JAPW: European Homicide


Jersey City, NJ – 8.1.2009

Lince Dorado vs. Danny Demanto

Dorado Tiger walks Demanto in the corner then gives him a hurricanrana. Demanto catches Dorado in a crossbody, but Dorado comes back with a satellite headscissors. Dorado fakes a dive and slaps Demanto on the back. He comes back in, and places Dorado on the top rope. Dorado looks for a missile dropkick, but Demanto nails him with a clothesline. Demanto slams Dorado. Dorado escapes from a headlock and tries a sunset flip. Demanto tries to sit down but Dorado moves. Dorado tries a quebrada, and Demanto gets his knees up. Dorado gets another headscissors in. Dorado moonsaults into a tornado DDT for two. Demanto goes to the floor, and Dorado flips onto the apron before hitting a hurricanrana on the floor. Demanto lands a Samoan Drop for two back in the ring. Dorado drops Demanto with a reverse hurricanrana for two. Dorado lands a shooting star press for two. Demanto hits a moonsault for two. Demanto sunset flips into a Canadian Destroyer for two. Demanto looks for a Doctor Bomb, but Dorado slips off and jumps up top. Demanto cuts him off and hits a top rope “Whole Lotta Stuff” (a Psycho Driver). He follows up with a frog splash for the pin at 9:30. Demanto got worked over early since he didn’t take the match too seriously, but came back and won the thing. He reminds me of a much more talented Hugh Morris, with a goofy gimmick I could do without. However, both he and Dorado busted out what ended up being a really fun, solid opener to the show. **3/4


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