IWA Deep South: Southern Invitational Tournament 2009


Sylacauga, AL – 2.27.2009

Southern Classic Invitational First Round
Soldier Ant vs. Jeff Brooks

Brooks does not like Soldier Ant’s saluting. Soldier Ant takes him down with an armdrag. He tries a saluting headscissors but Brooks reverses into a backbreaker for one. He chokes Soldier Ant with his boot. He stomps his back and chokes him on the bottom rope. Brooks gets another one count with an elbow drop. Another backbreaker results in a two count. Soldier Ant schoolboys Brooks for two. Brooks goes to use his belt. The referee catches him. Soldier Ant schoolboys him again for two. Brooks chokes Soldier Ant with his khakis. Brooks shoves his thumb in his bum while applying an abdominal stretch. Soldier Ant shoves his finger into Brooks’ mouth. He takes Brooks down with a back elbow and double axe handle. He sends Brooks out with a headscissors and suicide dives after him. Back in the ring, Soldier Ant fights out of a suplex attempt. Soldier Ant gets two with a belly-to-back suplex. Brooks takes Soldier Ant off the top with a Frankensteiner. They trade nearfalls. Brooks does the deal with a Falcon Arrow for two. Soldier Ant goes up top. Brooks shoves the referee into the ropes to crotch him. Brooks tries bringing Soldier Ant down but Soldier Ant fights him off. He comes off the top with a diving saluting headbutt for the win at 14:16. There wasn’t much to get into, and the thumb in the bum spot is just an embarrassment. Soldier Ant deserves better. *

Sylacauga, AL – 2.28.2009

Southern Classic Invitational Quarter-Final Round
Soldier Ant vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Michael Elgin

The first person to get pinned is eliminated from the tournament and the other two advance to the semi-finals. Soldier Ant and Taylor begin brawling before Elgin is in the ring. Elgin is tossed out by both guys as soon as he comes in. Taylor and Elgin get in a shoving match on the floor. Soldier Ant pescado’s onto both of them. Elgin forearms Soldier Ant back in the ring. He takes him down with a shoulder tackle for one. He gets two with a powerslam. Soldier Ant slides to the floor and gets in some shots on Taylor. Taylor baits Soldier Ant into a clothesline from Elgin. Taylor punches Soldier Ant on the mat. Elgin and Taylor play “can you top this” with offense on Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant sneaks in a schoolboy on Taylor for two. He shoves Taylor into Elgin. He DDT’s Elgin while giving Taylor a Complete Shot. Soldier Ant knocks Taylor down with a rolling forearm. Elgin absorbs Soldier Ant’s forearms. Soldier Ant comes off the second rope with a saluting diving shoulder tackle. Elgin slams both Soldier Ant and Taylor at the same time. Taylor and Soldier Ant take down Elgin in the corner. Taylor gives Soldier Ant Sole Food for two. Elgin catches Soldier Ant trying to headscissors Taylor. Soldier Ant swings out into a DDT on Elgin. Taylor overhead suplexes Soldier Ant. Elgin superkicks Taylor. He gives him a German suplex before applying the Crossface. Taylor taps out at 7:57. Taylor and Soldier Ant continue fighting after the match. I really appreciate that Taylor and Soldier Ant carried their blood feud into this match. As a CHIKARA fan it made it more interesting, but your familiarity with their rivalry wouldn’t hinder anything if you had no clue about it. The match itself was fine and they worked in some unique spots but nothing wild or unusual. The finish was abrupt too. **¼

Southern Classic Invitational Semi-Final Round
Soldier Ant vs. Sabian

Sabian puts Soldier Ant in a parachute stretch. He wraps his leg around Soldier Ant’s neck. When Soldier Ant grabs his ankle, Sabian gets the ropes and takes a powder. When he comes back in, he slaps Soldier Ant in the corner. A Lucha exchange sees Soldier Ant armdrag Sabian to the floor. He tries a suicide dive but Sabian catches him with a forearm in mid-air. He punts Soldier Ant in the head and slams him on the floor. Sabian only gets a two count back in the ring, so he applies a chinlock. Sabian slingshots into a kick to Soldier Ant’s head. He rams his shoulder into Soldier Ant’s kidneys. He suplexes Soldier Ant and grabs at his mask in a modified Camel Clutch. They trade chops on the floor. Sabian teases throwing Soldier Ant into the crowd but instead brings him back in the ring. Soldier Ant gets two with a sunset flip. Sabian back elbows him. Soldier Ant gets in some forearms but Sabian chops him down. He puts on a rear chinlock. Soldier Ant’s arm drops twice. On the third drop he fires up. He slaps Sabian a few times. A rolling saluting forearm takes him down for a two count. He sends Sabian out and this time the suicide time connects. He lands a high crossbody back in the ring for two. Sabian blocks a suplex. He uses the top rope to DDT Soldier Ant for two. Soldier Ant fights off another DDT, but Sabian rolls him into an STF. Soldier Ant gets the ropes. He shoves Sabian off the top rope. He misses the diving headbutt. Sabian drops Soldier Ant with a brainbuster for two. He puts on the STF and Soldier Ant taps out at 16:17. These two showed how well they could work together in CHIKARA and we saw that chemistry again here. Both guys got to show what they’re made of and Sabian looked strong in his victory. **¾


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