ROH: Validation

Edison, NJ – 5.9.2009

Kingston is backstage. He says tonight he has Ricky Reyes, a man he’s faced many times. He tells Reyes it’s nothing personal, but he’s upset with Hero and Reyes will have to pay for Hero’s sins tonight.

Eddie Kingston vs. Ricky Reyes

Reyes jumps Kingston at the bell. Reyes lays in some kicks and shots to Kingston in the corner. Kingston tosses Reyes overhead with a pair of suplexes for two. Reyes comes back with a spinwheel kick and a jumping punch. Reyes kicks Kingston in the beck and grabs a chinlock. Kingston gets an O’Conner roll for two. Reyes grabs Kingston’s face and lays in kicks to Kingston’s chest. Reyes hits a snap suplex and gets on the second rope. He misses an elbow and Kingston hits a chin breaker. Kingston hits a urinage slam for two. Kingston ducks an enzugiri and gives Reyes a backdrop driver. Reyes ducks the backfist and hits a DDT for two. Reyes hits a swinging neckbreaker for two. Kingston and Reyes trade forearms. Kingston hits a hard elbow and Reyes jumps up with an enzugiri. Kingston comes up with the Backfist to the Future for the pin at 7:13. This was a fine, stiff opening match but nothing more. It’s nice to see Kingston get some DVD time and have a competitive match. **1/4

Kingston yells out Hero’s name. Chris Hero comes out on the stage. Hero tells Kingston that he is not in Hero’s league and that he has beaten Kingston all over the world and on national television. He tells Kingston that he won’t like the result if he keeps barking up the wrong tree. Hero says Kingston will never deserve a match with him, and Kingston heads to the back in a huff.


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