The Global Gauntlet, Night I


Easton, PA – 10.18.2008

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, Eddie Kingston, Louden Noxious, and UltraMantis Black.

Louden Noxious opens the show with a song called “Big in Easton, Big in Japan”, a great parody of “Turning Japanese” by the Vapors.

The Osirian Portal are in the back. They have two points and a win tonight would earn them a title shot. Amasis says it stinks that talent from Big Japan came all this way just to lose to them, but you can bet they’re going after the Campeones de Parejas if they win tonight.

Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP} vs. Atsushi Ohashi {BJW} & Shinya Ishikawa {BJW}

Amasis does a little dancing after pretending he wanted a test of strength with Ohashi. Angry, Ohashi twists on a wristlock. Amasis reverses. They each snap off an armdrag and sweep each others’ legs out. Ophidian and Ishikawa tag in. Ishikawa puts on an armbar. Ophidian puts on a Cattle Mutilation. Ishikawa gets the ropes. He clamps on a side headlock. He shoulder blocks Ophidian and delivers a dropkick. A second dropkick gets a two count. He gets two again after a pair of bodyslams. He puts on a Boston Crab. Ophidian gets the ropes. He hypotizes Ishikawa after a blind tag from Amasis. The Portal give him a tandem Stroke and begin to wear him down. Ishikawa comes back with a couple hard forearms to Ophidian and tags in Ohashi. He clobbers Amasis with his own forearms. He dropkicks Amasis as Ishikawa dropkicks Ophidian off the apron. He holds Amasis so Ohashi can nail a missile dropkick. Ishikawa Northern Lights suplexes Ophidian while Ohashi German suplexes Amasis, getting simultaneous two counts. Ophidian gives Ohashi a fisherman’s suplex while Ishikawa chases Amasis around ringside. Ophidian comes off the top with double knees to Ohashi. Ishikawa breaks the count. Amasis comes off the top with a shoulder block to Ishikawa. Ophidian puts Ohashi in the Death Grip. Ohashi taps out at 9:27. Ishikawa and Ohashi came to fight and had a strong effort against the Portal. The winners were never in doubt, but they kept this competitive to the point where the crowd was impressed. **½

Ophidian beckons Leonard F. Chikarason to the ring. He points out that the Portal is scheduled to face the Super Smash Bros. in non-title action tomorrow. Now that they have three points, Amasis says they want to cash them in and make tomorrow’s match for the titles. Chikarason says as long as the Smash Bros. are okay with it, he is as well. Spoiler alert: they end up being okay with it.

CHIKARA vs. Big Japan Wrestling Best of 5 Series – Match 1
Ultimo Breakfast vs. Yuji Okabayashi {BJW}

They start off with forearm exchanges. Okabayashi eats a headbutt but avoids a second. Breakfast ties up his legs. He gets two with an Oklahoma Roll. Okabayashi belly-to-belly suplexes Breakfast to the corner. Breakfast avoids an attack in the corner. Okabayashi blocks the Cereal Killer. He muscles up Breakfast in a suplex for two. Breakfast gets his boot up to avoid a corner attack. He sunset flips him for two. Breakfast drops him off his shoulders into a slam for another two. Okabayashi catches Breakfast coming off the top rope in a powerslam. He nails a lariat. He puts Breakfast in the Torture Rack. Breakfast submits at 3:47. A little short, but Breakfast actually got to look more formidable against Okabayashi than I expected. *

CHIKARA vs. Big Japan Wrestling Best of 5 Series – Match 2
UltraMantis Black {ONT} vs. Jaki Numazawa {BJW}

Numazawa claims hair pulling (he’s mostly bald) after Mantis cleanly breaks a lock-up against the ropes. Numazawa also breaks cleanly against the ropes. Mantis claims hair pulling despite wearing a mask. Numazawa puts on an overhand wristlock. Mantis powers out of it. After a heart punch Mantis delivers two armdrags. Numazawa strings a stomach punch, knee strike, chinbreaker, and back elbow together. He gets a two count with a back suplex. Mantis reverses a whip in the corner. He drops Numazawa throat first on the top rope. He puts Numazawa’s hair in his mouth. Mantis spins him around a few times before hitting the Rude Awakening for two. He twists on Numazawa’s ankle. Numazawa sends Mantis to the floor with a Frankensteiner. He baseball slides Mantis into the crowd. Numazawa threatens to throw him into the crowd but ends up sending him face first into a ring post. Mantis comes back with a slam on the floor. Numazawa responds with a suplex on the floor. Bryce Remsburg stops him from using a chair. Mantis attacks Numazawa from behind. Back in the ring Mantis Mongolian chops him. Numazawa blocks a hip toss. Mantis knees him in the stomach. He looks for the Praying Mantis Bomb. Numazawa stomps on his foot and backslides Mantis for two. Numazawa blocks a punch and sends Mantis’ arm into Bryce. Numazawa low blows Mantis. He puts Mantis away with a Death Valley Driver variant at 9:36. This meandered in the middle but it was cool seeing these two characters face off against one another. However, them playing up their Rudo ways even more would have made for a more interesting story. **¼

CHIKARA vs. Big Japan Wrestling Best of 5 Series – Match 3
Hallowicked {I} vs. Katsumasa Inoue {BJW}

They look for control in a hammerlock exchange. Hallowicked gets a quick one count with a schoolboy. Inoue comes off the ropes with a diving headbutt to Hallowicked’s chest as he stands. Inoue throws chops and forearms. Hallowicked fires back with his own forearms. Inoue knocks Hallowicked down with a flying forearm. He takes Hallowicked over with a suplex and applies an armbar. Hallowicked gets his foot on the ropes. Inoue bodyslams him. He chops Hallowicked against the ropes. Inoue dropkicks him against the ropes for two. After a headbutt, Inoue goes up top. He misses a diving headbutt. Inoue tries a fisherman’s buster. Hallowicked evades it and hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow for two. Inoue blocks a yakuza kick with a dropkick. This time the fisherman’s buster is a success. Hallowicked manages to kick out, so Inoue bodyslams him again. Inoue connects with the diving headbutt and again Hallowicked kicks out. Hallowicked fires up with forearms. Inoue ducks one and backslides Hallowicked for two. Hallowicked avoids a corner attack. He gives Inoue a step-up enzuigiri. The super snapmare follows. A yakuza kick and jackknife pin get him the pin at 8:02. The action got a little repetitive and dull. Until Hallowicked got in a comeback in the end it felt like we just watched the same strikes and move attempts over and over. Hallowicked also seemed to put in more of an effort, but I could just be making that up. **

Crossbones says after tonight he’s going to scrape the Colony off his boots like he does in any matches he has against them. He doesn’t care if Jessie McKay, their partner, is a girl or not, he’s going to smash her face in. Equal rights, equal fights!

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C} & Jessie McKay vs. Crossbones {ONT}, Ryan Eagles & Madison Eagles

Madison and McKay exchange armdrags and wristlocks. Madison sweeps McKay’s legs out. Eagles misses a stomp and gets pulled out to the floor. Crossbones and Fire Ant come in. Fire Ant springboards off the ropes for an armdrag. He dropkicks Crossbones to the floor. Soldier Ant and Ryan tag in. Ryan throws some chops and applies a side headlock. He shoulder blocks Soldier Ant, who trips Ryan as he attempts to hit the ropes. Soldier Ant salutes to stop him from running the ropes. He blocks a punch and delivers a headbutt. He connects with a rolling saluting forearm to the chest. He backdrops Ryan for two. The Colony give him a tandem Manhattan Drop and dropkick. Fire Ant lands a couple of sentons while Soldier Ant headbutts his legs. Both Colony members attack him in the corner. They look to send McKay into Ryan when Crossbones and Madison trip the Colony, causing them to drop McKay. Ryan gives her a diving forearm, leading to the Rudo trio isolating poor McKay from her teammates. The crowd takes delight in watching Crossbones maul her. McKay maneuvers Madison so that he headscissors Ryan. The Colony clear the ring of the couple. Fire Ant gets on Soldier Ant’s shoulders. Crossbones wants to get on Ryan’s shoulders but that of course fails. Madison tries but to no avail. Fire Ant dropkicks Crossbones into the Eagles’, then dropkicks Crossbones to the floor. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant hit stereo dives on Crossbones and Ryan. McKay comes off the apron with a crossbody to Madison. In the ring Madison gives McKay Hell Bound. Soldier Ant pitches Madison to the floor. Ryan gives him a leg-capture suplex. Fire Ant nails Heat of the Moment on Ryan. He tries Burning Down the House on Crossbones but ends up taking a sit-out backbreaker. McKay kicks Crossbones to the floor and gives him a Frankensteiner. Madison kicks out Soldier Ant’s legs. Soldier Ant O’Conner rolls Madison which crotches Ryan on the top rope. Fire Ant tosses Ryan off with a super fireman’s carry. Soldier Ant nails a saluting diving headbutt for the pin at 13:45. I admit, the Crossbones/McKay dynamic was pretty intriguing. I also think the way they isolated McKay was clever as the Eagles’ worked together well to make sure she didn’t tag out. During the final portion of the match though at times the action seemed slightly off. This was fun and a nice break from the Best of Series but nothing spectacular. **½

Brodie Lee says that what Claudio did to him in the steel cage match has been haunting him ever since. He feels sorry for whoever stands in his way from now on, because that’s who he is taking his aggression out on.

CHIKARA vs. Big Japan Wrestling Best of 5 Series – Match 4
Brodie Lee vs. Daisuke Sekimoto {BJW}

Lee powers Sekimoto to the corner. Lee shoves him to the mat in a test of strength. He slams Sekimoto when he gets back to his feet. Lee shoulder blocks him down. Sekimoto catches him with a hip toss. Lee rolls out and Sekimoto follows with a suicide dive. They pummel each other with chops until Lee shoves Sekimoto back first into a ring post. In the ring he pulls Sekimoto’s hair. Lee and Sekimoto again trade chops. Lee rakes the eyes to stop the exchange. He butterfly suplexes Sekimoto for two. Claudio Castagnoli is seated ringside watching the match. Lee snapmares Sekimoto into a back kick. Forearms are thrown by both parties. It takes three lariats for Sekimoto to knock Lee down. Sekimoto fights for a suplex and gets it. Lee elbows out of a German suplex. Sekimoto puts him in a torture rack. Lee slips off and big boots Sekimoto in the corner. A thrust kick and the Truck Stop lead to a two count. Dumbfounded, Lee powerbombs him for two. Lee calls for another boot. Sekimoto ducks it. He lariats Lee in the corner twice. A third lariat gets a two count. He deadlifts Lee into a German suplex for the pin at 8:09. This was exactly what you would want from these two: hard hitting action and a cool power move to end it. I wonder what a match between them these days would look like. ***

CHIKARA vs. Big Japan Wrestling Best of 5 Series – Match 5
Mike Quackenbush vs. Ryuji Ito {BJW}

Quackenbush goes after Ito’s legs. Ito grabs the ropes when Quackenbush goes for his knee. Ito throws a hard forearm. Quackenbush surprisingly responds with one of his own. Ito dropkicks Quackenbush after a leapfrog. They overhand chop one another. Quackenbush uses the ropes for a tornado clutch. Ito turns it into a crucifix pin. Quackenbush arm whips Ito across the ring. He misses the palm strike. Ito dropkicks Quackenbush’s leg out. He kicks away at his hamstring and drives Quackenbush’s knee into the canvas. Ito drops an elbow and applies a half crab. Quackenbush reaches the ropes. Ito kicks at his knee. Quackenbush kicks Ito away from the corner and explodes out of it with a palm strike. He clotheslines Ito into a bulldog. Quackenbush hits the Black Tornado Slam. He comes off the top with a Swanton for two. Ito knees Quackenbush in the face and gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Ito comes off the top with a dropkick. He nails a moonsault. Quackenbush kicks out. He slips out of Ito’s full nelson. Ito blocks a palm strike and kicks out Quackenbush’s leg. Quackenbush avoids an oncoming charge and drops Ito with a reverse brainbuster. Ito kicks out. Quackenbush hits Quackendriver II. Ito kicks out of that as well. He German suplexes Quackenbush and delivers an enzuigiri. A sole butt kick and axe kick lead a legdrop across the back of the neck. Quackenbush avoids a slam. He kicks Ito but misses double knees. Ito gives him a Falcon Arrow. The Dragon Splash gets Ito the win at 10:32 and Big Japan Wrestling the Best of 5 Series (4-1). Great match between the two company representatives. Ito smartly worked the leg, Quackenbush showed he was hurt even on offense, and they smartly built from move to move until the end. This could have been a styles clash but both guys knew exactly how to work together. ***

Vin Gerard and Colin Delaney are outside the building. Delaney says it may be freezing, but he’s warm and fuzzy on the inside because they’re going to get their third point tonight. He calls his brother Jimmy Olsen a shell of what he once was. Last time they were in a ring together, Delaney pinned Olsen’s shoulders to the mat and that’s what Delaney plans to do tonight. Gerard says Olsen and Lince Dorado are just roadblocks in the way of the UnStable holding all the CHIKARA gold and turning the company upside down.

La Lotería Letal Final Round
Jimmy Olsen & Lince Dorado vs. Vin Gerard {U} & Colin Delaney {U}

Gerard hits the floor before Olsen can get his hands on him. Gerard avoids a couple of lock ups, so Olsen lights him up with chops. Olsen suplexes him and floats into a pin for two. He backdrops Gerard before tagging out. Dorado and Olsen double hip toss Gerard out of the corner. Dorado throws some chops. He runs the ropes and comes down with a seated Thesz Press. Delaney baits Dorado into a side headlock. He laughs as he shoulder blocks Dorado. Dorado armdrags Delaney and holds onto an armbar. A couple more armdrag variants follow. Olsen blind tags in. Delaney ducks his clotheslines. He kicks Olsen away and rolls to the floor. Olsen chases after him. This allows Gerard to pull Dorado back into the ring. He and Delaney beat down Dorado for awhile. Dorado almost escaped after he double stomped his way out of Gerard’s jackknife pin, but Delaney pulled Olsen off the apron just as Dorado went for a tag. Dorado does manage to escape when he catches Delaney with a neckbreaker twice in a short period. He pumphandle suplexes Delaney. Olsen avoids being taken off the apron by Gerard and tags in. He aggressively strikes his brother repeatedly. He pounds away with punches. Gerard jumps in. He gets punched and choked for his troubles. Delaney double back chops Olsen. Dorado flips in onto Gerard’s shoulders. Gerard pops him up, but Dorado lands on Delaney and gives him a Frankensteiner. Olsen superkicks Gerard for two. He assists Dorado with a moonsault press on Delaney. Olsen and Dorado dropkick Gerard in the sides of his head. Delaney breaks the cover and pitches Dorado to the floor. Olsen enzuigiri’s Delaney and spikes him in a German suplex. Gerard STO’s Olsen. Dorado lands the Lynxsault on Gerard. Delaney gives Dorado a spinning neckbreaker. Olsen slingshots in but is caught mid-air with a DDT from Delaney. Gerard locks on the STF. Olsen crawls to the ropes to break it. Dorado takes both UnStable over at the same time with a Frankensteiner. Dorado only gets a one count with a standing Spanish Fly on Delaney. Dorado goes up top. Gerard crotches him. Delaney looks for the Attitude Adjustment on Olsen. Dorado shoves Gerard off the top rope. Olsen hits the Overbomb on Delaney. Dorado hits a shooting star press. He dives onto Gerard as Olsen pins Delaney at 16:26. The brilliance in having these two teams make it to the finals and then building an angle upon it can’t be understated. It kicked up the intensity ten fold and had the crowd captivated. After Olsen’s lame loss in the Midwest last month, having him get the pinfall over his brother was a satisfying and smart conclusion. The story of the match itself was well told and interesting. Good stuff all around. ***¼


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