Motive, Means, Opportunity


Easton, PA – 2.21.2009

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason, Louden Noxious, Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg, Jimmy ‘Equinox’ Olsen, Eddie Kingston, UltraMantis Black, and Chuck Taylor.

Louden Noxious opens the show with a song about King of Trios, which is next month!

Eddie Kingston is sitting with Brodie Lee and Grizzly Redwood. Kingston says it irks him that they have to qualify to get into the biggest tournament in CHIKARA. He’s been in the company for six years. He and Brodie have been the top guys. Kingston feels they should be in automatically. He says it’s been one injustice after another. Kingston plans to knock everyone down, Redwood’s going to chop them down, and Lee is going to run over whatever is left. Together, this team is known as the Roughnecks.

King of Trios 2009 Qualifying Match
Eddie Kingston {R}, Brodie Lee {R} & Grizzly Redwood {R} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT}, Crossbones {ONT} & Sami Callihan

Mantis and Kingston surprise the audience and themselves by engaging in some Lucha. They decide to tag in Lee and Callihan who aggressively lock up. Lee runs through a chop and shoulder tackles Callihan. They trade forearms and chops. Callihan ducks a boot and forearms Lee to the floor. He knocks down Redwood with a forearm. Crossbones body blocks Redwood. Redwood knocks out his leg and double axe handles him in the back. Redwood slams Mantis and Callihan as they run in. He fails to get Crossbones up for a slam. Crossbones slams him into an elbow drop for two. He lands a Vader senton splash. The Order and Callihan continue to beat down Redwood until he chops out Mantis’ legs and tags in Lee. He chops up Mantis in the corner, leading to the Roughnecks beating Mantis down for awhile. Redwood misses a falling headbutt. Callihan tags in. He avoids Lee’s big boot and gives him an exploder suplex. He blocks Kingston’s lariat and hits one of his own. Mantis and Crossbones double flapjack Redwood into a lungblower from Callihan. Lee breaks up the pin and pitches Crossbones and Callihan to the floor. He and Kingston toss Redwood into Mantis. Kingston yakuza kicks him and Lee big boots him. They double chokeslam Mantis. Redwood gets rocket launched onto Mantis. Crossbones breaks the pin. Callihan and Kingston trade slaps to the face. Kingston Backfists Callihan into Lee’s big boot. Lee pins Callihan at 13:53. This was a nice debut for the Roughnecks as a trio. They got to show how formidable they could be as a team, but Callihan meshed really well with the Order too. It was a unique match-up. Like I said with last night’s Trios qualifier, it’s a shame both teams couldn’t be in the tournament. Mantis punches Callihan and says he’s not worthy enough to be in the Order afterwards. ***

Ophidian was supposed to face Worker Ant, but of course, after being destroyed by F.I.S.T. last night, he is in no condition to compete. Leonard F. Chikarason brings out a suitable replacement: Frightmare!

Frightmare {I} vs. Ophidian {OP}

Ophidian brings Frightmare to the mat in a side headlock. Frightmare escapes, but Ophidian snapmares him right back into it. Ophidian avoids a dropkick and an armdrag and applies a wristlock. Frightmare front flips out and drop toe holds Ophidian into a leg lock. He double wrist clutch drags Ophidian. A Lucha exchange leads to Frightmare landing a crossbody from the second rope. He sends Ophidian out with a step-up Frankensteiner. Ophidian catches Frightmare ascending the ropes and brings him down with a sunset powerbomb. He puts on a legged full nelson. Frightmare small packages him for two. Ophidian headstands right into a headbutt to the kidney. He nails a slingshot senton. Frightmare misses a crossbody. Ophidian Skins the Snake into a headscissors. He places his body weight on Frightmare’s neck and back. Frightmare fights out, so Ophidian turns it over for a pin and gets two. Frightmare lands an enzuigiri. He clotheslines Ophidian to the floor and follows with a somersault senton off the top rope! In the ring he gets two with the Kneecolepsy. Ophidian misses a double knee attack, but nails Frightmare in the side of the head with a spin kick. He goes for the Death Grip. Frightmare uses the turnbuckle to escape and gets two with a crucifix pin. He tries a prawn hold. Ophidian reverses it into a reverse prawn hold for the pin at 9:59. Ophidian looked very strong as a singles wrestler. Frightmare continues to look better and better with each match, and these two were actually very good foils for one another. **½

Sara Del Rey & Sassy Stephie vs. Daizee Haze & Hailey Hatred

Stephie brings down Haze in an armdrag. Sara kicks Haze’s arm as Stephie extends it. Sara does more damage to the arm. Haze knees Sara in the stomach and tags in Hatred. She stomps Sara down and chokes her in the corner. Sara tosses her across the ring by her hair and stomps and chokes Hatred herself. Stephie and Sara double dropkick her for one. Hatred fights off Stephie’s DDT attempt and nails a lariat. Hatred and Haze wear down Stephie. Stephie slips out of Hatred’s backbreaker attempt and tags in Sara. Hatred absorbs Sara’s strikes, so Sara gives her a running boot. He goes for the Royal Butterfly. Hatred whips her to the corner. She traps Haze’s foot in the ropes and Koppu kicks Hatred. Sara brings in Haze and throws her into Hatred. Stephie crossbody’s Hatred for two. Haze Heart punches Sara and kicks her in the side of the head. Haze trips Stephie. Hatred gives her a Saito suplex. Sara breaks the pin. Sara schoolyard trips Hatred over Stephie. Haze and Stephie get sent to the floor. Sara gives Hatred the Royal Butterfly suplex for the pin at 7:32. Not much to see here. Just a women’s tag match for the sake of novelty. It was fine but totally inconsequential. *

Lince Dorado {TFN} vs. Escorpion Egipcio {TFN}

Dorado ducks Egipcio’s clotheslines while throwing chops in the process. He climbs the ropes in a double knuckle lock and brings down Egipcio with a neck-tie headscissors. More chops are thrown. Egipcio applies a courting hold. Dorado uses the ropes to turn it into an armdrag. He kicks Egipcio from the apron and comes in with a springboard Frankensteiner. Egipcio tosses Dorado off of his shoulders. He turns Dorado inside out with a clothesline. He slams Dorado for a two count. Dorado tries fighting back with chops. Egipcio ends up on the apron. Dorado enzuigiri’s him to the floor and comes off the top with a crossbody. Back in the ring he hits a Lynxsault for two. Egipcio catches him in a full nelson facebuster. Dorado evades some offense and gets in some kicks. He cannonball sentons Egipcio in the corner. Dorado tries another springboard Frankensteiner. Egipcio catches him and powerbombs him for the pin at 7:44. Not sure why but the crowd was pretty dead for this. It seemed like an unnecessary chapter in the feud between these two teams, and not exactly one people were dying to see. It was okay I guess. **

Icarus says that F.I.S.T. are now Gods of wrestling. He says it’s not a coincidence that they’re facing The Colony tonight and took out one of their partners yesterday. They’re going to eliminate all of their competition. Taylor says it’s simple: there used to be three Colony members, now there are two. He says after tonight, there may not be any of them left.

Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. Icarus {F} & Chuck Taylor {F}

As expected, the fight spills to the floor right away. Taylor chokes Fire Ant with his own shirt. Icarus drives Soldier Ant back first into the ring post. Fire Ant pops off the apron and armdrags Taylor onto the hard floor. He tries a Frankensteiner. Taylor fights it off and gives Fire Ant a superkick and back elbow on the ring apron. Icarus suicide dives onto him. Soldier Ant then dives onto Icarus. Taylor tope con hilo’s onto everyone. In the ring Icarus suplexes Fire Ant and chokes him. He and Taylor isolate him from Soldier Ant, but Fire Ant slips out after a F.I.S.T. double suplex. Soldier Ant jumps in but loses to the numbers game fairly quickly. Soldier Ant slides out after Taylor boots him into a back cracker from Icarus. Fire Ant kicks Taylor to the floor. Icarus stops his dive. He gives Fire Ant the Blu-Ray. After Taylor fiddles with Fire Ant’s mask, Icarus stretches out his arms and goes for a backslide. Taylor accidentally boots Icarus. Fire Ant Burns Down the House on Taylor while coming down on Icarus with a splash. Soldier Ant forearms both of them. He Samoan Drops Taylor. Soldier Ant kicks Icarus and gives him a Backdrop Driver for two. He slams Taylor onto Icarus. F.I.S.T. falls victim to Revenge of the Ants. They give Icarus the Ants Marching neckbreaker for two. Fire Ant and Taylor exchange chops. Taylor gives him Sole Food. Fire Ant then eats F.I.S.T. Kicks. Soldier Ant headscissors Taylor. Fire Ant gives Taylor a fireman’s carry off the top. Soldier Ant shoves Icarus away and hits a super diving headbutt on Taylor for two. Fire Ant comes off the apron with the Yahtzee Kick to Taylor. Soldier Ant fights out of the Blu-Ray. With referee Nick Papagiorgio on the ground, Icarus pulls off Soldier Ant’s mask! Fire Ant kicks Icarus low and Taylor kicks Fire Ant low! Papagiorgio calls for the bell at 12:20, ruling the bout a double disqualification. This really kicked up the aggression in the feud and made it more personal. The hatred was palpable once the match was over and the action in the match was very good. Unlike Egipcio vs. Dorado, this was a chapter in the feud that people wanted to see and delivered. ***¼

Tim Donst {SD}, Hydra {SD} & Create-A-Wrestler vs. Vin Gerard {U}, STIGMA {U} & Colin Delaney {U}

Donst and STIGMA have to be held back before the bell. Donst goes to attack him on the apron while Delaney and him start off as the legal men. STIGMA avoids the attack. Delaney escapes a German suplex but takes a belly-to-belly suplex and a fireman’s carry takedown. Donst’s second German suplex pays off. STIGMA attacks Donst from behind. Wrestler sneaks in and rolls STIGMA up for two. He also gets two with a slingshot Oklahoma Roll. He backdrops STIGMA who then rolls out. Gerard and Hydra tag in. Gerard mocks Hydra’s physique. Hydra double chops him in the corner. Gerard forearms him in the back repeatedly. He misses a corner splash. Hydra stomps on his foot and slams him. He gets two with a legdrop. He calls for a gorilla press slam. Gerard slides out. Donst stops Gerard from delivering the 2k1 Bomb. This brings in the other men. The Sea Donsters and Wrestler triple suplex the UnStable. They all dropkick the UnStable to the floor. Donst and Hydra get their dives cut off. Delaney dives onto Donst. STIGMA boots Wrestler and drives his knee into his back. Delaney and Gerard beat down the Donsters on the floor so Wrestler can be targeted by the UnStable back in the ring. Wrestler pops up Gerard into a spinebuster, allowing him to tag in Donst. He back elbows STIGMA and drops him with a running STO. Donst sends Gerard to the floor and hits STIGMA with the Donst Cap. Donst then jumps out onto Gerard on the floor. Wrestler comes off the apron with a somersault plancha onto STIGMA. Hydra drops Delaney with his hooking clothesline. He splashes Delaney for two. Delaney takes Hydra down with a flying forearm. He tunes up the band. Hydra ducks Sweet Chin Music and puts on the Hydralock. Delaney counters it into the Attitude Adjustment for the pin at 11:19. This accomplished two things; it set up the UnStable for King of Trios as they won two trios matches on back to back nights and continued to fuel the fire between Donst and STIGMA. It was actually just as good as last night’s match, which speaks highly of Hydra and Wrestler since they were able to stand in for Quackenbush and Jigsaw and provide the same level of quality. **¾

Claudio Castagnoli says he broke the Kings of Wrestling, and tonight, he’s going to break former member Gran Akuma.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Gran Akuma {F}

Claudio cleanly breaks a lock-up in the corner. Akuma tries an overhand chop. Instead, Claudio has a violence party. He snapmares Akuma for a one count. Claudio grabs an ankle pick. Akuma turns it into a headlock. Claudio reverses it. Akuma puts on a headscissors. Claudio reverses that. Claudio twists up Akuma’s neck with his feet and thighs. He suplexes Akuma for two. He deadlifts Akuma into a gutwrench suplex for two. Claudio tries delivering ten punches in the corner. Akuma drops him down and dropkicks Claudio’s neck into the second turnbuckle. He applies a seated abdominal stretch. He reapplies it while they’re standing, turning it into a mouse trap pin for two. Claudio suplexes his way out of a front facelock. Akuma however sole butt kicks Claudio and chokes him in the corner to keep control. Claudio throws some uppercuts. Akuma evades a corner attack and enzuigiri’s Claudio from the apron. Claudio uppercuts Akuma to the floor and sends Akuma into the crowd with a suicide dive. He high crossbody’s Akuma back in the ring for two. Akuma fights out of the Ricola Bomb. Claudio gives him a straight jacket German suplex instead. Akuma blocks the Match Killer with a fallaway kick. Claudio uses uppercuts to block the Falcon Arrow. Akuma spikes him with a tornado DDT for two. He slips out of Claudio’s Alpamare Waterslide attempt but takes an armdrag. Akuma tries the Cascading Yoshi Tonic. Claudio slips out and blasts Akuma with Swiss Chin Music for two. After some knee strikes he tries the Ricola Bomb. Akuma counters mid-air with the Yoshi Tonic for two. He then Kiwi rolls Claudio to dizzy him, but he still only gets two when he goes for a pin. Both dizzy, Claudio Giant Swings Akuma. Akuma grabs the bottom rope to stop the pin. He sole butt kicks Claudio. After a fallaway kick he drops Claudio with a brainbuster. Akuma gets two with a frog splash. He misses a moonsault. Claudio pulls out the Steiner Screwdriver for the pin at 14:44. Akuma doesn’t get much time to shine in singles competition these days, but he looked fantastic here against Claudio. They wrestled a smart match showing their familiarity with one another, causing Claudio to have to resort to a move he never uses to eventually get the pin. There were lots of great moments and believable nearfalls, but mainly it was just a really solid back and forth match where both men came out looking strong. ***½

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Cheech Hernandez & KC ‘Cloudy’ Day

This was originally scheduled for “New Star Navigation” back in the Fall of 2007 but did not come to pass. Cheech armdrags Jigsaw to the floor. Quackenbush sits down to stop Cheech’s Irish whip. He comes up with a forearm. Cheech rolls Quackenbush into a pendulum stretch. Cheech turns that into a reverse parachute stretch. Quackenbush puts Cloudy in a courting hold. Cloudy arm whips him. He accidentally forearms Cheech and assists Quackenbush with a double stomp to Cheech. Quackenbush takes Cloudy down with an alita and a running elbow strike. Jigsaw somersault sentons onto Cloudy while Quackenbush tope con hilo’s onto Cheech. Jigsaw rolls Cloudy into a back senton for two. He suplexes Cloudy into a slingshot senton from Quackenbush. Jigsaw slingshots into a double stomp. Cloudy armdrags both of them to the floor. He dives out onto Jigsaw. Cheech Fozberry Flops onto Quackenbush. Cheech and Cloudy team up on Jigsaw back in the ring while Quackenbush recovers. Jigsaw is launched into Cloudy by Cheech accidentally. Quackenbush dropkicks Cheech to the floor. He pulls Cloudy in for a backbreaker. He and Jigsaw work over Cloudy’s back. Cloudy catches Jigsaw with an Ace Crusher and tags in Cheech. He dropkicks Jigsaw out. Quackenbush chops him in the back. Cheech Superman spears him in the corner and gets two with a fisherman’s suplex. Jigsaw enzuigiri’s Cheech into Quackenbush’s inside cradle for two. He and Cloudy give Quackenbush a tandem Roll of the Dice. The Tidal Wave gets them two. They give Jigsaw the ST-Oh Snap for two. Quackenbush palm strikes Cheech to stop their tandem offense. Jigsaw gives Cloudy a torture rack bomb. Quackenbush lifts him up into a backpack stunner. Cheech breaks the pin. Jigsaw sends Cheech to the floor. He catches Cloudy’s crossbody attempt and goes for a Jig N’ Tonic. Cheech double stomps Jigsaw’s back, allowing Cloudy to reverse into a Yoshi Tonic! Quackenbush makes the save at the last second. He superkicks Cheech after a reverse cannonball. Quackenbush Frankensteiner’s Cheech. Cloudy spikes Jigsaw with a reverse Frankensteiner. Quackenbush flips Cloudy over into a piledriver. He puts him away with the Quackendriver IV for the pin at 14:18. As one would expect, this was really exciting and action packed. They had some really fun counters and made the match really unique. One of the most fun non-title tag matches in CHIKARA history, probably. ***½

Jimmy Olsen is looking at his Equinox mask. He says he first wore the mask to get the mental edge on Vin Gerard. He finally did so and took the thing that means the most to him: the Young Lions Cup. Olsen thought he’d be ready to get rid of the mask once that feud was done, but he’s had the most success of his career (Lethal Lottery, Cibernetico, Young Lions Cup) as Equinox. He says there is no better revenge than making Equinox a bigger star than Gerard could or ever will be. Olsen starts that tonight by taking out Amasis.

Young Lions Cup
Jimmy ‘Equinox’ Olsen {TFN} (Champion) vs. Amasis {OP}

Amasis drives his shoulder into Equinox’s stomach in the corner. Equinox responds with chops. He leg trips Amasis. They switch hip toss attempts until Amasis clotheslines Equinox. He chokes Equinox on the middle rope and takes him over with a suplex for two. Equinox takes Amasis over with a Frankensteiner and dropkicks Amasis to the floor. Amasis takes control on the floor by sending Equinox into the ring steps and stomping him. Equinox misses a chop against the ring post. Amasis lands a clothesline and brings Equinox back in the ring. He chokes Equinox on the bottom rope. Equinox fights out of a front facelock. He blasts Amasis with a haymaker. Amasis reverses an Irish whip into a clothesline. Equinox spikes Amasis with a reverse Frankensteiner. He gives Amasis another right hand and a backdrop for two. Equinox crossbdy’s Amasis in the corner. He gets two with a missile dropkick. He misses his second corner crossbody attempt. Amasis slingshots in from the apron with a DDT. Equinox comes back with an enzuigiri. Amasis fires up and gives Equinox a Saito suplex. Equinox superkicks Amasis leaving both men laying. Equinox tries a Frankensteiner. Amasis catches him and lifts him up into a neckbreaker across his knee. On the floor, Equinox drives Amasis head first into the floor with a low Frankensteiner. He rolls Amasis back in the ring for a two count. Amasis accidentally knocks down Bryce Remsburg with a springboard shoulder tackle. Equinox sweeps out Amasis’ legs and hits a standing shooting star press. Ophidian sneaks out. Lince Dorado comes in and neutralizes Ophidian with a superkick and suicide dive. Escorpion Egipcio runs in. Equinox tries to give him a Frankensteiner, but Egipcio powerbombs him instead. Amasis covers Equinox. Bryce recovers and makes the count. Equinox kicks out at two. Amasis goes for That Move I Beat Moses With. Equinox counters with a prawn hold for the pin at 14:57. The interference was a little unnecessary but it didn’t take away from the action either. They had a solid back and forth encounter, but nothing really special that would stand out as being a “main event level” contest. ***


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