F1RST Wrestling: Friday the 30th


Minneapolis, MN – 1.30.2009

Hallowicked vs. Nate Bash

Hallowicked grabs Bash by his hair and pulls him to the corner to escape a wristlock. He pulls the hair again to escape a side headlock. Bash grabs Hallowicked by his stem and mares him over. Bash rolls him into a Skayde schoolboy, then a regular schoolboy, both for two, causing Hallowicked to let off some steam ringside. He pulls Bash to the corner by his hair and brings him off the top with a super snapmare. Bash rolls through and comes back with a triumvirate of armdrags. Bash follows Hallowicked outside with a pescado. He tries to slingshot back into the ring, but is caught mid-air with a boot to the stomach from Hallowicked. After another kick, Hallowicked lands a sidewalk slam. When Bash elbows him in the stomach, Hallowicked yanks him down by his hair. After some strikes on the mat, Hallowicked hits a senton splash for two. Bash stops Hallowicked’s charges in the corner. However, Hallowicked cracks him with a yakuza kick for two. Bash fights out of a headlock, but once again Hallowicked uses his hair against him. Bash trips Hallowicked throat first across the bottom rope and hits a slingshot boot to the side of the head. Bash springboard splashes across Hallowicked’s back for two. Hallowicked comes back with Go 2 Sleepy Hollow for a nearfall. Bash ducks the yakuza kick but is caught with the Graveyard Smash. Bash weaves under a whip and gives Hallowicked a snapmare driver for two. He goes up top only for Hallowicked to cut him off. Hallowicked hits the super fisherman’s buster, but upon landing, Bash hooks his legs and gets the pin with a cradle at 10:27! At this time, Hallowicked was tearing it up as a Tecnico in CHIKARA, so it was a fun novelty to see him return to his Rudo roots, especially against someone as beloved by the Minnesota crowd as Bash. Eeking out the win in the end was a perfect way to end the encounter and get under Hallowicked’s skin. Fun match. **½

Lince Dorado vs. Arik Cannon

This is a rematch from “In The Armory Now.” Cannon apparently has the flu and an 102 degree temperature going into this match. Cannon takes Dorado to the mat in an overhead wristlock. This leads to some armdrags. Cannon uses a courting hold to send Dorado outside. Back in the ring, Dorado ducks a boot and rolls up from the mat with a headscissors. He shoulder blocks Cannon from the apron before springboarding in with a standing Thesz Press. He headscissors Cannon to the floor and feigns a dive. Cannon uses chops to take over. He dropkicks Dorado in the back of the head for two. He also gets two with a brainbuster. Cannon rakes his eyes after some more chops. Dorado ducks a back elbow and Frankensteiner’s him over the top rope. Dorado forcefully suicide dives onto Cannon, almost sending himself head first into the floor. Dorado now finds himself on the offensive with chops. Cannon sneaks in a punch, but Dorado keeps on top of him with a leaping back elbow in the opposite corner. Cannon blocks a clothesline and turns Dorado inside out with a German suplex. A strike exchange ends with a tornado DDT from Dorado. He lands a quebrada for two. Cannon avoids a moonsault press and turns Dorado inside out with a lariat. He spikes Dorado with a Saito suplex for two. Cannon calls for a brainbuster. He hits it, but again Dorado gets his shoulder up before the three count. So, Cannon decides to try for a super brainbuster. Dorado headbutts him down and hits a shooting star press for two. Dorado goes up top. This time, Cannon cracks him with a haymaker and brings Dorado down with the super brainbuster. The Glimmering Warlock gets Cannon the pin at 14:03. This was a nice follow up to their first match, with a bit more aggression and little things to show a growing familiarity amongst the competitors. ***

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Darin Corbin & Ryan Cruz

Corbin takes control with a wristlock and headlock. Amasis dances into a throat jab to Corbin. Amasis holds tightly onto a side headlock. Corbin flips him off, does a little of his own dancing, and gives Amasis his own shot to the throat, while also popping Ophidian on the apron. Corbin clotheslines Amasis into the corner. Cruz follows up with a dropkick. Corbin and Cruz hit Shell Shock on Ophidian. The Portal retreat on the floor, then sneak back in when Cruz and Corbin have their backs turned and attack them. They hit Cruz with the Slave Initiation. Corbin saves Cruz from the apron. He throws repeated jabs to Ophidian in the corner. Ophidian escapes and Amasis holds him so he can hypnotize Corbin. The Portal hit him with Mummification for two. The Portal wear down Corbin in their corner while keeping Cruz at bay. Corbin escapes an assisted splash from Ophidian. Ophidian bails in pain, and Corbin rolls away from Amasis, finally tagging in Cruz. He nails Amasis with a spinwheel kick and a belly-to-belly suplex. Corbin calls for Cruz Control. Ophidian dropkicks Corbin to stop him. The Portal lay out Cruz with the Pyramid suplex. Even though he kicks out, Cruz finds himself trapped in the Portal corner as Corbin recovers outside. Cruz is able to duck under some tandem offense and wipe out the Portal with a moonsault block, giving enough time to tag in Corbin. He clotheslines Ophidian to the floor and suicide dives onto him after ducking a clothesline from Amasis. Cruz headscissors Amasis off the apron onto Ophidian and Corbin! In the ring, Cruz stops Corbin from being hypnotized with a Code Breaker! He assists with Corbin with the Everlasting Gobstopper in the corner. Cruz tries Boom Shaka-Laka on Ophidian, but Ophidian fights out. He hits Chocolate Rain on Corbin, serving him up to Amasis for That Move I Beat Moses With. Corbin finds the strength to kick out. Amasis wheelbarrows Ophidian up into a back senton. The Portal hit the Osirian Sacrament. Cruz breaks up the pin. Cruz steps off of Ophidian into a swinging DDT to Amasis. He hits Boom Shaka-Laka on Ophidian. Cruz Control gets the North Star Express the win at 17:42. This was a fun, energetic match with a story. For showcase matches, that’s all you need. I miss Cruz and Corbin. ***¼


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