ROH: Southern Hostility


Nashville, TN – 12.6.2008

Originally it was supposed to be Davey Richards and Bobby Dempsey representing Sweet N’ Sour Inc., but since he thinks Dempsey is a waste of space and he blew his chance to face Japanese talent in New York for Final Battle, Sweeney will take his place.

Larry Sweeney & Davey Richards vs. Erick Stevens & Brent Albright

Albright knocks Sweeney off the apron. Stevens and Albright boot down Richards in the corner. They double shoulder block Richards for a two count. Albright gets the same result with a back elbow. Stevens gives Richards a backbreaker. Albright comes off the top with an elbow to his throat. Richards rakes Albright’s eyes. Albright responds with a suplex for two. Stevens and Richards trade strikes. Stevens pummels him with forearms. Sweeney knees Stevens from the apron and snaps his neck across the top rope. Richards drives Stevens arm first into the canvas. On the floor Sweeney gets in some punches. Richards continues to work over his arm back in the ring. Sweeney gets in some shots of his own and tags out when Stevens looks to get on offense so Richards can take over. Stevens manages to block a kick from Richards and hoists him up into a short-arm lariat. Albright tags in and chops up Richards. He dropkicks him. Richards gives Albright a chinbreaker. He tags Sweeney while Sweeney is distracted. He looks terrified as Albright tosses him in from the apron. Sweeney backs into Stevens, causing him and Albright to volley Sweeney between them with forearms. Richards looks to save but accidentally clotheslines Sweeney and takes his place in the forearm exchange. Albright and Stevens double backdrop Richards. They deliver simultaneous ten punches to Sweeney and Richards. They throw Sweeney and Richards into one another. Richards is accidentally thrown into referee Todd Sinclair. Richards disposes of Stevens on the floor. Sweeney goes to hit Albright with a chair but accidentally hits Richards. Albright dropkicks Sweeney and pins Richards for the win at 11:17. This was a decent chapter in the Sweet N’ Sour Inc. vs. Strong/Stevens/Albright feud, but not much of substance happened. Richards got to look strong essentially facing two men by himself but that’s about it. **


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