CLASH Wrestling: Fandemonium 2009

Taylor, MI – 8.9.2009

Create-A-Wrestler vs. Cameron Skyy

Tyler Elkins is in Skyy’s corner. They trade control over a wristlock. Wrestler takes him down with a shoulder block and an armdrag. Wrestler rolls him up into another armdrag. Wrestler blocks a hip toss and sends Skyy to the floor with an alita. Wrestler feigns a dive onto Skyy and Elkins. He slaps Elkins’ back, and Elkins think Skyy did it. Wrestler punches Elkins on the floor twice. Skyy stomps Wrestler as he slides back into the ring. He hits two running elbows to Wrestler’s spine for two. Skyy chokes him on the top rope and in the corner. Wrestler fights back with a flurry of strikes. Skyy drops him with the Sin City Sparkling for two. Wrestler sunset flips Skyy for two. Skyy sends him to the floor with a half-nelson suplex. Wrestler gets back in before the ten count and delivers a spinebuster. He hits a trifecta of clotheslines and an inverted tornado DDT for two. Skyy hits a spinning back elbow. He follows up with a top rope elbow drop for two. Wrestler hits Side Russian Leg Sweep and applies a modified Anacodna Vice. Elkins turns it into a pin from Skyy, but Skyy only gets two. Skyy delivers a backbreaker. He misses the Deal Me In elbow. Wrestler hits a mule kick and a spear. He gets two with a diving headbutt. Skyy small packages him for two. Wrestler turns a Shiranui attempt into the Suicide Squeeze for two. Skyy hits the Shiranui for the pin at 10:26. Both guys got ample opportunities to show off and the fans responded accordingly. It’s easy to see now why Skyy has been a CLASH representative in multiple companies. **1/2


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