Elite Pro: Demolition Cup


Oak Forest, IL – 11.8.2008

Helios vs. Jason Hades

Helios has on an all black Rey Mysterio mask for some reason. C-Red is also in his corner. He kicks Hades arm away out of a wristlock. He puts Hades in a surfboard variant, transitioning into a side headlock. Hades fights out but Helios shoulder blocks him down. Helios lands on his feet out of a monkey flip. Hades evades a quesadora armdrag. Hades attempts some quick pins. He delivers some kicks while Helios is grounded. He gets two with a quick elbow drop. He applies a bodyscissors. Helios gets the ropes. Hades misses a corner elbow. Helios hits him with a cannonball splash. He follows up with a dropkick for two. Helios drops a couple of his own elbows. He does a standing moonsault off of Hades’ back, then to his back, but Hades manages to kick out. Helios sends Hades to the floor and follows with a Space Flying Tiger Drop. Back in the ring, Hades slips out of a suplex. Helios kicks him in the back, and Hades Pele kicks him. After some more pin attempts are traded, Helios spins out Hades into a facebuster. Hades catches Helios with a Ranhei pin for two. Helios sends him to the corner and hits a tiger feint kick. The Sky is Falling follows. Hades kicks out. Hades drops Helios across the second rope and double stomps his back. Helios reverses an attack with a tornado DDT. Hades forearms Helios’ back as they fight for control on the ropes. Helios goes for a super Frankensteiner. Hades blocks it and brings Helios down with a crucifix bomb for the pin at 12:24. There was nothing to this, just some back and forth action with a lot of pinfall attempts. The finish was pretty sick I will admit but there was little story or rhyme or reason to any of the action. **


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