dos kicks him in the side of the face. Dos victory rolls Uno for two. He spins out Uno into an X-Factor. Dos hits the frog splash for the pin at 11:50. This had some really great counter wrestling and a lot of really cool moves. These two make for just as good opponents as they do partners. ***

Arik Cannon vs. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is replacing Lince Dorado who suffered an injury last night. After avoiding an initial lock-up they exchange wristlocks. Jigsaw brings Cannon down in an overhead wristlock. Cannon turns it into an armbar. Jigsaw avoids the O’Connor Roll. Cannon is successful on the second try but only gets two. Jigsaw snaps off a couple armdrags and rolls Cannon into a crucifix pin. Cannon kicks out. Jigsaw spins into an armdrag, sending Cannon to the floor. Jigsaw slingshots out into a Frankensteiner. Back in the ring, Cannon armdrags Jigsaw twice. Jigsaw gives him a sole butt kick, only for Cannon to retaliate with a swinging neckbreaker. Cannon applies an abdominal stretch with a chin lock. Jigsaw elbows his way free. Cannon back elbows him in the face. He knee lifts Jigsaw as Jigsaw hangs on the ropes. Cannon kicks him in the side of the face for a two count. Jigsaw fights off a superplex and comes down with a high crossbody. He gets two with a leg lariat. Jigsaw lands a flying boot to the face. Cannon grabs the bottom rope to stop the count. Jigsaw misses a super legdrop. He enzuigiri’s Cannon. Cannon ducks a superkick and delivers a haymaker. He turns Jigsaw inside out with a clothesline for two. Jigsaw ducks the Glimmering Warlock. He brings Cannon to the top turnbuckle. Cannon fights off a super Frankensteiner, so Jigsaw brings him down with a DDT for two. Cannon catches Jigsaw and hits Total Anarchy for two. A brainbuster has the same result. Jigsaw avoids the Glimmering Warlock. He lands a DDT and a superkick. He jackknife pins Cannon for the win at 9:22. This was a very fun, hard hitting, action packed bout. They had really great sequences and kept things consistent and logical. A good bout between two former Young Lions Cup champions. ***

Mascarita Dorada vs. Pierrothito

This was supposed to be a tag team match, but Jorge ‘Skayde’ Rivera and Turbo were unable to compete. Dorada uses the Puerto Rican flag as a bullfight flag with Pierrothito. Pierrothito mocks Dorada’s height. He front trips him. Dorada avoids a front facelock and puts on a hammerlock. Pierrothito rolls him into a crucifix pin for two. Dorada bites Pierrothito’s hand as he stretches out his arm. He headscissors Pierrothito to the corner. Pierrothito puts Dorada in the Romero Special. Dorada tumbles free into a lateral press, then a barrel roll. Dorada picks at Pierrothito’s ankle, then key locks his legs as he pulls on Pierrothito’s mask. Pierrothito tosses Dorada out of a fireman’s carry. He pulls at Pierrothito’s mask and armdrags him into a cross armbreaker. Pierrothito picks up Dorada, but Dorada brings him back down into a short-arm scissor. He then pulls off a quesadora armdrag and a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, sending Pierrothito to the floor. Dorada springboards out with a crossbody. Back in the ring, Pierrothito rolls through Dorada’s springboard crossbody. He smacks Dorada across the back and airplane spins him out into a slam. Pierrothito’s beautiful fisherman’s suplex only gets him a two count. He clotheslines Dorada in the corner and slingshots in with a Swanton. Pierrothito misses a corner splash. Dorada quickly snaps off a quesadora armdrag. He ascends the ropes and comes down with a headbutt to a standing Pierrothito. Dorada sends him out with a headscissors. He follows with an Asai moonsault. Dorada comes off the top rope with a swinging Frankensteiner. He drops Pierrothito off of his shoulders. A springboard moonsault connects. His second try is cut off. Pierrothito dives into a back-bridging chinlock. Dorada taps out at 10:59. Pierrothito attacks Dorada after the bell. This was exciting, fresh, and innovative; something you can’t say about most of the outsiders CHIKARA brings in. They moved quickly and the match flew by. The only complaint I have is some of the offense got redundant at points. They’re scheduled for a re-match tomorrow which should also be quite fun. Oh hey, there’s Ricardo Rodriguez hanging out in the background. **¾

Young Lions Cup VII Semi-Final Elimination Match
Vökoder vs. Soldier Ant {C} vs. Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Trik Davis vs. Grizzly Redwood {R} vs. Player Dos {SSB}

Vökoder drops Dos with a double chokeslam. He sends Soldier Ant to the floor. Cruz’s forearms have no effect. Vökoder back elbows Cruz and tosses Dos into the ring. Cruz assists Dos with a moonsault block on Vökoder. Redwood shoves Dos to the floor. Cruz toreadors and armdrags Redwood before hitting a spinwheel kick. Cruz moonsaults off the apron onto Redwood on the floor. Davis shoulder blocks Soldier Ant and rolls him into a pin in a waistlock. Soldier Ant kicks out and monkey flips Davis into a Mexican rolling pin for two. Davis slides to the floor. Soldier Ant suicide dives after him. Dos’ shoulder blocks on Vökoder do nothing. Dos enzugiri’s Vökoder to the floor. Dos slingshots out with a twisting plancha. Cruz looks to dive. Vökoder cuts him off. He muscles Cruz up, then drops him with the SDT for the pin at 4:06. Dos clotheslines Vökoder to the floor. Davis slaps Dos. Davis bails. Vökoder gives Dos some punches and a splash for two. Redwood, Davis, and Vökoder take turns wearing down Dos. Dos drops Davis with a reverse DDT. He wheelbarrows his way to Soldier Ant, who crossbody’s Davis. He drop toe holds Vökoder to the corner and comes in with a brainbuster. Redwood gives Soldier Ant a brainbuster. He gets his foot on the ropes to stop the count. Redwood wants another brainbuster. Soldier Ant counters with a small package, pinning Redwood at 7:23. Angry, Redwood chop blocks Soldier Ant’s leg. Smartly, Davis capitalizes on that by focusing his attack on Soldier Ant’s now vulnerable leg. Vökoder joins in on the attack. Soldier Ant manages to slip to the floor out of a double Irish whip from Vökoder and Davis. Vökoder immediately drops Davis with the SDT, eliminating him at 12:07. Dos drives his knees into Vökoder in the corner. He and Soldier Ant deliver the Ants Marching dropkick. Dos hits a frog splash. Soldier Ant follows with a diving headbutt. Dos’ standing twisting back splash eliminates Vökoder at 13:00. Soldier Ant knocks down Dos with a saluting headbutt. He goes for the CHIKARA Special. Dos fights it and rolls him into a prawn hold for two. Dos locks on the CHIKARA Special himself. Soldier Ant frees himself. Dos drives him into the mat with a modified pump-handle piledriver. Soldier Ant comes back with a German suplex for two. He drops Dos dangerously out of a suplex. Soldier Ant goes up top. Dos shuts him down with a kick. He spikes Soldier Ant with the Final Smash. Dos hits a top rope frog splash for the pin at 17:35. This had a good story throughout with some good action to go along with it. Soldier Ant and Dos were favorites going into the weekend, so it made sense for them to be the final two in the bout. It was a good watch and a slight step up from the previous night’s semi-final bout. ***

Colin Delaney comes out. He tells Dos that he will see him in the Finals tomorrow.


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