DGUSA: Open The Historic Gate

Philadelphia, PA – 7.25.2009

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Fire Ant {C}, & Soldier Ant {C} vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F}, Amasis {OP}, & Hallowicked {I}

I don’t usually put faction ID’s for non-CHIKARA sanctioned matches, but in this case I figured I would. Ophidian was originally scheduled for this match, but an injury kept him out. A lottery was held, and Hallowicked replaces him. Amasis dances to annoy Fire Ant. Fire Ant tries to keep Amasis down, but Amasis goes back to dancing and sends Fire Ant to the floor. Quack enters and drops Amasis face first to the mat out of a wheelbarrow. Icarus enters and locks up with Quack and crucifix pins Quack for two. Quack gets taken down with an armdrag, and he retaliates with a satellite backbreaker. Hallowicked comes in and goes back and forth with great speed with Quack. Hallowicked gets caught off guard when Quack fakes him out and Jigsaw jumps in with a crossbody. He and Akuma go back and forth till Akuma kicks him in the chest and face. Soldier Ant comes in with a saluting headscissors sending Akuma out. Soldier Ant tries pinning Hallowicked a couple times to no avail. Hallowicked gives him a Rydeen Bomb for two. The Rudos trap Soldier Ant in their corner and take turns beating Soldier Ant down. Soldier Ant finally tags in Quack who takes out Icarus. Jigsaw and Quack double team Icarus, and Hallowicked breaks up the pin. Quack gets sent to the floor, and Jigsaw takes Wicked down with an armdrag and a wheelbarrow armdrag sends Wicked to the floor. Jigsaw looks to dive, but Akuma cuts him off with a kick to the gut and Icarus capitalizes with a spear for two. The Rudos now isolate Jigsaw from his team and take turns beating him down. Jigsaw fights back against Akuma, but Akuma brings him back to his corner. Jigsaw moves and sends the entire Rudo squadron to the floor and dives on them (except Hallowicked). Hallowicked comes in with Fire Ant. Fire Ant blocks a step-up enzugiri and gives Wicked a spinning headscissors and wheelbarrow stunner. Akuma breaks the pin and gets a DDT for his troubles. The Colony hit tandem dropkicks to Wicked in the corner. Amasis dances but gets tandem boots from the Colony anyway. They give Amasis the Ants Marching neck breaker and Icarus breaks the pin. Icarus gives Fire Ant the Blu-Ray DVD in the corner. Soldier Ant gives Icarus a saluting headbutt, and Hallowicked gives him a yakuza kick and Go Too Sleepy Hollow for two. Hallowicked brings Soldier Ant up top. Quack hurricanrana’s him off the top, and Soldier Ant comes down with a saluting headbutt for two. Amasis drops Soldier Ant with a double underhook facebuster. Quack gives Amasis a big palm strike and calls for the Quackendriver III. Jigsaw goes up top and Akuma trips him. Icarus takes out Quack and Akuma gives Jigsaw a spider exploder suplex. Akuma follows with a top rope moonsault for two. Akuma calls for the Rubik’s Cube. Jigsaw escapes and drops Akuma with the Rack Bomb. Hallowicked breaks the pin and pushes Jigsaw to the corner. Icarus looks to pull off Jigsaw’s mask, but the Colony come and give Icarus a double hip toss off the top rope. Quack follows with a senton. The Tecnicos wipe out Akuma, Hallowicked, and Amasis. In the ring, Jigsaw drops Icarus with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pinfall at 17:17. Insane eight man tag team match that really represented CHIKARA well. The fans were going ballistic at points and every person in the match brought their A-game. You can tell they spent some time prepping this, and they pulled off a fantastic bout. ****

After the match, Quack sticks around to thank Jorge “Skayde” Rivera who he said was the catalyst for Dragon Gate and CHIKARA’s relationship. He then challenges any Dragon Gate wrestler to step in the ring with a CHIKARA wrestler. YAMATO comes out, trash talks Quack in Japanese, then kicks him in the balls. Jigsaw and Akuma come out, and Akuma turns on them both. He and YAMATO beat down Quack and Jigsaw till a few other CHIKARA regulars (The Colony, Cheech, Cloudy, and Lince Dorado) come out and make the save. This will lead to a tag team match in Dragon Gate’s Chicago debut in September.

Pre-Show FRAY!
Andy Harner vs. Aaron Arbo vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Chris Jones vs. Cheech vs. Cloudy vs. Lince Dorado

This is an elimination match with guys coming out at certain intervals of time. Harner and Arbo start. They do sloppy, uninteresting stuff for awhile. Gargano is out next and thankfully pins both guys. He wastes some time till Louis Lyndon comes out. Louis Lyndon is the next entrant and uses his martial arts based offense to take Gargano down early. Gargano pokes him in the eyes and reverses the momentum. Gargano beats on Lyndon and looks for the Uniquely You, which eliminated Arbo and Harner. Chris Jones comes out and goes back and forth with Gargano. Lyndon steps in and Jones takes him down while Gargano waits outside. Jones rolls into a pin from a waistlock from Lyndon. Lyndon knocks Jones down with a face palm, and chops Gargano on the apron. Jones sends Lyndon face first in the corner. Gargano spears Jones, and Lyndon O’Conner rolls him for two. Cheech enters and as Gargano gives Jones a neckbreaker, forcing him to DDT Lyndon. Cheech sends Gargano to the floor after superkicking Jones. Cheech throws Jones halfway across the ring onto his stomach. Cheech trips Lyndon and comes in with a slingshot senton. Gargano comes in gets kicked by Lyndon. Jones sends Cheech to the floor with a headscissors. Lyndon and Jones trade blows. Lyndon gives him a pump kick, and Gargano drops Lyndon with the Uniquely You to eliminate Lyndon. Lince Dorado enters with a crossbody onto Jones, Gargano, and Cheech. Dorado gives Jones a springboard Thesz Press. Cheech then gives him a Thesz Press, leading to all four men locked in a submission. Jones and Dorado go at it for a bit till Cheech enters and gives Jones the Go Too Cheech. Gargano tries to pick up the pin, but Cheech breaks it. Cloudy enters and he and Cheech double team Dorado. They continue to double team the other participants one at a time. They hit stereo dives onto the others on the floor. In the ring, Jones eats the Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech. They follow up with an Enzugiri/back breaker combo to eliminate Jones. Dorado comes in and thwarts Up In Smoke. Dorado rolls through a hurricanrana to pin Cloudy, and Gaegano drops Cheech with the Uniquely You to eliminate him. Gargano rolls up Dorado but Dorado kicks out. Dorado blocks a sunset bomb from the top. Gargano swings Dorado out of the corner with a face buster for two. Gargano hooks Dorado’s arms. Dorado gives Gargano an enzugiri and messes up a suplex. Dorado gives him a German suplex and follows up with a shooting star press for the pin and victory at 23:43. Real bad at the beginning, pretty good in the middle, and quite good by the end. The match got progressively better and made me want to see more of a few of these guys down the line. **3/4


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