AAW: Reign Of Violence 2008


Berwyn, IL – 10.4.2008

Lince Dorado vs. Silas Young vs. Christian Abel vs. Hunter Matthews

This match had the best theme music ever; “Layla”, “Eye Of The Tiger”, and “Don’t Stop Believin’”? Amazing. Truth Martini accompanies Abel while Knight Wagner accompanies Matthews. Holy crap I forgot about Dorado’s bell bottom pants. Matthews and Dorado trade holds to start. Dorado sends Matthews to the floor. Abel attacks Dorado from behind and rakes at his face. Abel snapmares Dorado and rips at his mask. Abel catches Dorado in a crossbody, and Young dropkicks them down. Young lays in shots to both Abel and Matthews before throwing their heads together. Young trades chops with Dorado. Dorado dropkicks Young and crossbody’s him out to the floor with Matthews and Abel. In the ring, Abel backdrops Matthews and drops him with a pump-handle slam for two. Dorado hits Abel with a lynxsault for two. Dorado palm strikes Matthews on the top rope. Matthews rakes Dorado’s eyes and hits the whoopee cushion for two. Dorado suicide dives onto Abel on the floor, and Young comes in with a springboard dropkick to Matthews. Young gives Matthews a full nelson slam, and turns into a full nelson lock on the mat. Matthews taps out, giving Young the win at 7:18. While this was all action, it was also pretty basic and unexciting. Abel and Matthews seem pretty inexperienced and were in the mat more than Young and possibly even Dorado. Not a great showing. *1/4

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Dash & Tweek Phoenix

Ophidian and Tweek take it to the mat. Ophidian locks his legs in Tweek’s arms and stretches out his back. Tweek gets a facelock, and Dash tags in with an Oklahoma roll for two. Ophidian knee strikes Dash and tags in Amasis. The Portal hit a double hip toss. Dash gives Amasis a right hand and snapmares him down. Tweek tags in, and the Phoenix Twins double team Amasis in the corner. Amasis hits Tweek with a jawbreaker and tags in Ophidian. Tweek drops Ophidian with a Samoan drop, and Dash hits a senton for two. Dash hits a snap suplex for two. Ophidian gets a crucifix pin for two. Ophidian locks in a legged full nelson on the mat. The Portal pummel Tweek, until Tweek escapes a bodyscissors choke and suplexes Ophidian over. Dash tags in and takes down both Ophidian and Amasis. He headbutts Ophidian for two. The Portal hit a double facebuster on Dash for two. Dash boots both of the Portal down and tags in Tweek. Tweek hits a double springboard dropkick. Ophidian trips Tweek and goes up top. Tweek catches him in a crossbody and gives him a backbreaker. Amasis hits him with a shoulder tackle. Amasis misses a splash in the corner and Tweek gives him a yakuza kick. Dash hits him with a German suplex. The Phoenix Twins hit Amasis with stereo superkick for the pin at 9:41. Very good debut for The Osirian Portal in AAW and I would like to see more of them in the company. The Phoenix Twins were very good opponents and helped the Portal but on a solid mid-card match. **1/4


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