CHIKARA Japan Showcase, Night II

Tokyo, Japan – 6.13.2009

This and the other Big Japan/CHIKARA show were finally released officially by Smart Mark Video in April 2010 with commentary by Leonard F. Chikarason and UltraMantis Black.

Atsushi Ohashi {BJW} vs. Daikokubo Benkei {BJW}

Ohashi lays in some forearms to the larger Benkei with no effect. Even a couple dropkicks do nothing. Benkei shoulder blocks Ohashi down. Ohashi drops an elbow for two. Benkei misses a back splash. Ohashi hits a trifecta of dropkicks. A dropkick from the top rope finally takes Benkei off his feet. Ohashi pins him for two. Ohashi dropkicks Benkei while he is still seated in the back and chest. Ohashi goes up top. Benkei side steps the missile dropkick. Benkei side slams Ohashi for two. Benkei steps on Ohashi’s back. Benkei applies a single leg crab and Ohashi uses the ropes to break. Benkei sinches it back in to get the submission at 4:35. A talentless big dude squashes a smaller slightly more talented dude. Yippee. DUD

Shadow WX {BJW} & Yuichi Taniguchi {BJW} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

Mantis stomps on Shadow and slaps him in the corner. Crossbones comes in and The Order put the boots to Shadow after a double shoulder block. Shadow and Mantis trade shoulder blocks. Shadow kicks Mantis and mows him down with a shoulder block. Taniguchi and Crossbones come in. Taniguchi knees Crossbones and fires away with forearms to the back. Taniguchi fails to slam Crossbones, but then dumps him on a second attempt. Crossbones evades an elbow and gives Taniguchi a slam back. Mantis kicks Taniguchi in the back as he hits the ropes. Taniguchi and Crossbones trade chops. Crossbones knocks Taniguchi down with a clothesline. The Order to continue to beat on Taniguchi. Taniguchi bites Mantis’ foot as he chokes Taniguchi in the corner, and Crossbones boots him to stop it. Mantis snapmares Taniguchi and Taniguchi grabs his antennae. The Order keep on Taniguchi until Taniguchi gets a roll-up. After getting two he tags in Shadow. Shadow knocks The Order down with double clotheslines. Shadow clotheslines Mantis in the corner and drops him with a brainbuster. Shadow clotheslines Mantis and transitions into a crossface. Crossbones breaks it. Taniguchi splashes Crossbones. Mantis goes to break the count with an elbow, but drops it on Crossbones when Taniguchi moves. Shadow and Taniguchi take Crossbones down with a double shoulder block. Taniguchi heads up top, and Mantis grabs his leg. Crossbones throws him off the mat and lands on him with a senton for two. A double flapjack gets the Order a two count on Taniguchi. Mantis takes Shadow to the floor while Crossbones heads up top. He hits a big splash from the top rope for the pin at 9:16. Solid tag match that slowly built up to a decent ending. **

Daisuke Sekimoto {BJW} vs. Chuck Taylor {F}

Sekimoto applies a submission. Taylor tries to work on Sekimoto’s arm but gets slammed. Taylor and Sekimoto go back and forth to a stalemate. Sekimoto powers up Taylor in a Gorilla Press slam. Sekimoto cranks Taylor’s neck with his feet twice. Sekimoto cranks on a side headlock. Taylor gets to the ropes to break it. Taylor hits a couple shots, and it has no effect. Sekimoto asks for another and he absorbs the chop. Sekimoto chops Taylor and he screams like a girl. Sekimoto more chops at Taylor. Sekimoto catches Taylor off the ropes in a bear hug. Sekimoto transitions into a vertical suplex. Taylor comes off the ropes with some forearms and a dropkick to take Sekimoto down. Taylor hits a big boot and a second rope dropkick for two. Taylor rolls Sekimoto down into a vice grip. Sekimoto breaks it with the ropes. Sekimoto powerslams Taylor for two. Taylor floats over a suplex attempt and gives Sekimoto the Sole Food. Taylor surprisingly slams Sekimoto, but fails to hit a moonsault. Sekimoto drops Taylor with a snap brainbuster for two. Sekimoto heads up top and lands on Taylor frog splash for two. Sekimoto deadlifts Taylor into a bridging German Suplex for the pin at 10:07. A fun styles clash here. I always enjoy seeing these two guys wrestle. **1/4

Yoshihito Sasaki {BJW} & Ryuichi Kawakami {BJW} vs. Jagged {2.0} & Shane Matthews {2.0}

Kawakami and Jagged vie for the advantage. Kawakami stomps on Jagged’s back after stretching out his arm. Jagged tries a crossbody but fails. Kawakami slams Jagged and tags in Sasaki. He applies a side headlock to Jagged. Kawakami turns Jagged over in a half crab. Matthews runs in to break it. Kawakami and Sasaki choke Jagged with their boots. Matthews chop blocks Kawakami as he approaches Jagged in the corner. The match turns the tide for 2.0, as they now target Kawakami and trap him in their corner. Kawakami fires up with forearms to Matthews after a few minutes of punishment. Sasaki tags in and brings Matthews over with a suplex for two. Jagged attacks Sasaki as he tries a torture rack. Sasaki hits a double spear on 2.0 and then gets Matthews in the backbreaker. Matthews escapes and nails a spinebuster for two. Jagged kicks Sasaki in the corner. Jagged locks Sasaki’s arms behind his back to apply pressure. Jagged headbutts and kicks his back. Sasaki spears Jagged out of the corner and tags in Kawakami. He rocks Jagged with a trifecta of forearms for two. Kawakami hits a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Jagged hits a jaw breaker and enzugiri. Jagged and Matthews hit Kawakami with a flurry of offense for two. 2.0 take down Kawakami with a double STO. 2.0 nail the Sweet Taste of Professionalism on Kawakami for two. Kawakami tosses Jagged overhead with a suplex and tags in Sasaki. Kawakami and Sasaki attack Jagged in the corner. Sasaki brings Jagged off the top rope with a suplex and Matthews breaks the count. Kawakami brings Matthews to the floor. Sasaki hits a Michinoku Driver variation for two. He then drops Jagged with the Argentine Coaster for the pin at 11:20. Real solid tag match here. Kawakami would be brought to the U.S. for Cibernetico Increible in October, but I have no idea why this match helped decide to bring him over. Still, it was good and had a real enjoyable last few minutes. **1/2

Michael Nakazawa {DDT} & Tigre Rojo vs. Takashi Sasaki {BJW} & Shinobu

This match is NOT featured on the Smart Mark Video release of this show, but it can be found online. Likely because there is some rule in which seemingly at certain time intervals, the wrestlers in the rings have to take shots of liquor. That’s not so good if you’re maintaining a kid friendly image. Nakazawa takes a shot pre-match. Sasaki and Rojo try a few pins, then chase each other around ringside. Nakazawa and Rojo run into each other, and Shinobu jumps on them with a pescado. Rojo slides to the floor to duck a clothesline. Nakazawa and Rojo run into the bleachers. Shinobu and Sasaki trap them and fight them in the crowd. Some Latin music comes on as they get back in the ring, and the guys take tequila shots. This takes forever as they are reluctant and get the fans into it. Nakazawa kicks Sasaki in the gut as he takes the shot and he spits it out. Nakazawa rubs his oily physique on Sasaki. Nakazawa and Rojo double team Sasaki, forcing him to run and spin around after drinking. Sasaki dropkicks Nakazawa and is about to make a tag, but then the music hits and it’s time for the guys to take another shot. Nakazawa goes for a pin, and Shinobu breaks it. Rojo and Nakazawa take Shinobu down with tandem back elbows. Nakazawa airplane spins Sasaki. Nakazawa and Rojo accidentally clothesline one another. Shinobu tags in and takes out both opponents with dropkicks. Nakazawa and Rojo retreat to the floor. Shinobu is about to go for a pescado, but the music hits to signify another shot. Once they’re taken, Shinobu slams Rojo. Nakazawa comes in and spills oil on Shinobu’s mid-section. Nakazawa slips off his mid-section into a senton. Nakazawa crosses Shinobu’s arms over his own throat and chokes him, and what do you know…another shot is to be taken. Sasaski stumbles in looking for a fight. He takes Nakazawa and Rojo down with a double clothesline. Sasaki kneels over to prevent himself from hurling, and Nakazawa uses a few pinning variations, only getting two each time. Nakazawa and Sasaki trade forearms. Sasaki rubs the baby oil on himself. Rojo and Nakazawa try a double suplex and slip off. Shinobu clotheslines Nakazawa. Sasaki pours tequila from the bottle into Nakazawa’s mouth. Shinobu rolls Nakazawa around on the mat in a prawn hold. Nakazawa calls for a bucket to puke in. Once he’s done, Sasaki cracks him with an enzugiri for the pin at 16:41. So the wrestling in this is terrible, but I can forgive that if the match is strictly for comedic purposes. This was, but the problem is that the comedy in this match wasn’t funny. At least not to me. Not only that, but it went way too long. DUD

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, & Kaz “Green Ant” Miyakami {BJW} vs. Jaki Numazawa {BJW}, Shinya Ishikawa {BJW}, & Yuji Okabayashi {BJW}

The Big Japan team were in CHIKARA back in October 2008 for The Global Gauntlet . I explained why Green Ant was not the normal Green Ant in my review of last night’s show. Okabayashi shoves Miyakami back to his own corner. The other Colony members offer some advice. He gets a waist lock, but Okabayashi just stomps his foot. Miyakami crawls over and tags in Soldier Ant. Okabayashi brings him back to his corner in a front face lock and tags in Ishikawa. Ishikawa applies pressure to Soldier Ant’s arms. Soldier Ant reverses the pressure and locks in an abdominal stretch. Soldier Ant headscissors him, and Ishikawa pops out into a headlock. Ishikawa brings Soldier Ant into the corner and tags in Numazawa. Soldier Ant tags in Fire Ant, who fails to take Numazawa down with shoulder blocks. Fire Ant makes him tumble with a shoulder tackle, then dropkicks him to the floor. Okabayashi comes in and gets tripped by Soldier Ant. Okabayashi shoulder blocks him down, and Soldier Ant takes him down with an armdrag and a flying saluting headbutt. When he tags in, the Big Japan team bullies Miyakami in their corner. He hits the floor to tag in Soldier Ant, but the Big Japan guys immediately knock him down. Soldier Ant gets stretched out by each member of the Big Japan team. Numazawa misses a second rope moonsault, giving Soldier Ant time to knock Numazawa down and tag in Fire Ant. He sends all three BJW guys to the floor, and Fire Ant is launched onto them with the Antapult. Fire Ant wheelbarrows into a stunner on Ishikawa for two. Ishikawa ducks the Heat of the Moment and cracks Fire Ant with a running forearm. Team Big Japan attack Fire Ant in the corner. Numazawa gives Fire Ant a top rope hurricanrana. Ishikawa comes off the top with a missile dropkick. Okabayashi powers Fire Ant up into a suplex for two. Okabayashi heads up top and misses a big splash. Soldier Ant nails a flying headbutt. The Colony hit triple seated dropkicks on Okabayashi in the corner. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant both come off the top onto Okabayashi and Big Japan breaks the pin. The Colony send them to the floor. Fire Ant crashes on Okabayashi with the Ant Hill for the pin at 16:27. A fun trios match, and certainly makes me want to see Okabayashi back in CHIKARA (luckily he does come back! Yay!) The Colony looked great here as well, and I hope we see something like this in the future again. **3/4

Michael Nakazawa comes out and tells the Big Japan guys and The Colony in the ring something. The Order, 2.0, and Chuck Taylor all come out. Nakazawa lays out some sort of challenge for the CHIKARA Rudos to take on a team of The Colony and some BJW guys to see whose best.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, Kaz “Green Ant” Miyakami {BJW}, Jaki Numazawa {BJW}, & Atsushi Ohashi {BJW} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT}, Crossbones {ONT}, Jagged {2.0}, Shane Matthews {2.0}, & Chuck Taylor {F}

A big slugfest starts things off. Everyone goes to different locals of the arena, including the stands, ringside area, and entrance ramp. Okabayashi and Ishikiwa stick around to lay in some shots as well. Taylor and Fire Ant emerge in the ring. They go back and forth, and Fire Ant rolls up into an armdrag. He gives Taylor a tornado DDT. Jagged sends Fire Ant out with a dropkick. Soldier Ant backdrops Jagged and brings in Numazawa. We get a chain of headlocks from both teams. Soldier Ant comes in and DDT’s Crossbones which causes everyone to fall. Soldier Ant pins a pile of dudes and they all kick out. We then get a chain of headscissors, which Matthews turns into a Boston Crab. The funny thing about that is it’s Jagged who Matthews applies the Boston Crab on. Matthews celebrates his win even though the hold was broke. Numazawa and Ohashi send Crossbones to the floor with a double dropkick. Mantis looks for the Praying Mantis Bomb. Fire Ant hits an Antzugiri. Fire Ant drops Mantis with the Beach Break for the win at 5:50. This was a short but fun pseudo main event, giving a more authentic CHIKARA flavor for the crowd. *1/2

Numazawa cuts a promo in Japanese putting over CHIKARA. Ohashi does the same.


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