MCPW: Chainsaw Cup 2009


Roscommon, MI – 3.14.2009

Chainsaw Cup Semi-Final Round
Vin Gerard vs. Jeff King

Gerard gets the ropes to break a hammerlock. He does the same for a wristlock. King calls him a chicken. He pulls Gerard away from the ropes as he applies another wristlock and spins him into a slam to the mat. After a bodyslam he sends Gerard out with an atomic drop. King chases him back into the ring. Gerard begs off in the corner. King chops him up. He O’Conner Rolls Gerard. Gerard sends him shoulder first into the ring post. Gerard takes him down with a running clothesline. He puts on an overhead wristlock. He twists up King’s arm in the ropes. King fights back. He grabs Gerard by his beard and tosses him across the ring. Adam Renolds distracts King. Gerard leg trips King into an STF. King taps out at 7:00. I’m struggling on what to say, mostly because there was nothing to this. I guess if I knew MCPW storylines the interference would mean more, but as it was, it was a nice way to get Gerard a cheap win and some heat going into the finals. *

Chainsaw Cup Semi-Final Round
Frightmare vs. Jeff Skyline

Skyline fireman’s carry’s Frightmare after a wristlock. Frightmare turns it into a crucifix pin. He armdrags Skyline into an armbar. Frightmare ties up his legs on the mat. Skyline double arm wrist clutch drags Frightmare. After a Lucha roll, Frightmare armdrags Skyline and sends him out with a step-up Frankensteiner. He’s set to dive when Skyline comes in and back elbows him down. Skyline clotheslines him in the corner, then delivers a basement uppercut after a snapmare. Frightmare small packages him for two. After a quebradora armdrag he delivers a dropkick and another Frankensteiner. Kneecolepsy gets him a two count. Skyline comes back with a modified Michinoku Driver. He then puts on the Rings of Saturn. Frightmare taps out at 5:12. Frightmare got to impress the crowd and Skyline was an effective Rudo. Not bad for five minutes. *½

Chainsaw Cup Semi-Final Round
Hydra vs. Adam Renolds

Hydra shoves Renolds down out of a test of a strength. Hydra lets a fan feel his muscular arm. Renolds stomps Hydra as he re-enters the ring. He whips Hydra to the corner. He traps his leg in the ropes then kicks the rope into his leg. He puts Hydra in a side headlock. Renolds back elbows him down once he escapes. Hydra kicks Renolds to avoid a backdrop and hits him with a spear. He clotheslines Renolds thrice. Hydra gets two with a suplex. Renolds ducks a clothesline and gives Hydra a belly-to-back suplex. Hydra comes back with the Hydralock. Renolds submits at 6:32. Short but sweet. Renolds was hated and Hydra was beloved, so it was an easy story to tell and get the crowd into. **

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Jake Omen & Scotty Young

Amasis and Young trade wristlocks. Amasis rakes his eyes. He rolls through Young’s hip toss attempt. He does some dancing before taking him down with an armdrag. They armdrag one another into a stalemate. Ophidian goes after Omen’s left leg. He puts him in a reverse prawn hold for two. He gets two with a couple other pinfall attempts. Omen fires back with a series of right hands. He lands a leg lariat and tags in Young. Omen assists Young with a dropkick. They double slam Amasis into the mat, then deliver tandem dropkicks to the sides of his head. Ophidian sends Young to the floor. He hypnotizes Omen. Amasis then gives him a Death Valley neckbreaker across his knee. Ophdian drives his knees into his chest. Amasis splashes him for a two count. The Portal wear down Omen until he nails Amasis with an enzuigiri. Young tags in. He suplexes Ophidian and heads to the top turnbuckle. Amasis and Ophidian crotch him. They bring Young down with a Pyramid Suplex. Ophidian puts him in a Camel Clutch and splashes his back. The Portal double suplex Young for two. Young escapes Ophidian’s German suplex attempt and hits one of his own. Omen clotheslines and back elbows both Portal members. Ophidian jabs him in the throat. The Portal dropkick his legs out. Young dropkicks them to the corner. He double knees Ophidian and sends Amasis into a dropkick from Young. Amasis shoves Omen into Young, sending Young to the floor. Ophidian comes off the top with double knees to Omen. Mummification gets a two count. Young comes back in. Ophidian kicks him into Amasis’ backslide. Omen breaks the pin. Omen punches Ophidian into a Rydeen Bomb from Young. Young pescado’s onto Ophidian on the floor. Omen pumphandles Amasis into a backcracker from Young for the pin at 14:05. This was a fun, energetic tag team match. I was surprised how good the Portal were made to look considering Omen and Young were the hometown talent, but in the end things worked out for them with a solid victory. **¾

Chainsaw Cup Final Round – Elimination Match
Vin Gerard vs. Hydra vs. Christian Abel vs. Jeff Skyline

Abel and Gerard start off. Abel cleanly breaks a lock up, while Gerard slaps him in the face. Abel responds with punches and a backdrop. Gerard knees him in the stomach. He backs him to the corner where Skyline tags in. Abel clotheslines both him and Gerard to the floor. He chases them back into the ring where Hydra double clotheslines them. Hydra wants a test of strength with Abel. Abel’s about to win the test when Gerard attacks him from behind. He sends Abel to the floor so he and Skyline can tag turns beating down Hydra. That is, until Hydra catches Skyline with a sunset flip in the corner to eliminate him at 7:27. Hydra delivers multiple punches to Gerard in the corner. He schoolboys him for two. Abel and Hydra double flapjack Gerard. Skyline comes back in the ring to attack Hydra and Abel with a tire iron. He says if he can’t win then nobody can. Gerard puts Hydra in the STF. Hydra’s arm drops three times, eliminating him at 9:38. Gerard focuses his offense on Abel’s left leg. Abel escapes a half crab. He headbutts Gerard a few times and takes him down with a side Russian leg sweep. Gerard slips off his shoulders. He goes for the STF but gets kicked away. Gerard gets two with a running STO. He successfully applies the STF. Abel gets the ropes. Gerard re-applies the hold. Abel gets the ropes again. He pops Gerard up into a powerslam. Abel misses a second rope elbow drop. Gerard gets the STF on for a third time. Abel almost has the ropes when Gerard pulls him back to the center of the ring. Abel’s arm drops twice. The third time, he fires up and gives Gerard a pump-handle Death Valley Drop for the pin at 18:35. This told a good story and made Abel seem strong, as he came back both from a sneak attack and Gerard working over his leg for a good portion of the bout. ***


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