Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup 2008


Port Richey, FL – 9.26.2008

2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup; First Round
Larry Sweeney vs. Tommy Taylor

After some stalling, Sweeney proudly hip tosses Taylor. He gives Taylor an inverted atomic drop. He flexes after delivering a bodyslam. Taylor dishes out all the same moves. Sweeney retreats to the floor. He wants a handshake when he comes back in the ring. Taylor brings Sweeney’s hand to the mat and stomps on his hand. He works over Sweeney’s arm in a wristlock. Sweeney jabs Taylor in the throat. Referee Richie Rich stops Sweeney from kicking Taylor low. Taylor gets two with a folding press. He unloads with punches and uppercuts. Taylor accidentally gets himself caught throat first in the ropes. Sweeney feigns compassion and then chokes Taylor with his bare hands and wrist tape. Taylor fights out of a headlock but Sweeney throws him down by his hair. Taylor comes back with a pair of dropkicks and a monkey flip. Taylor comes off the top with a high crossbody. Sweeney rolls through and puts his feet on the ropes to steal the pin at 12:31. This told a very good story and Sweeney’s act works so well in front of this crowd. I also suspect this will be a very different style of match from every other bout on the card so I appreciate it for that as well. **¼

2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup; First Round
Gran Akuma vs. Craig Classic

They actually play up the fact that “The Global Gauntlet” is coming up, as Akuma is obviously a CHIKARA star and Classic travels with Big Japan Wrestling on occasion. After trading wristlocks they each try shoulder blocking one another. Akuma throws some kicks. Classic responds with chops and a dropkick. He armdrags Akuma to the corner. Classic comes off the second rope with a sunset flip. Akuma rolls through and nails the fallaway kick. He throws more kicks to Classic’s chest as he tries to fight up. Akuma gets two with the Cheetah Swipe. He drops Classic with a Gourd Buster for the same result. He gains momentum off the ropes for an elbow drop. Akuma applies a seated abdominal stretch. Classic escapes. He sends Akuma to the apron and clotheslines him. Classic comes off the top with a forearm smash across Akuma’s chest. He chops up Akuma ringside before bringing him back into the ring. Classic delivers a running forearm against the ropes. He gets two with a Sliding D. Same goes for a Death Valley Driver. Akuma drops Classic chest first into the mat out of a Tenchi Crash position for two. They begin to trade kicks and strikes dazed. Akuma ends it with another fallaway kick. He German suplexes Classic. The Rubix Cube gets Akuma the pin at 9:22. This was the hard hitting affair one would expect. It got a little repetitive but was still a good effort from both guys. I do love that Akuma busted out the Rubix Cube, a move of Chris Hero’s, who won last year’s JPC. **½

Brooksville, FL – 9.27.2008

2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup; Quarter-Final Round
Larry Sweeney vs. Sal Rinauro

Sweeney encourages the crowd to chant “chicken” related chants at Rinauro. Sweeney goes to the ropes when the positioning for a double knuckle lock doesn’t look right to him. Both men are now flapping their arms like chickens angrily. They kick each other in the stomach. They poke each others’ eyes. They resist each others’ shoulder blocks and flex in one another’s face. Sweeney is displeased at Rinauro’s tricep pose. They compete in an arm wrestling match. They then criss cross the ropes. Rinauro stops Sweeney and stomps on his foot. They criss cross again. This time Sweeney stops Rinauro but gets his foot stomped on again. After a small package, Rinauro tries a backslide for two. Sweeney holds the tights in an O’Conner Roll but still only gets two. Sweeney hides under the ring. Rinauro stomps the mat to ring his head and bring him back out. Rinauro tries pulling him back into the ring but Sweeney snaps his neck across the ropes. He throws forearms at Rinauro’s back. He goes for the Shake, Rattle, and Roll. Rinauro backs Sweeney to the corner. Sweeney pokes his eyes and rakes them across the top rope. He gives Rinauro a shoulder breaker for two. He tries an Earthquake Splash but Rinauro gets his hands up to block. Rinauro misses a Banzai Drop. Sweeney digs his knuckle into the side of Rinauro’s head. Rinauro comes back with the Flip, Flop, and Fly. Sweeney wants a torture rack. Rinauro rolls him up to counter. He snaps Sweeney’s straps against his chest. Sweeney pulls down the straps so Rinauro exposes his buttocks to the crowd. Sweeney goes up top and gets tossed off. Rinauro pulls out his JPC medal. He misses a right hand and gets put in a sleeper hold. Rinauro passes out at 15:15. Lots of great humor and some solid wrestling made for a fun match. These two know how to do comedic wrestling right and the crowd was receptive to the effort. **¾

2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup; Quarter-Final Round
Gran Akuma vs. Jon Davis

Davis smacks Akuma as he backs him to the corner. Akuma throws some kicks to Davis’ left leg. He comes out of the corner with a Frankensteiner. Davis blocks an armdrag with a powerslam for two. Akuma goes for more kicks but gets kneed in the stomach. Davis chops him up in the corner. Akuma loses his balance on the top rope, but recovers and delivers a DDT. Davis absorbs his kicks. Akuma evades a German suplex and spikes Davis with another DDT. Akuma hits a frog splash for two. Davis responds with a leg-cradle suplex and German suplex for two. He places Akuma on the top rope. Akuma shoves him away to avoid a superplex. He comes off for a Frankensteiner. Davis catches him and powerbombs him into the corner. Akuma rolls up Davis after ducking a clothesline and gets the pin at 8:51. The finish was a little surprising but the action was really great. Davis brought the power, Akuma brought his stiff shots, and it was a nice blend of action. I would have enjoyed a few more minutes of this but it was plenty satisfying for what we got. ***

2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup; Semi-Final Round
Larry Sweeney vs. Erick Stevens

Sweeney jumps Stevens at the bell and goes to work on Stevens’ left knee. He continues his attack on the knee outside of the ring. He slams Stevens’ leg against the ring post. Sweeney puts on a figure four and illegally uses the ropes for leverage. Stevens turns the hold over and Sweeney grabs the ropes to break the hold. Stevens kicks Sweeney to the floor to avoid the figure four being reapplied. He catches Sweeney with a shot to the stomach as Sweeney comes off the top rope. Stevens powerslams Sweeney for two. Sweeney trips Stevens and tries a jackknife pin with his feet on the ropes. The referee catches him. As Sweeney is arguing with the referee, Stevens nails a lariat for the pin at 5:59. They told a good story to showcase Stevens going into the finals with a hurt leg. Sweeney was somewhat of an after thought but a perfect foil to tell the story they wanted. **

2008 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup; Semi-Final Round
Gran Akuma vs. Brad Attitude

After trading wristlocks, Akuma puts on a standing Octopus stretch. He armdrags Attitude into a seated surfboard. He kicks Attitude’s hamstring and pushes on his knees after tying his legs up. Attitude rakes Akuma’s eyes and chop blocks his knee out. He places his full body weight on Akuma’s knee until Akuma grabs the ropes. Attitude applies a half crab. Akuma again gets the ropes. Attitude kicks his leg after tying it up in the ropes. He goes for a powerslam. Akuma turns it into a fallaway kick instead. He misses the Cheetah Swipe. Attitude ties up Akuma’s legs in a modified Indian Death Lock. Akuma escapes and puts on a Rings of Saturn. Attitude gets his feet on the ropes. They reverse pinfall attempts. Akuma tries the same roll up that pinned Davis. Attitude is able to kick out. Akuma goes for a superplex. Attitude instead brings him down with a super DDT for the pin at 9:14. I really liked all the submission work these guys did. It didn’t really work into the finish, but the finish was pretty sick, so I’ll take it. It was nice to see Akuma in a variety of matches over this weekend. **¾


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