ROH: Ring of Homicide 2


Edison, NJ – 10.25.2008

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico

Amasis puts Generico in a side headlock. Generico then takes Amasis to the mat in his own side headlock. Amasis does some dancing after teasing wanting a test of strength. Generico dances along with him which displeases Steen. Amasis puts him in an abdominal stretch and forces him to dance like an Egyptian. Steen puts an end to it with a chop. Ophidian gets in some chops. He knees Steen in the corner. Steen catches a second attempt and drops Ophidian face first to the mat. Steen mocks his dancing after hitting a short-arm lariat. He and Generico isolate Ophidian in their half of the ring until he catches Steen by Skinning the Snake. Amasis comes in with a flying shoulder block to Generico. He gives Steen a leg lariat. Generico gets in some punches. Amasis avoids the yakuza kick. Generico takes the Slave Initiation. The Portal dropkick Steen’s knees out. Steen comes back with a double clothesline. He pops up Ophidian into a powerbomb. Amasis cuts off a top rope attack from Steen. The Portal hit Generico with Mummification for two. Ophidian hypnotizes Generico. Steen shoves Generico out of the way and gives the Portal a double Samoan Drop. Generico yakuza kicks Amasis. Steen gives him a pump-handle neckbreaker across his knee.Steen’s Swanton and Generico’s splash get them the win at 9:20. The Portal looked like goofs in the beginning, but ended up being able to get in a decent showcase during their comeback. I don’t know how much their shtick would fly as ROH regulars but I enjoyed this (unbilled) battle of ROH vs. CHIKARA tag team champions. **½

Hallowicked vs. Davey Richards vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Rhett Titus vs. Ruckus vs. Jason Blade

Richards attacks Titus’ leg. He clobbers him with forearms to the face. When Titus does a hip swivel, Richards sole butt kicks him and kicks him in the back. Titus slaps him. Richards responds with a headbutt. Titus dropkicks him to the floor. Claudio pounds on Titus and tosses him by his hair. Ruckus attacks Claudio from behind. Claudio beats him down. Ruckus headscissors Claudio to the floor. Blade takes Ruckus down with the Sling Blade. Hallowicked attempts multiple roll ups on Blade. Blade ends up landing a dropkick. Hallowicked drives him to the corner. Claudio stomps on Hallowicked against the ropes. Hallowicked gets in some chops before being sent to the apron. Blade trips him and sends him back first into the barricades. Everyone but Ruckus attacks Hallowicked on the floor. Ruckus pescado’s onto Blade and Titus. In the ring Claudio drives Hallowicked into the mat with his knees. Richards and Ruckus get in some shots on Hallowicked. Claudio gives Hallowicked a hanging tree slam into the corner. Richards hangs Titus and Hallowicked in a tree of woe and nut taps Titus. Blade suplexes Hallowicked for two. He gets the same result with a neckbreaker. Ruckus leg lariats Hallowicked. Claudio pulls Ruckus off of Hallowicked into a slam. Titus tries to blind tag in, but a furious Claudio stomps him. Hallowicked yakuza kicks Titus and gives Claudio a step-up Frankensteiner. Ruckus big boots Blade and dropkicks Richards. He hits Blade with a back handspring kick. After an enzuigiri he gives Richards a standing moonsault. The Razzle Dazzle on Blade would lead to the Bank Roll, but Claudio takes both men out. Hallowicked slips out of the Ricola Bomb. He avoids Swiss Chin Music and delivers a Rydeen Bomb. Richards breaks the cover. He chops and headbutts Hallowicked in the corner. Hallowicked cuts him off with a boot and Michinoku Driver. Richards put on a Kimura Lock. Blade breaks it up, then tope con hilo’s onto Hallowicked and Claudio on the floor. Titus cuts off Ruckus’ dive. He hits the Thrust Buster for two. Ruckus superkicks Titus. He hits the Leap of Faith for two. Hallowicked whips Claudio into the barricades. Blade low blows Ruckus before eating a missile dropkick from Richards. Richards German suplexes Ruckus for the pin at 14:50. That was really long for no real reason, and not the overly exciting, action packed frenzy these are typically designed to be. It was mostly the Richards and Claudio show with Hallowicked as the punching bag and three other dudes there for no reason. **¼


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