IWA Mid-South: 2008 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament


Joliet, IL – 9.26.2008

2008 Ted Petty Invitational; First Round
Eddie Kingston vs. Necro Butcher

Butcher attacks Kingston as he enters the ring. He puts on a Japanese stranglehold and headbutts him. He tosses Kingston to the floor and into the ring post. Butcher crotches him on the ring post. He throws chairs at Kingston in the crowd. Back in the ring Kingston peppers Butcher with slaps to the face. Butcher claws his stomach. He then puts on an Iron Claw. Kingston rams his hand into the ring post. Kingston focuses his attack on Butcher’s hand. Butcher blocks a lariat and delivers a chokeslam. He hits the Tiger Driver for two. Butcher comes off the top with a crossbody for two. After fighting on the apron, Kingston suplexes Butcher to the floor. Back in the ring, Butcher cuts off Kingston with a punch to the face. Kingston goes for a Saito suplex. Butcher counters with a bulldog. He climbs the ropes with a chair in hand. Kingston cuts him off. He brings Butcher down with a super t-bone suplex. The Backfist to the Future and a Saito suplex get Kingston the pin at 11:27. This was pretty much on par with their PWG matches from this year, just with slightly more psychology. **½

Joliet, IL – 9.27.2008

2008 Ted Petty Invitational; Quarter-Final Round
Eddie Kingston vs. Sami Callihan

Kingston mounts Callihan. He puts on a modified bow and arrow transitioning into a front facelock. Callihan fights his way free. He backs Kingston the ropes and smacks him in the face. Kingston Backfists Callihan across the ring and to the floor. Back in the ring Kingston delivers a headbutt. He takes Callihan over with an overhead suplex for two. Kingston nails a yakuza kick. He gets two again with a double overhook suplex. After some shots to the stomach and chest, Kingston places Callihan on the top rope. Callihan knocks Kingston away and hits a missile dropkick. Callihan delivers some blows. He tries a bridge back pin attempt but only gets two. Kingston grabs the ropes to avoid an exploder suplex. Callihan boots Kingston and successfully pulls the suplex off. He follows up with a Saito suplex. Kingston responds in kind. Callihan nails a lariat, leaving both men lying. They trade strikes when they make it back to their feet. Kingston hits a uranage suplex. Callihan locks on a Koji Clutch upon landing. Kingston gets to the ropes. Kingston blocks a lariat with a Backfist. However, Callihan nails a lariat soon after to get the pin at 11:02. At the time this was somewhat of a breakout match for Callihan in IWAh. He got to look strong against someone well respected and appreciated by the audience and fought hard to earn their respect. It was a good story, though the spotty nature of selling in a couple spots was somewhat irritating. But, it helped Callihan, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. ***


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