ROH on HDNet: Episode 10

Philadelphia, PA – 4.10.2009

Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero

Kingston rains down on Hero with forearms to the back as soon as he gets in the ring. On the floor, Kingston follows Hero with chops around the ring. Kingston boots and knees Hero in the chest and face. Hero runs back in the ring, and while Sara Del Rey is distracting him, Hero dropkicks Kingston in the side of the face. Hero rolls up Kingston in the ring mats, and sentons right onto him. In the ring, Hero lays in a few kicks and stomps on Kingston’s hand. Hero and Kingston exchange shots and Kingston lays in some knees to Hero’s chest. Hero nails Kingston with another flash kick off the ropes for one. Hero spins into a senton and chokes Kingston on the mat. Kingston catches Hero with a big boot and drops Hero with an implant DDT. Kingston hits the backdrop driver. Kingston pounds on Hero with some more forearms in the corner. Kingston doesn’t break at the referee’s five count, getting himself disqualified at 5:32. Well that was a lame finish to an otherwise real solid match. They packed a lot of action into a short amount of time, and made me want to see another match between these two in ROH. **1/4

Kingston immediately punches referee Todd Sinclair after the match, and Hero and Del Rey retreat to the back.


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