CHIKARA Japan Showcase, Night I

Saitama, Japan – 6.12.2009

This and the other Big Japan/CHIKARA show were finally released officially by Smart Mark Video in April 2010 with commentary by Leonard F. Chikarason and UltraMantis Black.

Kaz “Green Ant” Miyakami {BJW} vs. Tigre Rojo

I’ll explain the Green Ant thing here. Back at “Aniversario Yang” Fire Ant and Soldier Ant defeated Icarus and Chuck Taylor in an amazing Double Masks vs. Double Hair match. Because of this, Taylor and Icarus were shaved bald. A day or two after the show, CHIKARA management made a posting on CHIKARA Fans that Green Ant’s gear had been stolen and asked for fans to report if they knew anything about it. As it was revealed later in a blog posting on CHIKARA’s website, Taylor stole the gear and made an exchange with Miyakami. Miyakami was a young lion in Big Japan, and used Green Ant’s persona to get a spot on the show. In exchange, Miyakami gave Taylor a hair tonic that would supposedly grow his hair back in an expedient fashion. However, as we saw at “Young Lions Cup VII Night III”, the hair tonic backfired and turned Taylor’s hair green. At “Cibernetico Increíble”, fellow Big Japan wrestler Ryuichi Kawakami presented Taylor with another bottle of some liquid on Miyakami’s behalf. Nothing has come of that since. For the sake of ease, I will refer to “Green Ant” as Miyakami. So now that that’s out of the way…

Rojo works over Miyakami’s arm. Rojo maneuvers around Miyakami and takes him down with a headlock. Green Ant escapes. Rojo takes Miyakami down with an armdrag and dropkicks him to the floor. Rojo pescado’s to the apron. Miyakami places Rojo on his shoulders and carries him in the aisle way. Miyakami runs Rojo into the ropes, slingshotting Rojo to the floor. Rojo tries to hide in the crowd, but Miyakami rams him back first into the ring apron with a bear hug. Rojo dropkicks Miyakami’s legs out, and dropkicks him in the face for two. Green Ant grabs the ropes to break a headlock. Rojo kicks Miyakami in the back as he holds onto the ropes. Miyakami avoids a second rope dropkick from Rojo. Miyakami drops Rojo with a backbreaker for two. Miyakami applies an abdominal stretch. Rojo knocks Miyakami down with an enzugiri. Rojo tries a few pinning combinations for two. Miyakami knocks Rojo down with a clothesline. Miyakami goes back to the abdominal stretch. Miyakami pump handles Rojo into a backbreaker. He schoolboys Rojo for the pin at 7:00. This was a slow, uninteresting opening match-up. I have more to say about the back story then the match itself. ¼*

Atsushi Ohashi {BJW) & Mototsugu Shimizu {T2P} vs. Jagged {2.0} & Shane Matthews {2.0}

Matthews powers Shimizu down. Matthews knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Shimizu drop toe holds Matthews into a cravate. He snapmares Matthews into a headscissors. Shimizu transitions from a hammerlock into a headlock. Shimizu sends Matthews to his corner with an armdrag. He tags in Jagged, and Shimizu tags in Ohashi. Jagged drop toe holds Ohashi into a leg lock. Ohashi turns into a headlock. Jagged knocks Ohashi down, and Ohashi responds with a dropkick. Ohashi armdrags Jagged over. Ohashi takes Jagged back down to mat where he applies pressure to the back and neck. Shimizu blind tags in when Jagged backs Ohashi to the corner. Shimizu lights up Jagged with some chops. Ohashi and Shimizu double team Jagged. Jagged drops Ohashi with a suplex and tags in Matthews. 2.0 gang up on Ohashi in their corner. Ohashi is able to catch Matthews with a dropkick to stall 2.0 long enough. Shimizu tags in. 2.0. try to take him down, but Shimizu hits a double bulldog on them. Shimizu drops Jagged with a legdrop bulldog for two. Shimizu hits a spinebuster and transitions into the marshmallow porcupine (what he calls the Cattle Mutilation). Matthews tags in and clotheslines Shimizu. He hits the floor, and Ohashi comes in with a high crossbody. Ohashi hits a tornado DDT for two. Ohashi nails a missile dropkick and Jagged breaks the pin. Shimizu comes back in. Ohashi back elbows Matthews, and Shimizu drops Matthews with a cradle facebuster. Jagged makes the save. Jagged nails a step-up enzugiri on Shimizu and drops Ohashi with the Gory Catapult for two. Ohashi gives Jagged a Yoshi Tonic, and Matthews breaks it. 2.0 hit a double DDT and Shimizu breaks the pin. Jagged throws Shimizu to the floor. 2.0 nail Ohashi with the Sweet Taste of Professionalism for the pin at 12:39. This was a solid tag team match to give 2.0 one point. Neither team did anything spectacular, but it was okay while it lasted. **

Michael Nakazawa {DDT} vs. Chuck Taylor {F}

Taylor is with very little hair which looks odd. Nakazawa wrenches on Taylor’s shoulders. Taylor and Nakazawa trade forearms. Nakazawa chops Taylor in the corner and he screams like a girl. Taylor gets sent to the apron. Taylor runs up the ropes and armdrags Nakazawa. Taylor sends Nakazawa to the floor with a beautiful dropkick. Nakazawa oils himself up as we’ve come to expect from him. Taylor tries a lock-up and slips off. Taylor gets a waistlock, and Nakazawa wiggles free with his oily physique. He knocks Taylor down with a back elbow and stomps on Taylor in the corner. Nakazawa rubs his oily thigh on Taylor’s face. Nakazawa avoids a dropkick and hits a seated dropkick for two. Nakazawa pours the oil on Taylor, and slips off his stomach into a senton for two. Nakazawa applies a headlock on the mat. Taylor escapes and takes Nakazawa down with a back elbow and dropkick. Taylor boots Nakazawa and then comes off the second rope with a dropkick for two. Taylor looks for a quebrada, but the oily rips cause Taylor to trip and crotch himself on the second rope. Nakazawa applies more oil and looks for a German suplex. The oil backfires as Nakazawa slips right off. Taylor hits a different side of the ring to hit the quebrada for two. Taylor turns Nakazawa over in his Cross Crab. Nakazawa uses the oil to escape and takes a small swig of it. Taylor reapplies the Crab, but Nakazawa mists the baby oil into Taylor’s eyes. Nakazawa hits a spear for two. Nakazawa drops Taylor with a torture rack slam. Taylor gives Nakazawa the Sole Food and a big boot. Taylor throws the baby oil aside and reapplies the Cross Crab. Nakazawa has no choice but to tap out at 9:26. This was a fun, comedic singles match between these two as you would expect. Like the tag match, nothing exceptional was brought out, but it was still quite enjoyable. **

Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

Soldier Ant salutes Crossbones to throw him off his game. Crossbones is annoyed by it and tries to stop Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant gets on Crossbones’ shoulders and tries a sunset flip. Crossbones sits down, but Soldier Ant escapes in time. Solider Ant looks for a monkey flip, but Crossbones places Soldier Ant on the top rope. Soldier Ant comes off with a saluting armdrag. Mantis and Fire Ant tag in. Mantis works over Fire Ant’s arm. He brings Fire Ant to the mat. Both guys go back and forth on the ropes, and Fire Ant armdrags into a pin for two. Mantis lays in the Mongolian chops. Fire Ant wheelbarrows into a cradle for two. Mantis hits the floor and Crossbones hops in to prevent a dive. Crossbones chops Fire Ant down. Mantis holds him, but he moves and Crossbones slaps Mantis by accident. Soldier Ant flies in and Crossbones catches him. Fire Ant dropkicks Soldier Ant so that he falls onto Crossbones. Crossbones accidentally chops Mantis and Mantis admonishes him. The Colony take out both members of the Order. Mantis drops Soldier Ant neck first on the top rope, and Crossbones hits him with an enzugiri. The Order isolate Soldier Ant from Fire Ant and beat him down. Soldier Ant eventually escapes the Order’s grasp by hitting the floor, which tags in Fire Ant. He comes in with multiple strikes to Mantis and Crossbones. He takes them both down with a headscissors/armdrag combo. Fire Ant hops off Crossbones’ back and dropkicks Mantis into the corner. The Colony hit Mantis and Crossbones in the same corner with tandem seated dropkicks. The Colony send Mantis to the floor, and Soldier Ant lands on him with a tope. Fire Ant lands on Crossbones with a slingshot senton for two. Fire Ant wheelbarrows up into a backbreaker from Crossbones. Soldier Ant tries to slam Crossbones with no luck at first. Soldier Ant does finally slam him and heads up top. Mantis crotches Soldier Ant and throws him to the mat from the top rope. Mantis drops him with the Cosmic Disaster for two. Crossbones drops Soldier Ant with a Samoan Drop for two. Mantis looks for an assisted Praying Mantis Bomb with Crossbones. Soldier Ant escapes. Fire Ant gives Crossbones the Heat of the Moment. The Colony drop Mantis with a neckbreaker/powerbomb combo for two. Soldier Ant locks Mantis in the CHIKARA Special for the submission at 14:10. A good, but not great main event for this very short show. It gave the Japanese crowd a nice taste of CHIKARA, but didn’t do a heck of a lot for us regular CHIKARA viewers. **1/2


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