JAPW: Unfinished Business

Rahway, NJ – 3.28.2009

JAPW New Jersey State Championship
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. Bandido Jr.

Kingston nails Bandido with the belt before the bell then gets a two when the bell rings. Kingston double stomps Bandido for two. Kingston catches Bandido off the ropes with an underhook suplex. He gives Bandido some JYD headbutts for two. Bandido drops Kingston on his head with a reverse hurricanrana. Bandido catches Kingston with a back cracker for two. Bandido hits a tornado DDT for two. Bandido accidentally forearms the referee. Kingston nails the Backfist to the Future for two, after a slow count from the loopy referee. Kingston brings in a chair, and Bandido kicks Kingston to stop him. Bandido hits a flying legdrop for two. Kingston rolls to the floor bleeding. Bandido hits a tope con hilo. Kingston puts on a pair of brass knuckles as Bandido is helping the referee up. Kingston blasts the crap out of Bandido with a hard punch, but Bandido still kicks out at two. Bandido hits an enzugiri. He goes up top, but Kingston catches him with a powerbomb. Kingston follows up with the Sliding D for the pin at 8:11. Man, they packed a lot of punch into such a short amount of time. These guys brought it again, turning up the violence and making me interested in yet another match between them. Bandido Jr. is a guy who gets no exposure elsewhere and I really think he should. Kingston also has been bringing out his best stuff thus far. ***


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