JAPW: Wild Card 5

Rahway, NJ – 1.24.2009

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Monsta Mack & Havok

Ophidian uses his snake like agility to take out Mack. Amasis hops in with a deep armdrag and Ophidian gives Mack one of his own. Havok tags in and Amasis dances his way around Havok’s offense. Ophidian hops in with a crossbody. Mack comes in and the Portal hypnotize him. Havok comes in and German suplexes them both at the same time. The Heavy Hitters toss Ophidian in the air and he crashes down. Ophidian continues to be muscled over the Mack and Havok. Amasis comes in, and Havok and Mack throw Ophidian and Amasis into each other with tandem gorilla presses. They go right back to beating down Ophidian, but Ophidian makes a comeback with a double knees to the chest of Mack. Amasis finally tags in. He takes down Mack with a scissors kick for two. Mack forearms Amasis as he goes for a springboard. Amasis kicks Mack in the side of the head and slingshots into a DDT. Ophidian gives Havok a missile dropkick. The Portal head up top and hit stereo 450 splashes on their foes for two. Ophidian hypnotizes Mack once again. “Beat It” by Michael Jackson hits the PA, and The Portal do the dance with an in-trance Monsta Mack. Havok comes in and spears Amasis to the floor. Mack slams Ophidian and goes to the second rope. Ophidian rolls up looking for a hurricanrana. Mack turns him around into a Greetings From Brooklyn off the second rope for the pin at 9:28. For two big guys, Mack and Havok are actually quite agile and pretty good. This was the Portal’s JAPW debut, and they certainly did a good job getting over with the crowd. **3/4

Eddie Kingston vs. Kevin Steen vs. Archadia vs. Dan Maff

The winner of this match is the #1 Contender for the New Jersey State Title. Steen and Archadia attack Kingston and Maff as they circle one another, but get disposed quickly. Steen comes in and lays in some shots to Kingston. Kingston gives him a belly-to-belly suplex, sending Steen to the floor. Archadia shoots Maff into the guardrail then comes in to fight Kingston. He gives him a shining knee, sending him to the floor. Maff shoots Steen to the guardrail and Maff comes in to fight Archadia. Maff gives Archadia a gorilla press and a senton across the back. Kingston peppers Steen with shots and Archadia attacks Kingston from behind. Steen and Archadia double team Kingston until Maff comes back in and attacks him. He hits a cannonball senton on Steen while Kingston cracks Archadia with a yakuza kick. Kingston and Maff trade blows in the middle of the ring. Maff blocks the backfist and Kingston blocks a suplex. Maff German suplexes Kingston and Steen at once. Archadia comes in with a springboard dropkick to the back of Maff’s neck. Kingston strikes Archadia. Archadia lands a scissors kick for two. Steen drops Archadia with a neck breaker over his knee. Maff drops Steen with a burning hammer and Archadia and Kingston pull out the referee. Maff dives onto Archadia and Kingston sneaks in to pin Steen at 6:44. This was alright for the amount of time given, but it seemed like it was all over the place and had little cohesion. Kingston sneaking in for the win was a cool finish though and what they did looked food. **1/4


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