JAPW: Jersey City Rumble

Jersey City, NJ – 2.28.2009

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Myke Quest & Corvis Fear

During the feeling out process, Amasis uses his dance skills to take out Quest. Ophidian makes a blind tag and sends Quest to the floor. Fear goes to check on them and the Portal fake them out on a dive. Ophidian takes down Fear and tries a series of pinfall attempts. The Portal hit some armdrags and Amasis takes Fear down with a hurricanrana. Fear hits a modified Codebreaker to turn things in his and Quest’s favor. Quest and Fear isolate Ophidian and beat him down with a variety of strikes. Ophidian matrixes down so that Quest and Fear hit one another, and takes Quest down with a satellite headscissors. He tags in Amasis who lays out Quest and Fear. Quest and Fear comeback and double team Amasis. Ophidian flies in to prevent further damage. The Portal bring Fear off the top with a Pyramid suplex. The Portal stop their opponents comeback as Amasis drops Fear with the Twist of Funk. They follow up with the Osirian Sacrament and Quest breaks the pin. Quest and Fear hit an assisted ace crusher for the win at 11:31. Both these teams worked pretty smoothly and put on a well-paced match, but it lacked excitement or importance in the long run. It hurt the heat of the match and the match overall, but I still enjoyed what these two teams produced. **1/2

JAPW New Jersey State Championship
Bandido Jr. (Champion) vs. Eddie Kingston

Bandido charges the ring. They brawl to the floor. In the ring Bandido takes Kingston over with a satellite headscissors and a hurricanrana. Bandido gives Kingston a springboard dropkick for two. Kingston chokes Bandido on the middle rope. Kingston powers over the smaller Bandido. Bandido comes back with a tornado DDT. Kingston goes for a powerbomb, but Bandido turns it into a hurricanrana for two. Bandido superkicks Kingston to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Kingston takes Bandido over with a urinage suplex and a powerbomb into the corner. Kingston gives Bandido a yakuza kick and a short-arm lariat for two. Bandido gives Kingston a back cracker for two. Bandido gets a quick comeback before Kingston catches Bandido coming off the top rope with the Backfist to the Future for the win and the title at 10:44. This was a great match and Bandido Jr. impressed me in the first match I have seen him in. Thee two have a few rematches coming up and I actually look forward to seeing what they pull out for those. ***


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