Velocity Pro: Bad Santa


Philadelphia, PA – 12.20.2008

Hallowicked vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Hallowicked ducks a clothesline and lands an armdrag. Claudio claims Hallowicked grabbed his tights, which is just not true. Claudio pulls Hallowicked back an elbows him in the kidney. Claudio German rolls him for two. Hallowicked wrenches on a courting hold. Hallowicked armdrags him down while keeping the hold applied. Hallowicked armdrags him over as Claudio comes close to breaking the hold. Claudio baits Hallowicked into a boot by asking for a handshake. Hallowicked replies with a double clutch armdrag and a regular one. Claudio ducks a crossbody and clotheslines Hallowicked down. Claudio elbows Hallowicked in the kidney once more. Claudio works over Hallowicked’s neck and upper back. Claudio delivers a tilt-a-whiel backbreaker for two. He hits a back suplex for two. Claudio misses an uppercut in the corner, allowing Hallowicked to hit a step-up Frankensteiner. Hallowicked delivers punches in the corner. Hallowicked lands a crossbody for two. Hallowicked monkey flips Claudio and goes for a second. Claudio blocks with a Manhattan drop. He pins Hallowicked with his feet on the rope for the win at 8:14. A sour finish to a very disappointing match. This was kept basic to the point of being boring. *


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