JAPW: International Invasion

Jersey City, NJ – 4.18.2009

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Monsta Mac & Havok

This is a rematch from the Portal’s JAPW debut at Wild Card 5. Mac and Havok attack The Portal and send them to the floor. Ophidian and Amasis slip back in and hit stereo dives onto Mac and Havok. The Portal get both guys in the corner, and Ophidian armdrags Amasis into them. They trip Havok face first into Mac’s crotch. Mac and Havok pick up the Portal and gorilla press slam them into each other. Mac and Havok use their size and power to keep an advantage over both members of the Portal. Amasis comes back a springboard shoulder tackle on Havok. Amasis gets in a few shots and tags in Ophidian, who comes in with a high crossbody for two. Ophidian rolls into a headscissors takedown on Mac. Ophidian moonsaults onto a standing Havok. Havok brushes it off and slams Ophidian for two. Amasis comes off the top rope with a double dropkick to Mac and Havok. They hit stereo 450 splashes for two. Mac hits a clothesline from Compton on Amasis, but picks him up at two. Ophidian comes in and hits a sunset flip into an Egyptian Destroyer on Mac. Amasis pins Mac, but Havok pulls the referee out of the ring. Havok spears Amasis for the pin at 10:02. They really should have given the win to the Portal when Ophidian hit the Egyptian Destroyer, as it looked great and the fans dug it. But no, the two big guys had to get the win. This was not nearly as good as their first match and I am sadly disappointed. **


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