Interspecies Wrestling: The Worst That Could Happen…in Connecticut


East Hartford, CT – 8.8.2009

Hydra vs. Jolly Roger vs. Steve “The Turtle” Weiner

A triple lock-up goes nowhere. Roger chops Hydra and Weiner. Hydra and Weiner chop him to the corner. Roger rolls outside. Hydra and Weiner have a test of strength. Roger trips Hydra and pulls him to the outside where he sends him face first into the ring apron. Weiner suicide dives onto them both. In the ring, Roger nails Weiner with a tornado kick. Hydra and Roger have a Lucha exchange, ending with Roger sending Hydra to the floor with a toreador. Weiner gives Roger a spinebuster to cut off his dive. Hydra breaks the cover. He looks for the Hydralock on Weiner. Roger snapmares Weiner out of it. He goes for a back kick, but his foot hits Weiner’s shell. Hydra suffers the same fate. Weiner backsplashes them both in the corner. He brings Roger out with a bulldog. Hydra fights out of the Shell Shock. Roger gives Weiner a hammerlock DDT. Hydra picks up Roger in the Hydra Lock. Roger taps out at 5:56. This was about as good as you would expect from a match from these three together, maybe slightly better. *¼

Vin Gerard & Shayne Hawke vs. Brad Badd & Chad Badd

The Badd Boys pummel Hawke to start. Hawke’s crossbody to Chad has no effect. Both Badd’s give him a bodyslam. Chad knee lifts and shoulder blocks him in the corner. The Badd’s double elbow back elbow Hawke. Brad tosses him to the floor. The Badd’s roll Hawke up in the protective mats. Brad gives the referee a few stomach punches for fun.Chad puts his cigarette in Hawke’s mouth before bodyslamming him. He blinds Hawke with his cigarette smoke. Hawke fights back against both Badd’s and nails a double dropkick. Gerard is fired up as he tags in. He turns and clotheslines Hawke! The Badd Boys hit the Badd Move for the pin at 4:11. About as good as any Badd Boys match, but I sure do enjoy watching them. Gerard joins the Badd Boys in a post-match promo and reveals himself as Vin Badd. Brad and Chad beat him up anyways. *½

Jigsaw vs. El Generico vs. Zombified

Zombified fights off Generico and Jigsaw. Generico kicks Zombified. Jigsaw takes him over with a step-up Frankensteiner. Generico sends Zombified to the floor with a leg lariat. Jigsaw and Generico snap off a couple different armdrags. Zombified hits them both with forearms and slams their heads together. Generico and Jigsaw clothesline him to the floor. Jigsaw stretches Generico out in a Gory Special. Zombified headbutts Jigsaw and gives Generico a high knee strike. He spears Jigsaw in the corner. He drops a knee across Jigsaw’s face. Zombified headbutts Generico after attempting to go after his brains. He pitches Jigsaw to the floor. Zombified absorbs Generico’s punches. Jigsaw back elbows him into an enzuigiri. Generico goes for a half-nelson suplex. Jigsaw assists him with a superkick. Generico sends Jigsaw out with Zombified and follows with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring, Zombified German suplexes Generico as Generico belly-to-belly suplexes Jigsaw. Zombified drops Generico with the Mummy Driver. Jigsaw breaks the pin. Jigsaw double stomps off of Zombified’s back into a Frankensteiner to Generico. Jigsaw hits the torture rack bomb on Zombified for two. Generico yakuza kicks Jigsaw as he goes to the top rope. Generico overhead suplexes Zombified onto him for two. Jigsaw escapes Generico’s brainbuster and gives him a Samoan Drop. Zombified enzuigiri’s Jigsaw to the floor. Generico yakuza kicks him. He gives Zombified a brainbuster for the pin at 6:45. This was a bite sized version of Generico and Jigsaw’s Rey de Voladores match in CHIKARA earlier this year. It was non-stop action and very fun. ***

Interspecies Wrestling Championship
Player Uno (Champion) vs. Hallowicked

Hallowicked slaps Uno’s face as he shakes his hand. He pounds Uno down with forearms to the back. Uno boots Hallowicked away and jabs him in the throat. He sends him to the apron with a leg lariat. Uno knocks Hallowicked to the floor and suicide dives after him. Uno chops him around ringside. Hallowicked slams him on the floor and wraps him up in the mats. He comes off the second turnbuckle with a double stomp, then delivers a back senton. Back in the ring Hallowicked works over Uno’s back. Uno blocks a knee lift with a schoolboy for two. Hallowicked goes to Uno’s eyes. He pulls Uno out of the corner, slamming him onto his back. Hallowicked kicks him in the side of the head. Uno stops a slam with a reverse DDT. Uno and Hallowicked exchange forearm strikes. Uno comes off the ropes with a back elbow. He hits a stunner and Hadouken’s Hallowicked to the corner for the Level 17 Wizard. The River City Ransom gets him two. Hallowicked comes back with a yakuza kick. He gets two with the Rydeen Bomb. Uno Falcon Punches Hallowicked and delivers a German suplex. He spins him out into a uranage for two. Hallowicked yakuza kicks Uno and hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. He lands another yakuza kick. Uno manages to kick out of the pin attempt. Hallowicked brings in a chair which is taken away from him by the referee. While the referee is disposing of the chair, Hallowicked low blows Uno! He hits the Graveyard Smash, yet Uno is able to kick out. After a few strikes, Uno lands the Dig Dug Driver for the pin at 10:19. A very good title match that made Uno look like a good singles competitor. Hallowicked plays a really strong Rudo and Uno is beloved by the ISW faithful, making for a good crowd response and dynamic. Fun stuff. ***


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