F1RST Wrestling: In The Armory Now


Minneapolis, MN – 10.3.2008

Lince Dorado vs. Arik Cannon

Dorado ends a wristlock exchange with an armdrag. Cannon responds with one of his own. Cannon rolls Dorado up for two. Dorado floats over and rubs his ears against Cannon’s mohawk, kinda like a cat would. Cannon sneezes, citing allergies to felines. Cannon comes back with a pair of armdrags which send Dorado to the floor. He comes back in with a springboard armdrag and a crossbody off the middle rope. He walks up the ropes holding Cannon’s arm, then walks across the top rope before coming down with a flying headscissors. A satellite headscissors takes Cannon outside where he takes a powder by the entrance area. Cannon backs Dorado the ropes before laying in a heavy chop. The crowd encourages more chops, and Cannon obliges. Dorado tries a headscissors but gets dropped face first into the canvas. Cannon cracks him with a haymaker for two. A delayed brainbuster earns another nearfall. Cannon whips Dorado to the corner, following in with a clothesline. The second time Dorado catches Cannon coming in with a boot. Dorado hits a rolling kick and a Jon Woo dropkick for two. He rubs his head into the back of Cannon’s head before dropkicking him in the neck and landing a senton splash. Dorado kicks Cannon outside and follows with a somersault suicida. In the ring Dorado gets two with a jackknife pin. Dorado lands a few uppercuts. Cannon comes off the ropes with a sunset flip. Dorado counters, leading to a pin attempt exchange. They knock each other down with stereo clotheslines. They trade strikes as they get back to their feet. Dorado unleashes a flurry of chops against the ropes. He brings down Cannon with a tornado DDT and gets two with a quebrada. Cannon turns Dorado inside out with a clothesline before giving him a brainbuster. Dorado kicks out just in time. Cannon sets him up for a superplex. Dorado fights back, headbutting Cannon to the mat. Dorado leaps over Cannon, and comes off the middle rope with a spike reverse Frankensteiner. A moonsault gets Dorado the pin at 16:48. They did the boiler plate “striker vs. high-flier” battle perfectly, with cohesion to what they did and having the crowd buy into every nearfall. It was a nice surprise to have Dorado win and well deserved considering the response he garnered. A nice gem, which you can watch for free here. ***

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Nate Bash & Benjamin Sailer

Bash takes Ophidian to the corner with a couple armdrag variations. Ophidian rolls Bash’s shoulders and rolls down with his own armdrag. Ophidian uses the ropes for a headscissors on Sailer. Both Portal members pull off armdrags before posing in the corner. Amasis grabs a courting hold on Sailer, converting into a side headlock. Sailer blind tags Bash in as he shoots Amasis to the ropes. They double hip top Amasis and give Ophidian double Japanese armdrags. Sailer scoop slams Ophidian out of a hammerlock. Ophidian overhand chops Sailer to escape a wrist clutch. Bash and Amasis enter with Bash taking Amasis down with an armbar. He dropkicks Amasis to the floor. He looks to dive but Amasis cuts him off with a forearm. Ophidian hypnotizes Bash, allowing Amasis to come in with a reverse STO. The Portal isolate Bash in their corner. Ophidian brings Sailer to the floor to stop a tag during the beatdown, adding a headscissors to the concrete for good measure. Bash finally escapes when he pulls Amasis into a belly-to-back suplex and tags in the now recovered Sailer. He spinwheel kicks Amasis before giving him a throw. He spins out Ophidian into a backbreaker for two. Sailer rolls under a double clothesline. Bash comes off the top with a double dropkicks to Amasis and Ophidian. Amasis responds with the Twist of Funk to Sailer while Ophidian hits the Duat Driver on Bash. The go for the Osirian Sacrament, but Bash and Sailer roll out of the way, causing the Portal to crash. Sailer picks up Amasis on his shoulders. Bash top rope dropkicks Amasis into an Electric Chair drop from Sailer. Bash follows Amasis to the floor with a twisting pescado. Sailer wheelbarrows Ophidian into the Chaos Theory for the pin at 14:05. This was a solid, formula tag match that ended at the right time. The crowd wasn’t terribly engaged, but dug the hometown team and was pleased that they won, so props for that. **½


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