FIP: Melbourne Meltdown II


Melbourne, FL – 12.19.2008

Jigsaw vs. Gran Akuma vs. Shawn Osborne

Osborne clobbers Jigsaw and tosses him to the floor. Akuma kicks out Osborne’s left leg. He puts on a standing Octopus stretch. Osborne gets the ropes. Akuma gets two with a headscissors. Jigsaw and Akuma give Osborne a double hip toss and stereo dropkicks. Jigsaw takes down Akuma with a quesadora armdrag. Jigsaw comes off of Akuma’s shoulders with another armdrag. Akuma catches him with a horse collar. Osborne breaks it up and kicks Akuma to the floor. He chops and clotheslines Jigsaw in the corner. Jigsaw crossbody’s Osborne for two. Same goes for a backslide. Jigsaw and Akuma fight over a pin after Jigsaw backdrops Osborne. As Osborne charges they both drop toe hold him. Osborne clotheslines them both. He pitches Jigsaw out. He suplexes Akuma for two. He slams Jigsaw and heads up top. Akuma catches Osborne. He and Jigsaw bring him down with a double superplex. Akuma and Jigsaw each give Osborne punches and kicks. Both Jigsaw and Akuma go to the top rope and begin fighting one another. Jigsaw knocks down Osborne who tries to climb up. Akuma hangs Jigsaw in a tree of woe, then frogsplashes onto Osborne for the pin at 8:51. They told a solid story, though the action was basic. What I took away from this is that Jigsaw and Akuma make a fun team and could be a fun duo. **¼


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