FIP: Unstoppable 2008


Crystal River, FL – 12.20.2008

Gran Akuma vs. Brett Thunder

Akuma headstands his way out of a side headlock. He puts Thunder in a standing hammerlock horse collar, then an Octopus stretch. Akuma wraps his leg around Thunder’s neck. Thunder gets his foot on the ropes. Thunder drives Akuma arm first into the canvas. He then focuses his attack on Akuma’s arm and neck. Akuma sneaks in a sunset flip for two. They knock each other down with simultaneous boots. They take turns kicking each others’ legs. Akuma wins the exchange with a sole butt and fallaway kick. Thunder avoids the Falcon Arrow. He rolls up Akuma and holds his tights for two. Akuma kicks Thunder in the corner. Thunder headbutts Akuma off the top rope. Thunder cartwheels down. Akuma rolls him up into the Rubix Cube for the pin at 7:41. Not a bad opener. Akuma got to look strong, but there was nothing much to the action. *½

Jigsaw vs. Shawn Osborne

Osborne jumps Jigsaw before the bell. He gets one with a suplex. Jigsaw crossbody’s Osborne and applies a chinlock. He shoulder tackles Osborne down. Osborne counters Jigsaw’s hip toss with a clothesline. He chops Jigsaw in the corner. Osborne stomps him down and drops a series of elbows. He stretches Jigsaw out across his knee. Jigsaw fights out. He sends Osborne to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Back in the ring Jigsaw comes off the top with a double stomp to the back. He gets two with an enzuigiri. Osborne hot shots Jigsaw on the top rope. He nails a high knee strike. Jigsaw fights Osborne off the ropes. He misses a double stomp. Osborne blocks a superkick. He spears Jigsaw. Jigsaw slides out of a suplex position. He prawn holds Osborne for the pin at 6:39. Jigsaw looked great flying around and fighting back from whatever Osborne threw at him. It’s a shame Jigsaw never really took off in FIP, but what can you do? **¼


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