The Secret Delaware Show


Bear, DE – 3.9.2009

Frightmare & Cometa de Oro vs. STIGMA & Klondike Kremlin

Oro’s strikes do not affect the much larger Kremlin. He sends up dropkicking him to the floor. Frightmare dropkicks STIGMA in the stomach and uses the ropes to pull off an armdrag. He headscissors STIGMA to the corner twice, then to the floor. Kremlin trips Frightmare to stop him from diving after him. Kremlin gets two with a suplex. He and STIGMA bully Frightmare in their corner. Frightmare hits Kremlin with an enzuigiri and tags in Oro. Oro throws overhand chops to both opponents. He and Frightmare keep sending Kremlin into STIGMA. Oro dropkicks STIGMA to the floor. Frightmare gives Kremlin a stunner. Oro dives after STIGMA. Frightmare hits Kneecolepsy on Kremlin for two. Kremlin stops his huracanrana and delivers a powerbomb. Kremlin then splashes onto him for the pin at 8:50. Pretty boring and sloppy. Frightmare and Oro ran circles around their opponents and end up with nothing to show for it. ½*

Chiva V vs. Hallowicked

Chiva is very proud of his armdrag. He uses his Mexican flag as a bullfighter’s red sheet, causing Hallowicked to charge and fall multiple times. Hallowicked shows off his strength by backing Chiva to the corner. He pulls on Chiva’s horns and throws him to the mat. Referee Jon Barber issues him a yellow card. He places a small toy soccer ball in the middle of the ring. Chiva pretends he is going to punt it, but instead dropkicks Hallowicked to the floor. He follows with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring Hallowicked hotshots Chiva on the top rope. He gets two with a bodyslam. Chiva gets Hallowicked on the apron and trips him so that his face hits the ring frame. He delivers some JYD headbutts back in the ring. Hallowicked forearms him in the corner. Chiva tries a comeback but gets a yakuza kick for his troubles. Once again he throws Chiva down by his mask. Chiva trips out his legs and from the floor hits a tiger feint kick. Hallowicked catches him coming out of the corner with Go 2 Sleepy Hollow for two! Chiva throws his face into the corner. He hops in from the apron with a second rope legdrop. Hallowicked kicks out. He goes for a superkick. Hallowicked blocks and goes for another Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Chiva counters with a dragonscrew leg whip. A moonsault gets Chiva the win at 11:22. Out of all the Chiva matches I’ve seen, the two on the secret shows have far and away been the best. This was a lot of fun to watch and I actually think Chiva would have served well as a singles competitor in CHIKARA. ***

2 out of 3 Falls
Fire Ant & Soldier Ant vs. Amasis & Ophidian

Soldier Ant and Ophidian feel each other out. Soldier Ant throws some chops and headbutts Ophidian in the chest. Ophidian retreats to the floor. Amasis and Fire Ant tag in. Amasis key locks Fire Ant’s legs. Fire Ant escapes and gives him some armdrag variations. He gets one with a tornado clutch. He sends Amasis out with a fireman’s carry. Ophidian stops a dive but gets caught in a small package for two. Fire Ant puts on an Octopus stretch. Amasis holds him in the corner once Ophidian escapes. Amasis holds both Colony members but Ophidian ends up chopping him instead. Soldier Ant pops up Fire Ant to dropkick both Portal members. They give Amasis the Ants Marching dropkick and Ophidian the Ants Marching neckbreaker. Ophidian gets pinned at 5:52, giving the Colony the first fall. The Portal jump the Colony from behind to start the second fall. It doesn’t end up mattering as the Colony send them back out to the floor and then dive after them. Amasis manages to drop Fire Ant face first on the ring apron. Ophidian is having trouble with Soldier Ant in the ring.Amasis comes in and the Portal hypnotizes him. They drop Soldier Ant with a tandem Stroke for two. The Portal dominate while Fire Ant recovers. Amasis does some dancing and misses a splash. Ophidian however drags Fire Ant off the apron and hits Soldier Ant. A lariat and That Move I Beat Moses With get Amasis the pin on Soldier Ant at 12:06. The match is tied up at one fall a piece. Ophidian stomps down Fire Ant on the floor so the Portal can keep on top of Soldier Ant as the third fall begins. Ophidian tries to Skin the Snake. Soldier Ant shoves him to the floor and follows with a saluting suicide dive. Fire Ant jumps in with the Heat of the Moment to Amasis. Fire Ant sends Amasis to the floor and Burns Down the House on Ophidian. He comes off the top with a senton to Ophidian for two. Ophidian puts on the Death Grip. Soldier Ant gives Ophidian a saluting rolling forearm to break the hold. The TKO gets him two. He goes for a diving headbutt. Amasis crotches him on the top rope. The Portal bring him down with the Pyramid suplex. The Osirian Sacrament get them the third fall and the win at 17:07. These teams had some great matches throughout 2009 and this was no different. Even in front of 20 people they had a great match, though some contrived stuff knocks this down a few points. ***¼

2 out of 3 Falls
Green Ant & Roxi Cotton vs. Sara Del Rey & Halcon Guerrero

Sara and Cotton reach a stalemate. Guerrero and Green Ant feel each other out. Green Ant armdrags Guerrero to the floor. Sara kicks Green Ant and chokes him with her boot. Green Ant snaps off some armdrags on Guerrero and gives him a backbreaker. Guerrero rolls to the floor. Cotton armdrags Sara and rolls her into a tornado clutch for two. Cotton also gets two with a few different pin attempts. She catches Sara with a cradle at 5:05. Green Ant then huracanrana’s Guerrero for another pin at 5:16. Referee Nick Papagiorgio says that’s one point. What? Green Ant monkey flips Guerrero out of the corner. He gives him another backbreaker. Sara boots Green Ant to the floor. Guerrero gets handsy with Cotton so she slaps him. Cotton sends her out with a headscissors. Sara boots her from behind and kicks Green Ant off the apron. Both Cotton and Green Ant get beaten down. Cotton taps in a double crab at 10:12. Green Ant is sent out to the floor. Guerrero dives after him. They fight on the floor as Cotton tries walking the ropes. Sara shoves her onto the male competitors. In the ring Sara accidentally boots Guerrero. Green Ant drop toe holds her into Guerrero’s crotch. Cotton and Green Ant each go for a pin. Guerrero accidentally splashes Sara. Moments later, Guerrero gives Green Ant a double underhook driver while Sara suplexes Cotton out of the Royal Butterfly. Both Rudos pin their opponents simultaneously for the third and final fall at 13:47. I don’t know why this went two out of three falls. It was fine I guess but needlessly long. *½

2 out of 3 Falls
Mike Quackenbush, Kendo & Solar vs. Claudio Castagnoli, Mr. Ferrari & Negro Navarro

Quackenbush and Claudio start. Quackenbush lands on his feet out of a monkey flip. He successfully gives Claudio one of his own, then cartwheels off the top rope into an armdrag. Claudio becomes frustrated and delivers a forearm. Quackenbush monkey flips him to the floor and fakes him out on a dive. Navarro and Solar keep tossing each other to the mat. They reach a stalemate. Kendo and Ferrari come in. The Rudos team up to try and get control but Kendo can handle them. Navarro gives him a right hand. Solar and Quackenbush come in with a crossbody’s. Kendo also comes in with a crossbody to Navarro. That and simultaneous pins from Quackenbush and Solar give the Tecnicos the first fall at 6:43. There’s a lot of stalling before the second fall. Navarro ties up Quackenbush’s legs. Quackenbush tries a crucifix pin but only gets two. Kendo falls into the ring randomly when trying to fire Quackenbush up. Navarro and Quackenbush continue trading holds on the mat, mostly with Navarro targeting the legs. When Claudio and Solar enter, Claudio nails him with a clothesline. Solar armdrags him to the floor. He fakes a dive and poses on the ropes. Ferrari and Kendo take it to the mat. When they stand off Navarro calls for Quackenbush to come back into the ring. Navarro picks up where he left off by going after the legs. He puts some pressure on Quackenbush’s arm. The match is paused to check on Quackenbush, leading to Bryce to make the decision to award the second fall via submission to the Rudos at 19:52. The Rudos take control of Solar in the third fall. Solar out manuevers Navarro and tags in Kendo. He and Ferrari have an exchange. Claudio and Navarro jump in when Ferrari seems to be in trouble. Navarro pounds Kendro in the corner while Claudio and Ferrari attack Quackenbush and Solar on the floor. Navarro elbows Kendo out. Claudio drags Quackenbush in. All the Rudos elbow him in the corner. Solar fights them off. Quackenbush and Kendo come in to even the odds. Quackenbush and Kendo kick Navarro. All the Tecnicos dog pile onto him for the pin at 27:12. Then the match keeps going? Solar crossbody’s onto Claudio. Navarro kicks Solar in the groin. Claudio puts the claw on Quackenbush. Ferrari has Kendo in an arm and neck submission. Quackenbush submits at 27:54 but the kick to the groin has resulted in a DQ making the Tecnicos the winners? I don’t understand Lucha rules at all, apparently, and the action was mostly nonsense outside of the times when Quackenbush was in the ring with either Navarro or Claudio. **

I don’t speak Spanish fluently, but given my little knowledge I believe Quackenbush challenged Navarro to a title vs. hair match after the bell.


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  1. wrsisyphus2 says:

    Lucha tag rules usually mean that there’s a team captain, and if the team captain is pinned, the fall or match is automatically over. The fall/match is also over if the other two guys who aren’t the captain are both pinned.

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