King of Trios 2009 Night III


Philadelphia, PA – 3.29.2009

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, UltraMantis Black, Mike Quackenbush, Leonard F. Chikarason, Eddie Kingston, and Steve “The Turtle” Weiner.

The UnStable are hanging out. Colin Delaney says it doesn’t matter who they are going to face tonight, because in moments like King of Trios, they shine. Nobody thought they could make it past the first two rounds, but they did, and they state that they will take the whole tournament.

King of Trios 2009 Semi-Final Round Match
Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson & Dave Taylor vs. Vin Gerard {U}, STIGMA {U} & Colin Delaney {U}

The UnStable attack Team Uppercut before the bell, but Team Uppercut cleans house with uppercuts (duh). Claudio gives Gerard a diving uppercut to the neck. Danielson winds up before giving Gerard an uppercut. He puts Gerard in the Romero Special. He turns it into a Dragon Clutch. Taylor hooks Gerard’s arm while twisting on his chin and neck. He applies a cravate. Claudio takes over the cravate. Gerard rakes his eyes to escape. Delaney and STIGMA club him with forearms to the face and back. Delaney mockingly lands an uppercut. Claudio hits him with one of his own. Danielson nails a diving uppercut as Claudio holds Delaney up. Taylor also uppercuts him. He slams Delaney after stretching out on the mat. Danielson goes to tie up his legs. Delaney grabs an armbar. Danielson powerbombs out of it. Delaney backs Danielson to the UnStable corner where STIGMA drives his shoulder into Danielson’s stomach repeatedly. He twists up his leg in the middle rope and dropkicks it. Smartly, the UnStable takes turn working over Danielson’s hurt leg. Danielson gives STIGMA a running kick to chest to escape their grasp and tag in Claudio. He uppercuts STIGMA. STIGMA comes back with forearms and face wash kicks. Claudio blocks a running boot and gives STIGMA the Giant Swing. Gerard rolls up Claudio as soon as he stops. Claudio goes for Swiss Death but Delaney backslides Claudio. All of the UnStable attack Claudio, bringing in Danielson and Taylor to dispose of them. Danielson throws kicks at Gerard. STIGMA chop blocks Danielson’s good leg out. Gerard pins him with the Alligator Clutch for two. He applies the STF. Claudio breaks it. He Swiss Chin Music’s Gerard to the floor. Delaney misses a corner attack on Taylor. Taylor gives Delaney a butterfly suplex for the pin at 15:17. They did a really good job convincing the crowd the UnStable had a chance to score a huge upset. It got a little goofy in the beginning with all the uppercuts, but it came together in the end, and kept on with Danielson’s leg which was great. **¾

King of Trios 2009 Semi-Final Round Match
Jimmy ‘Equinox’ Olsen {TFN}, Lince Dorado {TFN} & Helios {TFN} vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F} & Chuck Taylor {F}

Helios and Akuma exchange wristlocks. Helios snaps some armdrags. Dorado gets Icarus in a waistlock on the mat. Icarus blocks a monkey flip. Dorado throws him down by his hair. He comes off the top with a backflip armdrag. He Frankensteiner’s Icarus on the floor. Taylor shoulder blocks Equinox in the corner. Equinox armdrags him into an armbar. He avoids an armdrag and dropkicks Taylor for one. Icarus kicks Equinox from the apron. Equinox punches Icarus to the floor and chops Taylor against the ropes. Akuma gamengiri’s Equinox from the apron. F.I.S.T. isolates him in their corner, doing a lot of damage to his legs. He escapes after evading Taylor’s Sole Food and dropping to the floor. Helios headscissors Taylor. He cartwheels onto his shoulders for a Frankensteiner. He hits the Backslide Driver. Helios tiger walks up Taylor into a tornado DDT on Akuma. He dives over the post onto Akuma on the floor! Dorado Frankensteiner’s Icarus to the floor and suicide dives after him. Equinox missile dropkicks Taylor. He gets two with a superkick. The Future is Now triple dropkick Taylor. Akuma makes the save and pitches Dorado out. He rolls Helios up and pops him into an Ace Crusher/facebuster combo with Icarus’ aid. Helios eats F.I.S.T. Kicks for two. Equinox sweeps Taylor’s legs out and lands a standing shooting star press. He applies the CHIKARA Special. Akuma kicks Equinox in the chest twice, but he keeps the hold on! A swinging kick to the chest breaks the hold. Dorado gives Akuma a standing Spanish Fly. Icarus goes for the Blu Ray. Dorado counters with a swinging DDT. Helios hits a 630 splash. Icarus feigns an injury, distracting Bryce Remsburg. This allows Taylor to low blow Helios and hit the Awful Waffle for the pin at 13:31. The action was really hot and heavy in the end, with the crowd going nuts and eating up the nearfalls and near submissions. It was really fun to watch and made F.I.S.T. look like big time jerks heading into the finals. A nice surprise and an all around success. ***¼

You can watch this match in its entirety here.

El Generico vs. Arik Cannon

Generico takes Cannon to the mat in a headlock. Cannon turns it to a headscissors which Generico pops out of right away. Generico armdrags his way out of Cannon’s wristlock. Cannon shoulder blocks him down. Generico armdrags him twice before delivering a toreador. Cannon breaks a wristlock and sends Generico to the floor with a haymaker. He chops Generico against the guardrails. He continues the chops back in the ring after a snapmare into a dropkick. He gets two with a suplex. Cannon blasts Generico with another haymaker. Generico responds with punches of his own. Another haymaker takes Generico off of his feet. Generico chops Cannon to corner where he delivers ten punches. He sends Cannon out with a leg lariat. Generico follows with a moonsault press. He lands a high crossbody back in the ring for two. Generico blocks a punch. He runs the ropes into a tornado DDT and gets two. Cannon blocks another DDT with Total Anarchy for two. He and Generico each get in some shots. Cannon spins Generico out into a Side Effect for two. Cannon avoids the yakuza kick. Generico sends him into the corner with an exploder suplex. The yakuza kick connects. A half-nelson suplex gets Generico two. He goes for the brainbuster. Cannon blocks it, so Generico kicks him in the head thrice. Cannon turns him inside out with a lariat. A saito suplex and the Glimmering Warlock gets Cannon the pin at 10:04. They kept things fairly simple but escalated the action properly and told a good story with teases and growth throughout the bout. It was surprising to see Cannon win, but wise considering he’s a more consistent player in the CHIKARAverse. ***

10-Team Gauntlet Match

Hallowicked {I} & Frightmare {I} vs. Ryan Drago & Tony Kozina

Drago attacks Frightmare and Hallowicked as they shake hands. He snapmares Frightmare into a back kick. Frightmare headscissors Drago and hits a jumping clothesline. Incoherence gives Drago the Sidewinder for a one count. Hallowicked shoulder tackles Kozina. Kozina responds with a dropkick. Hallowicked schoolboys him for two. Kozina armdrags him to the corner. Hallowicked big boots him. Drago knees Hallowicked from the apron. Incoherence each get in a quick nearfall on their opponents. They send them out with stereo Frankensteiner’s. Frightmare gets launched onto Kozina and Drago. Back in the ring, Drago catches Frightmare mid-air with a gut buster. Kozina dropkicks Frightmare as he dangles on the top rope. He butterfly suplexes Frightmare twice and gives him a double underhook brainbuster. Hallowicked saves him from a double team maneuver. He Frankensteiner’s Drago. Hallowicked hits Kozina with Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Frightmare lands a Kneecolepsy. Drago breaks the pin and gives Frightmare a Tiger Driver for two. Drago snaps Hallowicked’s neck across the top rope. Kozina Frankensteiner’s him to the floor. Drago and Kozina both German suplex Frightmare, leading to the pin at 7:20.

Tim Donst {SD} & Hydra {SD} vs. Ryan Drago & Tony Kozina

Donst back elbows Kozina out. He tosses Hydra into a crossbody on Drago. Hydra tries doing the same for Donst, but Drago chop blocks his leg out. Kozina superkicks Hydra into an enzuigiri from Drago. Donst drives them together in the corner. Drago German suplexes Donst. Kozina does as well, but Donst kicks out. He gives Drago the Donst Cap as Hydra takes down Kozina with a hooking clothesline. He dives onto Kozina on the floor. Donst puts Drago in a crossface chickenwing for the submission at 10:09.

Tim Donst {SD} & Hydra {SD} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

Crossbones hits a Vader Bomb senton on Donst in the ring. Mantis attacks Hydra on the floor, but gets whipped into the guardrails. Donst drops Crossbones with a running STO. Mantis punches Hydra in the corner. Donst gives him a Manhattan drop. Hydra comes off the top with a Whoopee Cushion. Donst dives onto Crossbones outside. Hydra goes for the Hydralock on Mantis. Mantis blocks it and hits the Cosmic Disaster for the pin at 12:09.

Beef Wellington & Steve ‘The Turtle’ Weiner vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

Wellington blocks Crossbones’ kicks but eats a forearm strike. Wellington comes off the top with a dropkick. Mantis and Weiner tag in. Mantis antagonizes him verbally and Weiner antagonizes him back. Weiner armdrags both Mantis and Crossbones. Mantis kicks out his leg and chokes him. He and Crossbones double shoulder block him after taking off his turtle shell. Crossbones splashes his back as Mantis lands a senton. Weiner escapes their grasp and tags in Wellington. Weiner back splashes them down in the corner. Wellington drives his knees into them. He butt punches Mantis. Crossbones hits the Friggin’ Sweet Driver on Wellington for the pin at 17:18.

Player Uno {SSB} & Create-A-Wrestler vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

The Order beat down the Slam Masters as soon as they enter. Uno gives them stereo Shiranui’s. He rocks Crossbones with some punches but then takes an enzuigiri. Uno saves Wrestler from the Friggin’ Sweet Driver. Uno suicide dives onto Mantis and Wrestler small packages Crossbones for the pin at 18:53.

Player Uno {SSB} & Create-A-Wrestler vs. Pinkie Sanchez & Mitch Ryder

Uno and Wrestler back elbow Sanchez. Wrestler Western lariats him into a DDT from Uno. Wrestler gives him a bridging German suplex for two. Sanchez hops out of Wrestler’s powerbomb and Frankensteiner’s Uno to the floor. He gives Wrestler the Shiney Hiney. Ryder misses two elbow drops. He gives Uno a spinebuster. Uno sends Ryder out and catches Sanchez with a backbreaker. Sanchez eats stereo back elbows again. Wrestler’s flip senton gets him two. Ryder and Sanchez double team Wrestler until he avoids a corner attack from Sanchez. Uno chops him a few times before hitting River City Ransom. Ryder kicks Uno from the apron. Sanchez sunset flips Uno as Ryder grabs a leg, giving them the pin at 25:43.

Marshe Rockett {ST} & Willie ‘da Bomb’ Richardson {ST} vs. Pinkie Sanchez & Mitch Ryder

Richardson gets sent to the floor. Sanchez and Rockett trade chops. Rockett avoids a seated senton and big boots Sanchez. Richardson gives him a 2k1 Michinoku Driver. Ryder breaks the pin. He bites Richardson’s face. Richardson delivers a bionic elbow. Ryder catches him coming off the second rope with a stomach punch. Richardson slams Sanchez right onto his posterior. Rockett chops both him and Ryder. Rockett drops Sanchez with the M-80. Richardson drops the bomb with a top rope legdrop for the pin at 30:42.

Marshe Rockett {ST} & Willie ‘da Bomb’ Richardson {ST} vs. Nick Jackson {YB} & Matt Jackson {YB}

The Bucks hit double dropkicks. Matt launches Nick into a dropkick on Richardson for two. Richardson pulls them in for a double clothesline. Richardson side Russian legsweeps Matt into a backcracker from Rockett. Nick breaks the pin. Richardson gives Nick a backpack stunner. Matt kicks Richardson. Rockett drops Matt with an M-80. Nick makes the save. Matt spears Richardson to stop him from Pouncing Nick. Nick dives onto Richardson. Rockett schoolboys Matt for two. Matt superkicks him. More Bang For Your Buck puts Rockett away at 32:44.

Cheech Hernandez & KC ‘Cloudy’ Day vs. Nick Jackson {YB} & Matt Jackson {YB}

Cheech armdrags Matt to the floor. Nick takes a tandem slam. The Tidal Wave gets Cheech and Cloudy a two count. Matt sends Cheech to the floor. Nick gives Cloudy a running knee strike. Matt does the deal with a Falcon Arrow for two. Cloudy falls victim to the Crazy Dive. Cheech gives Matt the Burnout. Nick spinwheel kicks Cheech. Cloudy spikes Nick with a tornado DDT. Matt gives Cloudy a tumbleweed Ace Crusher. Nick headscissors Cheech off the top. Matt powerbombs him into Nick’s knees, then assists Nick with a Shiranui. Cloudy breaks the pin. They set up for More Bang For Your Buck. Cloudy O’Conner rolls Matt for the pin at 36:37.

Cheech Hernandez & KC ‘Cloudy’ Day vs. Brodie Lee {R} & Grizzly Redwood {R}

The Roughnecks pound on Cheech and Cloudy around ringside. In the ring, Cloudy ducks Lee’s boot but takes one from Redwood. Lee blasts Cloudy with a shot to the throat and chokes him with his boot. Redwood slams Cloudy into an elbow drop for two. Cloudy ducks a double axe handle and tags in Cheech. He tosses Redwood onto his stomach and dropkicks Lee off the apron. Redwood takes Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech. Cheech powerbombs Lee off the second rope. Lee knocks him back down with a rolling clothesline. He superkicks Cheech for the pin at 40:15.

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Brodie Lee {R} & Grizzly Redwood {R}

Quackenbush kicks Redwood to the floor. He and Jigsaw attack Lee in the corner. Lee brings him off the top with a Frankensteiner. Quackenbush follows up with a Swanton. Redwood pulls him off of Lee and dumps Jigsaw to the floor. Redwood sends Quackenbush face first into the second turnbuckle with a headscissors. Jigsaw sends Redwood out. Lee big boots Jigsaw. He hits the Truck Stop for two. Quackenbush chops up Redwood and delivers a clothesline. Quackenbush holds up Redwood for the Quackendriver I. Lee goes to big boot Quackenbush, but Quackenbush drops down and he big boots Redwood! Jigsaw and Quackenbush double superkick Lee to the floor. Jigsaw dives after him. Quackenbush drops Redwood with the Quackendriver II for the pin and the victory at 43:10. This gives Quackenbush and Jigsaw three points and a future Campeones de Parejas shot. This was fun and got way better as the match progressed. The finishing sequence was really cool as well. A full length Young Bucks vs. Cheech and Cloudy match would have been really sweet. **¾

The Colony are in the back with the North Star Express. The Soldier Ant is having Green Ant do squats while Fire Ant is listening to his iPod. Darin Corbin says tonight they’re going to show everyone why they belong in CHIKARA. They get distracted by the Colony, but then reiterate their point.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. Amasis {OP}, Ophidian {OP}, KUDO {DDT} & Michael Nakazawa {DDT}

Soldier Ant and Amasis look for control. Amasis dances his way out of a wristlock. Soldier Ant trips him and forces him to do push-ups. He tries a few quick pinfalls to no avail. Amasis slaps him. He kicks Soldier Ant’s leg a couple times. Soldier Ant flips Amasis onto his back. He and Fire Ant double boot Amasis into a headbutt/senton combo. Fire Ant and Ophidian have a Lucha exchange, ending with some armdrags variations from Fire Ant. He takes him over with a fireman’s carry and tags in Corbin. He and Cruz give Ophidian the Shellshock. Fire Ant Burns Down the House. Ophidian rolls out. Nakazawa cuts off Fire Ant’s dive and oils himself up. He can’t get a grip on a side headlock. He slips on some oil on the canvas. Nakazawa douses Fire Ant with oil for the slip and slide senton. KUDO snapmares Fire Ant into a back kick and basement clothesline. He drives his knees into his chest for two. The Portal help the DDT gents wear down Fire Ant and keep his partners at bay. Nakazawa has oiled up Fire Ant so much, that his German suplex attempt backfires. Fire Ant uses his oil to prevent the Portal and KUDO from pulling him back to their corner. He slips to the floor, bringing in Soldier Ant who knocks down his opponents with saluting forearms. The NSE and Colony quadruple dropkick all of their opponents to the floor. Corbin and Fire Ant’s dives are cut off by KUDO and Ophidian. They come in with stereo springboard double knees. Soldier Ant and Cruz break the pins. Soldier Ant drops KUDO with the TKO as Cruz gives Ophidian a Blue Thunder Bomb. Nakazawa takes Cruz down in a spinebuster. Amasis splashes onto him for two. Ophidian hypnotizes Corbin. Cruz uses a lungblower on Ophidian to break it. Ophidian and Nakazawa take the Everlasting Gobstopper. Double Cruz Controls lead to two nearfalls. Fire Ant antzuigiri’s Amasis. Fire Ant is tossed onto KUDO and Nakazawa on the floor in a super Antapult. Ophidian headscissors Corbin as the floor. Amasis boots Cruz down. Soldier Ant dives onto KUDO, Nakazawa, and Corbin. Cruz Frankensteiner’s Amasis off the top onto a pile of people on the floor! In the ring, Ophidian spikes Cruz with the Egyptian Destroyer. Corbin sends Ophidian out. KUDO spin kicks Corbin and lays in kicks to the head and chest. KUDO gives him double knees out of a tree of woe position. Nakazawa sprays a circle of oil around Corbin so that KUDO could hit double knees off the top uninterrupted for the pin at 17:57. Good action and teamwork out of everyone made for a fun match. The baby oil was used smartly and not to the point of becoming a stale joke. ***¼

Eddie Kingston says he had a rough night on the first night of the tournament losing to Team Uppercut. While it was an honor being a ring with Dave Taylor and Bryan Danielson, it was not an honor to face Claudio. He hates Claudio and wants to get his hands on him. Tonight however, he will take out his hatred on Austin Aries, the cocky little man he is.

Eddie Kingston {R} vs. Austin Aries

Aries drop toe holds Kingston and puts on a side headlock. Kingston puts on a top wristlock. Aries armdrags him away. Aries leapfrogs over Kingston. He drops down and Kingston continually jumps over him. Aries shows over how much better cardio he has by running the ropes. He offers to shake hands. Kingston slaps it away, so Aries slaps him in the face. Aries ducks Kingston’s slap. He slides to the floor and takes a victory lap. Kingston slides to the floor. Aries goes for the Heat-Seeking Missile but is cut off with a forearm strike. He chops Aries in the corner. He overhand chops Aries on the floor. Kingston gives him some jabs in the stomach. Aries catches Kingston with a neckbreaker on the second rope. The Heat-Seeking Missile connects. Aries gets too distracted by the fans, allowing Kingston to recover and deliver a Northern Lights suplex. He deposits Aries on his head with a double underhook belly-to-belly suplex. Aries fights out of a Saito suplex, but takes a uranage suplex for two. Kingston misses a yakuza kick. Aries kicks Kingston’s leg as it’s trapped on the top rope. Aries strings a kneebreaker and suplex together. He gets two with the IED. He puts on the Last Chancery. Kingston gets his foot on the ropes. Aries forearms Kingston in the corner. He beats him down and overhand chops him. Aries looks to bring him off the top with a super bulldog. Kingston counters with a super F5. The Sliding D gets him the pin at 9:21. A little short, but they beat each other up and made the most of the time they had. It was a big win for Kingston and a good way to give him momentum as he goes after Claudio. I really enjoyed Aries this weekend and hope that he’ll be in CHIKARA again one day. **¾

Rey de Voladores 2009 Finals
Player Dos {SSB} vs. Kota Ibushi {DDT}

After trading wristlocks they kick at each others’ legs. Dos catches Ibushi with a sunset flip for two. Ibushi gets sent to the apron. He comes back in with a springboard dropkick. He applies a rear chinlock. When Dos escapes he fights for and scores with a tornado DDT. He lands a leaping forearm in the corner and gets two with a belly-to-back suplex. Dos goes up top. Ibushi sends Dos to the floor with a cartwheel double Pele kick. He follows with a springboard moonsault. Ibushi missing a standing moonsault in the ring. Dos hits a standing shooting star press for two. Dos misses a corner attack. Ibushi lands a flying chest kick for two. Dos comes back with a release Dragon suplex for two. Ibushi retaliates with one of his own for two. Ibushi misses the Golden Star Press but lands on his feet. He recovers and gives Dos a German suplex after ducking a boot. Dos kicks out. Ibushi hits the double jump moonsault for two. Dos sends Ibushi to the floor with a slingshot Koppu kick. He follows Ibushi to the floor with a skytwister press. In the ring Dos misses a Phoenix splash. Ibushi tries a splash. Dos gets his knees up. He cradles Ibushi for two. Ibushi throws some kicks to Dos’ head. He crumbles to the mat after a swift kick. The Golden Star Press gets Ibushi the pin at 11:26. Although there was some fun high flying stuff, it was mostly a repeat of what they had done the night before. It lacked any real cohesion and felt more like a high flying showcase. Given what was on the line, that makes sense, but it makes it hard to get emotionally invested. **¾

Claudio Castagnoli says in a game of Rock, F.I.S.T., Uppercut, uppercut always wins. Awesome.

King of Trios 2009 Final Round
Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson & Dave Taylor vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F} & Chuck Taylor {F}

F.I.S.T. attack Team Uppercut as they make their way to the ring. Chuck wisely does some damage to Danielson’s knee before officially bringing him into the ring, where F.I.S.T. continues to work over that body part. Chuck mocks Danielson by driving his elbow into the side of his head during the process. Danielson manages to kick Chuck away and tag in Dave, who uppercuts all of F.I.S.T. He butterfly suplexes Akuma for two. Icarus sends Dave out. Claudio uppercuts Icarus twice. The third time he misses and eats F.I.S.T. Kicks for two. Icarus gives him a lungblower. Akuma and Chuck give him Dinner N’ Drinks. Dave breaks the pin. Danielson comes in with a double flying dropkick to Icarus and Akuma. He can barely nip up. He and Dave uppercut Icarus between them. Claudio and Danielson uppercut him simultaneously. Claudio goes for the Steiner Screwdriver on Icarus. Akuma frees him. Chuck works on Danielson’s knee on the floor as Claudio hits the Ricola Bomb on Akuma. Icarus pulls Bryce Remsburg out of the ring! Claudio pitches Akuma out and dives onto him and Akuma. Chuck goes up top. Danielson crotches him. He brings Chuck down with a belly-to-back superplex for two. Danielson drives his elbow repeatedly into the side of Chuck’s head against his thigh. He locks on the Cattle Mutilation. Icarus kneeDT’s Danielson to free his partner. Danielson blocks the Shiranui by crotching Icarus on the top rope. Akuma crotches Danielson in a tree of woe. Akuma kicks the knee. Chuck hits the Awful Waffle. Danielson kicks out, becoming the first person in CHIKARA to do so. Chuck locks on the Kentucky Crawdad. Danielson taps out at 11:09, making F.I.S.T the 2009 King of Trios. This was brilliant story telling, as all the leg work across the weekend on Danielson’s knee paid off big time. They also teased the way F.I.S.T. won two of their matches in the tournament, and how Uppercut won all of their matches previously to build the drama. It was a great way to end the weekend and make F.I.S.T. look incredibly strong. ***¼


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