The Artistic Pursuit of Being Yourself


Streamwood, IL – 9.20.2008

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg, Louden Noxious, Dr. Keith Lipinski, Leonard F. Chikarason, and UltraMantis Black.

El Oriental, Chuck Taylor, and Billy Roc were all scheduled for tonight’s show, but for various reasons could not make it. Because of it, the card has been overhauled.

Pre-Show Match; NWA Midwest Championship
Silas Young (Champion) vs. Egotistico Fantastico

After fighting over a wristlock, each guy takes the other down in a headlock. They also each snap off an armdrag. Young takes him down in a waistlock and applies a front chancery. Fantastico snapmares him over. Young responds with a dropkick and stomps Fantastico down in the corner. Fantastico flips over Young as he comes off the ropes and lands his own dropkick. Fantastico gets two with Taco Pizza. He delivers ten punches in the corner. Young bursts out of the corner with a clothesline. He drops a couple elbows for two. Fantastico throws some elbows in the corner. Young pulls him in for a back suplex. He hits a Sankakugeri for two. Fantastico comes back with a Slingblade. He calls for Taco Burrito King. Young slides off mid-move. However, Fantastico is able to pull off a rolling Yoshi Tonic for two. Young blocks Taco Burrito King again with a backbreaker/clothesline combo. He goes for the Pee Gee Waja Plunge. Fantastico catches him mid-air and successfully pulls off Taco Burrito King for two. He misses a moonsault. Young hits the Pee Gee Waja Plunge for the pin at 10:24. There wasn’t much to this at all. Mostly a collection of moves with a little bit of personality thrown in. Starting off the show with familiar faces in a new city isn’t a bad idea, but the crowd was not as into it as you would have suspected. *½

Helios & Lince Dorado vs. Vito Thomaselli {IS} & Brandon Thomaselli {IS}

Dorado and Helios start things off with double high crossbody’s. They send them to the floor and fake the Thomaselli’s out with dives. Vito attacks Dorado from behind. Brandon throws a forearm before popping Dorado onto Vito’s shoulders. Dorado however puts Brandon in a guillotine. Helios hops off Dorado’s shoulders for a dropkick to Vito. Dorado spikes Brandon with a DDT. Helios and Dorado hit stereo dives to the floor. The Saints try leaving but get tossed back into the ring. Brandon flapjacks Dorado across Vito’s knee, leading to the Saints isolating the Golden Lynx. Dorado dazes the Saints with enzuigiri’s and tags in Helios. He throws forearms and elbows. The Saints cut him off but he still catches Brandon with a Pele kick. Dorado uses Vito to pull off a headscissors to Brandon. Dorado follows Brandon out with a suicide dive. Helios comes in with a springboard huracanrana to Vito for two. Brandon trips Helos from the floor. Vito dropkicks him in the skull. Brandon crossbody’s Helios as Vito holds him up in a suplex position. Helios and Dorado hit stereo slams off of their shoulders. They go up top but the Saints crotch them both. Helios and Dorado shove the Saints back to the canvas. A pair of shooting star presses get them the win at 9:40. This really showcased how good of partners Dorado and Helios could be. I’m convinced this was the first shimmer of an idea to team these guys permanently a few short months later. The Saints were good foils for them and the crowd really dug the high flying offense. **¼

Tim Donst {SD} vs. Buck Hawke {FT}

This is a rematch from “Young Lions Cup V, Night II.” Hawke attacks Donst as he tries entering the ring. Hawke gets in some chops around ringside. Donst throws him into the ring post and lays in some chops of his own. Hawke pulls Donst by his singlet into the ring post. In the ring he nails a clothesline in the corner. Donst drives him back first into the corner and lands five punches. Hawke cuts him off with an eye rake, snake eyes, and clothesline. He rakes and stomps on Donst’s eyes. He legdrops the back of Donst’s neck. Donst cuts Hawke off with a back elbow. Hawke traps his legs in the corner and goes for the Tribute to Professionalism. Donst blocks it at first, but after a slap to the face Hawke pulls it off for two. Donst rolls through the Tomahawke. Hawke superkicks him. Donst whips him to the corner. From the apron Donst sunset flips in for two. He nails a clothesline and back elbow. He gives Hawke an atomic drop before crotching him in the corner. He hits the Donst Cap and gets two with a German suplex. Same goes for an STO. Donst tries the Donstitution. Hawke rolls him up and holds the tights for the pin at 6:43. Surprisingly a step below their previous encounter. There was more story and the action was solid but all in all the match felt fairly meaningless. **

C-Red introduces us to Da Soul Touchaz who introduce themselves. It’s the same trio we know and love, but since we’re in their hometown, they’ve added “The Urban Gladiator” Trauma, and the female Soul Toucha, the Crown Jewel Dymond. C-Red says no matter who they face tonight, their soul will be touched.

Marshe Rockett {ST}, Acid Jaz {ST}, Willie “da Bomb” Richardson {ST} & Trauma {ST} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT}, Crossbones {ONT}, Sami Callihan & Trik Davis

C-Red and Dymond are in Da Soul Touchaz’s corner. Rockett evade Callihan’s opening offense. Callihan does get in some licks and headbutts. Rockett kicks out his legs. Callihan cuts off his dancing with a chop. Jaz blind tags in and helps Rockett with some dancing and a tandem hip toss. Davis accidentally dropkicks Callihan. Rockett slams Jaz onto him. Mantis misses a clothesline. Jaz hits one of his own. Richardson and Jaz slap Mantis all over. Jaz then takes him over with a Frankensteiner. Richardson drops an elbow. Mantis responds with forearms. Richardson leapfrogs over Mantis and dropkicks him for two. Trauma uppercuts Mantis in the corner and whips him into an elbow from Richardson. Crossbones and Trauma trade shoulder blocks. Trauma takes him down with a shoulder tackle. He knee strikes Crossbones twice in the corner. On the third try, Crossbones catches him with a slam. He lands a senton. Callihan nails a lariat. He and Trauma exchange forearms. Trauma catches him with a spinebuster. Richardson walks across Callihan’s chest. Callihan ducks the Bionic Elbow and forearms Richardson in the neck. Richardson holds up Davis in a delayed vertical suplex. Rockett and Jaz stop Callihan and Crossbones from breaking it up. Trauma gorilla press slams Mantis out onto them all. Richardson drops Davis out of the suplex after that. He looks for a dive but Davis cuts him off leg lariat. Davis and his partners go to work wearing down Rockett in their corner. Rockett catches Callihan with a boot out of the corner. Trauma cleans house with forearms. Crossbones comes off the top with a dropkick. Rockett gives him an axe kick. Rockett blocks Davis’ kick. Jaz spits Hot Chocolate in his eyes! Rockett drops him with the M-80. Richardson drops da bomb with a top rope legdrop for the win at 11:49. Watching Da Soul Touchaz is always fun, but against such a makeshift Rudo team it was a little puzzling and incohesive. It also felt longer than it actually lasted. Trauma impressed in his debut and I’m happy that it would not be the last time we saw him. **½

Colin Delaney is standing outside the building in an ECW show. He mocks the CHIKARA show name saying where he comes from they had show names called “WrestleMania” and “Royal Rumble.” Last time he was in Illinois he was competing for the WWE tag team titles, and how he’s back wrestling baby brother. He says his brother got soft when he left, so tonight he’s going to teach him a lesson. Delaney calls over Leonard F. Chikarason stating these are unprofessional working conditions. He says three of his wrestlers change behind a dumpster and that they need to talk.

Jimmy Olsen vs. Colin Delaney {U}

They aggressively lock-up. Delaney ducks Olsen’s flurry of punches. Olsen counters a monkey flip and lands a second rope crossbody. He chops Delaney but Delaney headbutts him in the stomach. He knocks Olsen down with a shoulder block. Olsen comes back with a couple armdrags and a Frankensteiner. Delaney cracks him with a right hand. After some posturing, Olsen lands a haymaker of his own. Delaney hits the floor and Olsen suicide dives after him. He chops Delaney against the guardrails. Delaney drops Olsen chest first on the guardrails. He then places his head in between the guardrail rungs and dropkicks him. Back in the ring Delaney gets two with a slingshot senton and basement dropkick. He poises for his signature falling clothesline, but instead drops a knee across Olsen’s chest. They each lay in a flurry of chops and some slaps. Delaney goes over in the corner only to eat a superkick. Delaney ducks a punch and hits the RKO for two. He calls for the Attitude Adjustment. Olsen escapes and Overbomb’s Delaney into the corner! He misses a crossbody in the corner. Delaney uses the ropes for a DDT. Olsen kicks out. The other UnStable members Vin Gerard and STIGMA make their way out. Gerard throws his mask in the ring to distract Olsen. He turns around into the Attitude Adjustment from Delaney, giving Delaney the pin at 8:33. This was aggressive and fun to watch, exactly the type of grudge match they should have had. However, the interference felt really forced and unnecessary. I understand having Olsen lose cleanly right off the bat may not be great in terms of the overall story, but Delaney could have cheated without his partners and it would have came off more organic. I still enjoyed this but felt it could have been better. **¾

Incognito & Discovery vs. Rey Makawe & Guerreroito del Futuro

Discovery and Futuro look for control on the mat. Discovery gets it with an armdrag. He flips Futuro in a double wrist clutch. Futuro powers out. Discovery armdrags him again. Incognito and Makawe tag in. Incognito grounds Makawe and puts him in the Romero Special. Incognito armdrags him into a wrist clutch. Futuro breaks the hold. Incognito armdrags Makawe to the ropes. Discovery palm strikes Futuro to the floor for some reason. Makawe puts on a cross armbreaker. Incognito lifts him up and slams his way free. Discovery armdrags and dropkicks Futuro. Incognito flies around evading Makawe’s offense. He sends Makawe to the floor with a springboard armdrag. He embarasses the smaller Futuro by keeping him at bay by shoving his forehead away. Incognito gives him and Makawe tilt-a-whirl backbreakers. Discovery armdrags Makawe out. Futuro dropkicks Discovery from behind. Incognito misses a Swanton. Futuro makes the cover and Discovery saves. Discovery dropkicks Futuro to the floor. Makawe goes for his arm but Incognito saves his partner. Futuro digs into Incognito’s shoulders. Discovery dropkicks Futuro to stop him. He slams Futuro out of fireman’s carry. Incognito crossbody’s Makawe as he tries to interfere. He spins Makawe into a slam. Discovery jams Futuro’s arm. The match is over somehow? I seriously have no idea how, but the time was 13:39. What a disaster. This was moves with no rhyme or reason, a crowd that didn’t really care or understand, and then an awful non-finish. What a waste. I understand there’s a Lucha contingent in Chicago, but I don’t even know if they could have comprehended or enjoyed this. DUD

Drake Younger reminds us that last month he had his chance to bring the Young Lions Cup back to the Midwest when STIGMA came in and caused the DQ. He knows people know him for slapping hands and kissing babies, but tonight he’s planning to show STIGMA what happens when people stick his nose in his business.

We then go outside to Vin Gerard and STIGMA. Gerard says Fire Ant doesn’t deserve a shot since he already held the Cup, but Chikarason will do whatever it takes to take the Cup off of him. Gerard says he’s going to beat Fire Ant tonight and Worker Ant when he gets a shot. He says now Jimmy Olsen wants a shot at it. Gerard says he has a lot more to worry about, like finding Colin Olsen. He laughs saying he’s probably wearing a mask since he doesn’t want to be Jimmy’s partner.

Drake Younger vs. STIGMA {U}

Younger wails away at STIGMA in the corner. After some forearm strikes, he blocks STIGMA’s hip toss with some armdrag variations. More forearms and chops are thrown in the corner. STIGMA gets his boot up in the corner. Younger shoves him to the floor. He follows him out with a cannonball senton. STIGMA hot shots Younger across the guardrail to turn the tide. In the ring he comes off the top rope with a knee strike to the back of Younger’s neck. He facewash kicks his face. Younger goes for a few pinning combinations to no avail. STIGMA chops him in the throat and chokes him on the mat. He chops Younger on the back. Younger tries a kick but STIGMA counters with two dragonscrew leg whips. He slaps Younger in the face. After a forearm exchange, Younger half-nelson suplexes STIGMA onto his head! Vin Gerard and Colin Delaney are now ringside. Younger gets in some clotheslines and a flying forearm for two. He also gets two with an Emerald Frosion. STIGMA counters a Death Valley Driver attempt with a powerbomb. Younger recovers with a successful Death Valley Driver. STIGMA kicks out. Younger calls for the Drake’s Landing. Delaney and Gerard hit the apron. Younger knocks them down. STIGMA hits the Stigmata (tombstone piledriver) for the pin at 8:15. The interference here didn’t seem as bothersome for some reason. Perhaps it seemed more believable that STIGMA would need help against Younger or something. This was really aggressive and fun. This seems like an odd pairing on paper but it worked and the match had a fun flow. Younger is really underrated in the wrestling department. ***

With Vin Gerard already around, it’s decided his Young Lions Cup defense will take place now. STIGMA and Colin Delaney remain ringside, but referee PJ Drummond sends them backstage before the match.

Young Lions Cup
Vin Gerard {U} (Champion) vs. Fire Ant {C}

Although Fire Ant is a former Young Lions Cup champion, Leonard F. Chikarason decreed in a Special Update that former Cup winners cannot compete in the tournament, but as long as they’re age eligible can challenge for the Cup. The two rivals roll around throwing punches with the fight spilling out to the floor. Fire Ant kicks Gerard down. He lays in the chops until Gerard goes back in the ring. Gerard begs off but gets dropkicked back to the floor. Fire Ant follows with a tope con hilo and a senton splash. He misses an Asai moonsault. He lands on his feet but Gerard gives him a running STO. In the ring Gerard stretches out Fire Ant’s arm and chokes him against the ropes. Gerard mocks Fire Ant by taking him over with a fireman’s carry. After a clothesline he chokes Fire Ant on the bottom rope once again. Gerard drives his head multiple times into the middle turnbuckle before delivering a running knee strike. He only gets one with a Rude Awakening. Fire Ant hops in from the apron and Burns Down the House. A rolling senton and back senton follow. He comes off the top with a senton splash for two. Fire Ant misses a crossbody off the second rope. Gerard goes for the STF. Fire Ant blocks it, so Gerard curb stomps him. Gerard powerbombs him twice. He turns Fire Ant into the STF. When Fire Ant doesn’t submit, Gerard lifts him up into a 2k1 Bomb. Fire Ant kicks out. Fire Ant puts Gerard in the STF himself! Gerard gets the ropes. Fire Ant gets the Beach Break for two. He sets up Gerard on the top rope. Gerard fights Fire Ant but ends up falling and getting himself tangled in the ropes. Fire Ant splashes onto Gerard as he’s dangling, sending both men crashing to the floor. They get back in the ring on their knees exchanging shots. Fire Ant gets in a few kicks to the side of the head. He goes for the Beach Break and accidentally knocks down PJ Drummond. The Beach Break works out. STIGMA and Colin Delaney run out to interfere but Jimmy Olsen and Drake Younger run them off! Gerard low blows Fire Ant and pretends as if he were the one being low blowed. Bryce Remsburg runs in to set PJ Drummond straight. While this is happening, Gerard low blows Fire Ant again and rolls him into the STF. Fire Ant taps out at 13:00. At least the finish was built up in the previous two matches, but given how good the beginning and ending were before that it was somewhat of a shame. It’s just a lot of interference to deal with in one sitting. This was about on par with their match from July but that splash with Gerard in the ropes was a memorable and particularly scary moment. ***

Mike Quackenbush, Player Dos {SSB}, Gran Akuma {F}, Amasis {OP} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. Hallowicked {I}, Player Uno {SSB}, Icarus {F}, Ophidian {OP} & Worker Ant {C}

Soldier Ant and Uno have some saluting shenanigans to start. Icarus and Amasis fight for control of a front facelock. Amasis backs Icarus to the corner. Worker Ant and Dos tag in. Worker Ant monkey flips Dos onto his feet causing Dos to hurt his knee. Quackenbush and Hallowicked, the de facto captains, engage in some back and forth Lucha. Hallowicked sends Quackenbush out with a step-up Frankensteiner. Akuma and Ophidian go back and forth. When they start positioning for a pinfall, everyone runs in. Dos, Akuma, Amasis, and Soldier Ant put their opponents (minus Ophidian) in a four way rowboat. In the middle, Quackenbush puts Ophidian in the Cerebro Lock. The smoke clears with Amasis and Hallowicked left standing. Amasis’ dancing does not save him from being dropped stomach first across the top rope. Icarus and Akuma go through some Lucha, ending with Icarus ducking Akuma’s spin kick attempt. Dos and Uno square off. They each get in an armdrag. Dos avoids the Hadouken and nails a spinwheel kick. Ophidian takes down Quackenbush as they enter the ring. He skins the snake. Quackenbush delivers a quebradora backbreaker to send Ophidian out. Worker Ant Baba Chops Soldier Ant out of the ring. Icarus brings Dos in from the apron. He, Hallowicked, Uno, and Worker Ant toss him up in the air. Ophidian flies in with a legdrop for two. Uno blocks Soldier Ant’s saluting headscissors with a side slam. Amasis hops off Icarus’ back into an armdrag. Icarus strings a Manhattan drop and dropkick together. Dos comes off the second rope with a Frankensteiner to Worker Ant. Hallowicked runs the ropes for a courting hold armdrag on Quackenbush. Quackenbush pops up and stares him down. Akuma gets in a couple armdrags on Ophidian. Worker Ant tries a double dropkick to Akuma and Amasis but gets caught in a double slam. Team Quackenbush finally manages to isolate an opponent, wearing down Worker Ant as his partners look on. He manages to slide out after they all attack him in the corner. Hallowicked runs in. Quackenbush immediately takes out his left leg, which the rest of his team wisely targets. Like Worker Ant, Hallowicked hits the floor after being assaulted in the corner. Uno eats a superkick from Quackenbush right away and becomes the new target of the opposing team. Uno enzuigiri’s and suplexes Akuma. Ophidian and Icarus get in some clotheslines on Akuma. Icarus chops up his own partner. He then drags Amasis into the ring. Ophidian and Amasis begin to fight. Icarus and Ophidian land stereo huracanrana’s. This leads to everyone running and rolling each other up. Everyone kicks out. A submission chain is formed. Ophidian ends up posing on Soldier Ant’s chest. Everyone breaks when Bryce begins to count. Icarus, Uno, Ophidian, and Worker Ant dive onto their respective partners. Quackenbush shoves Hallowicked to the floor and follows with a tope con hilo. Worker Ant antzuigiri’s Amasis into Ophidian’s double knees. Hallowicked slams Icarus onto Amasis. Uno frog splashes Amasis for two. Soldier Ant gives Icarus a saluting shoulder tackle. Icarus responds with a Death Valley Driver for two. Soldier Ant knocks him down in the corner and follows in with a saluting forearm. Uno breaks the pin. Quackenbush palm strikes Uno. Uno blocks a second one with the River City Ransom. Quackenbush throws a few kicks before giving Uno the Black Tornado Slam for two. He gives Uno a reverse DDT on the ring apron. Ophidian spikes Dos with the Duat Driver. He goes for the Death Grip. Dos counters with a spin-out uranage. Hallowicked pitches Dos out. Akuma throws kicks at Hallowicked’s legs. Hallowicked blocks a snapmare driver with the Rydeen Bomb for two. Akuma blocks the Graveyard Smash with the snapmare driver. Worker Ant makes the save. He drops Amasis with a brainbuster for two. Worker Ant puts on his Stan Hansen vest. Amasis blocks his lariat with That Move I Beat Moses With. Worker Ant kicks out. Soldier Ant German suplexes Hallowicked into a kick from Akuma and super dropkick from Quackenbush. Dos gives him fisherman’s buster before Amasis nails a 450 splash. Ophidian and Uno break the cover. Uno drops Dos with the Bubble Bobble Buster. Soldier Ant gives Uno a TKO. Worker Ant slams Soldier Ant. Amasis axe kicks Worker Ant. Ophidian spins Amasis into a facebuster. He goes for a Codebreaker on Akuma who instead catches and slams him. Icarus spears Akuma, who then takes a reverse brainbuster from Quackenbush. Hallowicked puts Quackenbush down with a Michinoku Driver and heads up top. Dos cuts him off. He brings Hallowicked with the B13 (a super flip snapmare driver) for the pin at 32:50. For a makeshift main event this was a lot of fun. Everybody got involved, the partner vs. partner stuff was intriguing, and they had a great finish to set up the Campeones de Parejas match for the next night. It was a nice showcase for what CHIKARA is all about, though I do think a little more humor could have broken up some monotony along the way. ***½


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