Philadelphia, PA – 2.14.2009

CZW Championship – No Rope Barbed Wire Match
Drake Younger (Champion) vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston is accompanied by BLK Out members Sabian, Robbie Mireno, Ruckus, and Chrissy Rivera. Both men lock up, bringing each other into the barbed wire ropes. Kingston gets a piece of the wire stuck in his jeans. Younger chops Kingston with the wire in hand. Younger and Kingston each try top hip toss the other into the wire. Drake takes some of it and digs it into Kingston’s forehead. Younger takes of Kingston’s wife beater and rakes the wire across his back. Younger headbutts the wire into Kingston’s head. Kingston pokes Younger in the eyes. Younger picks up Kingston and slams him back first into the barbed wire ropes for a two count. Younger avoids an Irish whip, but Kingston hits a knee lift that causes Younger to fall back first into the wire. Kingston applies a side headlock on the mat while punching Younger in the forehead. Kingston digs the wire into Younger’s forehead. Kingston brings a steel chair into the ring and suplexes Younger on it for two. Younger and Kingston trade chops. Kingston pokes Younger in the eyes again. Kingston crotches Younger on the barbed wire. Younger nails Kingston with a chair shot. Younger drops Kingston on the chair with a pump-handle Death Valley Driver for two. Younger calls for the Drake’s Landing. Kingston fights out, but Younger takes him over with a half-nelson suplex. Kingston drops Younger stomach first on the barbed wire. Kingston hits a Sliding D variation for two. Mireno uses wire clippers to cut off the barbed wire from one side of the ring while Kingston shoves Younger’s face into barbed wire. Kingston applies a Camel Clutch. The BLK Out set up a barbed wire board on top of some chairs on the floor. Younger avoids being thrown through it, but Kingston nails him with a lariat. Younger recovers and drops Kingston through the barbed wire board with a Death Valley Driver! Younger throws Kingston back in the ring and only gets a two count. Younger ducks a Backfist and drops Kingston on a barbed wire board with the Drake’s Landing for the pin at 15:51. This was a pretty good brawl, with the last two barbed wire spots coming off really well. The fans responded positively throughout the entire bout and appreciated the damage both men were willing to take. I’m not big on matches like this, but these two did a good job. ***1/4


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