JAPW: Caged Destiny


Jersey City, NJ – 6.27.2009

”I Quit” Match
Eddie Kingston vs. Bandido Jr.

Bandido takes control early and takes Kingston in the crowd. They both use some chairs and Bandido takes Kingston into the crowd. He uses the bleachers to deliver two flying headscissors. They went outside for a bit of time where Kingston took over by beating down Bandido in a truck. Ringside Bandido hits Kingston with a chair on the back. Kingston kicks Bandido on the stomach and drops him face first onto the ring apron. In the ring, Kingston jabs Bandido with a chair while he’s in a tree of woe, and then stomps the chair into his face until he bleeds. Kingston gets on the mic and singles out Bandido’s sister. An enraged Bandido chokes Kingston with a chair. Kingston low blows Bandido. Kingston turns Bandido into a Kondo Clutch. Kingston grabs a screwdriver, but Bandido hits a flatliner before Kingston can use it. Bandido locks in the Koji Clutch. B-Boy runs in and low blows Bandido when he releases the hold. He hits Bandido with a Shining Wizard and ties Bandido’s hands behind his back. Kingston brings Bandido’s sister into the ring. Kingston threatens to use the screwdriver, and Bandido screams “I Quit” to save his sister to give Kingston the win at 15:47. This was a good way to further this feud, as it added a lot of heat to the situation and established a new relationship between Kingston and B-Boy. Plus, Bandido looked really good both in beating down Kingston and taking a beating from Kingston. Him quitting for the sake of his sister adds a humane aspect to his character as well, which I personally appreciated. ***


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