AIW: Absolution 4

Four Way Tag Team Scramble Elimination Match
The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) vs. The Switchblade Conspiracy (Sami Callihan & Jon Moxley) vs. Klondike Kremlin & Frightmare vs. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon)

Callihan started by cutting a promo on Aerofrom. The SBC and The Portal took turns beating on Frightmare. Frightmare finally tagged in Kremlin, and it took Aeroform and The Osirian Portal to eliminate Kremlin. The Portal took out Aeroform, and the Switchblad Conspiracy came in and completely destroyed The Osirian portal. Moxley and Callihan hit a double underhook face buster/diamond cutter combination on Ophidian to eliminate the Portal. The Conspiracy beat the crap out of Aeroform. Aeroform make a quick comeback, with the Conspiracy cutting them off once again. The Conspiracy go for their signature combination on Flip Kendrick, but Kendrick victory rolls Moxley for the pin. This was a fun, action packed opener that would make someone a fan of everyone in the match. It was good booking to have the two teams in the promo at the start end up as the final two teams. This was a good way to start AIW’s biggest show of the year. Aeroform gets a future tag title match for this victory. **3/4

Flag Match
Da Latin Crime Syndicate (K Fernandez, Luis Diamante, & Joey The Snake) vs. The Homeless Handicap Connection (Hobo Joe & Gregory Iron) & Lince Dorado

This isn’t a “capture the flag match”, but rather a match where the winning team gets to hang the flag of their country. The Syndicate attack the Connection and Dorado as they come out. The Connection and Lince dropkick the Syndicate to the floor then tease stereo dives. The Syndicate comes back in and attacks. Diamante and Lince start off, with Lince moonsaulting into an armdrag. Lince Tiger walks Diamante, then springboard crossbodies onto Diamante. Dorado pescado’s into a rana on Diamante on the floor. The Homeless Connection hit a double back elbow on Diamante. The Syndicate isolate Hobo Joe in their corner and beat on him. Iron tags in and takes Diamante out with a lariat and an elbow. Iron panders to the crowd, allowing Diamante to drive Iron face first in the corner. The Syndicate now isolate Iron in their corner. Lince gets tagged in, throwing al sorts of offense at the Syndicate. Lince enzugiri’s Joey and heads up top. Fernandez cuts him off and goes up top with Lince. All the other guys come in for a stacked-up superplex of doom! Joe and Iron hit a manhattan drop/inverted DDT sequence. Fernandez kicks Joe outside and Diamante and Joey the Snake double team Iron. Joey kicks Lince as he comes in to attempt a save. Lince takes Joey to the floor with a headscissors. Diamante brings Lince to his shoulders. Lince rana’s Diamante to the floor as well. Lince, the only man left in the ring, suicide dives through the ropes into the crowd. Back in the ring, Joey rolls up Iron for the pin and the victory. This match got real sloppy at points during the comeback and took a lot away. Lince was far and away the best guy in this match, though Joey and Diamante have promise as well. Iron also seems like he’s too good to be stuck in a Homeless tag team. **

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