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Philadelphia, PA – 9.7.2008

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Louden Noxious, Mike Quackenbush, Leonard F. Chikarason, Larry Sweeney, Chuck Taylor, and UltraMantis Black.

Fire Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Gran Akuma {F} & Chuck Taylor {F}

Fire Ant takes Taylor over in a fireman’s carry and applies a bodyscissors. Taylor picks him up in a bodyslam for two. Fire Ant responds with a wheelbarrow armdrag and a springboard tornado clutch. On the floor, Fire Ant uses the apron for another armdrag. Worker Ant snaps off some armdrags on Akuma. After a slam, he and Fire Ant give him a double Manhattan Drop and dropkick. Taylor takes a double clothesline and a senton/legdrop combo. Akuma enzuigiri’s Worker Ant from the apron into a boot from Taylor. F.I.S.T. turn the tide, aggressively working over Worker Ant in their half of the ring. Taylor’s attempt at grenade use backfires as he misses an elbow drop. Worker Ant shoves the grenade in Taylor’s tights. Akuma accidentally kicks Taylor causing it to activate! The Colony land stereo pescado’s to the floor. They give Akuma the Ants Marching neckbreaker for two. Fire Ant catches Taylor with a fireman’s carry. Taylor blocks Burning Down the House and sends him out with Sole Food. Taylor super Frankensteiner’s Worker Ant into a frog splash from Akuma for two. Worker Ant blocks the Falcon Arrow with an antzuigiri. He puts on his Texas vest for a lariat. Akuma blocks it with a snapmare driver. Fire Ant breaks the pin. He and Akuma roll back and forth. Fire Ant ends up spiking him with a DDT. Taylor pulls Fire Ant into the Awful Waffle for the pin at 10:11. The ending stretch was a lot of fun after a somewhat slow start. Again, Taylor and Akuma are an awesome team and these two groups never fail to entertain against one another. **¾

Eddie Kingston mentions that by the luck of the draw he and Lince Dorado were in the ring together last night. He has a feeling it was a fix which some people may think proves Kingston is crazy. Kingston thinks Dorado is crazy for fighting for the fans’ affection despite them booing him, even though he made Kingston tap out. Kingston promises this will be the last time they step in the ring together.

Lince Dorado vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston attacks Dorado from behind. He throws him into the ring post. After beating Dorado on the floor he teases throwing him into the crowd. Instead he brings him into the ring to officially start the match. Kingston tosses him out of a suplex. He chops up Dorado in the corner and snapmares him into a back kick. Dorado ducks a Backfist and hits an enzuigiri. As he comes off the ropes, Kingston hits him with a Backfist. A second Backfist to the Future would get him the pin, but Kingston peels Dorado off the mat instead. Bryce Remsburg makes an excesivo de castigo call, disqualifying Kingston at 2:17. Angry, Kingston gives Dorado two Saito suplexes. Dorado demands that Bryce re-start the match. His wish is granted!

Lince Dorado vs. Eddie Kingston

Dorado fires up with strikes before landing a double stomp. As Dorado comes off the ropes, Kingston kicks him low, resulting in another DQ loss in 0:20. A puzzling way to end the feud but I guess it showcases both men’s characters. *

Eddie Kingston heads to the back in a huff. He angrily says he’s done with Dorado. He won’t let him drive him insane like the wrestling business already has.

The Super Smash Bros. are talking about how man purses can’t be manly, unless you fill them with bricks. Player Uno reminds us that they have two points. Tonight they face the Fabulous Two, who have never faced the Super Smash Bros. before. Dos makes fun of Buck Hawke for not having eyebrows. Uno states they’re going to win.

Player Uno {SSB} & Player Dos {SSB} vs. Mitch Ryder {FT} & Buck Hawke {FT}

Uno has to blow into Dos’ Karate Kid NES cartridge before it will work. Hawke pulls it out before Dos can put his karate skills to use. He does however get in an armdrag and victory roll. Hawke trips Dos and pokes him in the eyes. Ryder takes an armdrag as soon as he tags in. Uno double axe handles Ryder’s arm. Ryder comes back with a running shoulder block. Uno responds with double overhand chops. Uno gets sent to the apron. As Dos comes in to fight Ryder, Hawke attacks him from behind. Uno helps Dos double armdrag the Fabulous Two to the floor. Uno hadouken’s Hawke in the mid-section. Dos drops Hawke with a neckbreaker across Uno’s knee. A knee drop/standing moonsault combo get the Smash Bros. a two count. They hit the Level 20 Wizard. Ryder blind tags in and slams Uno’s face into the mat. Hawke and Ryder gang up on Uno. They do their due diligence keeping Dos outside, distracting referee Derek Sabato and having Ryder pull Dos off the apron himself in another instance. Finally, Uno catches the Fabulous Two with a double clothesline and tags in Dos. He throws spin kicks and slams Ryder into a standing cancun tornado splash. Hawke breaks the pin. He claps Dos’ ears before doing the deal with a Falcon Arrow for two. The Fabulous Two look for a spike piledriver. Uno crotches Hawke on the top. He and Dos double flapjack Ryder. Uno goes for the Goomba Stomp. Hawke shakes the ropes. Dos tosses Ryder to the floor. Hawke goes for the Tomahawke. Dos rolls him into Uno’s Goomba Stomp! The Smash Bros. put Hawke down with Pac-Man Fever for the win and their third point at 12:19. At times this match felt off, with the crowd not feeling it and the action not being as crisp as it could have been. It was a solid story and the rise of the Smash Bros. has been fun to watch, but this could have been a tighter overall package. Uno says they’re coming for the tag belts in Cleveland. **

Jimmy Olsen comes to the ring. He says the jokes been on him this whole time. He was set to face Soldier Ant tonight, but says he’s no longer going to be on the wild goose chase that Vin Gerard sent him on. He says he finally knows where his brother Colin has been, as he saw him on the show last night and knows he’s backstage. Jimmy says they need to talk. Colin Delaney makes his way out to a positive reaction. He and Jimmy embrace. Before Jimmy can ask where he’s been, Colin grabs the microphone. He knows Jimmy is mad that Colin left without telling him where he went. But, he knew Jimmy would be angry if he knew the truth. Colin purposefully left him in the dark so Jimmy could focus on wrestling and try to reach the level of success Colin did. This is why it disappoints Colin that he came back to CHIKARA to find Jimmy worse off than when he left. Cue Vin Gerard and Shane Storm who attack Jimmy from behind. Colin slaps Jimmy in the face repeatedly, telling Jimmy that he did all of this for him. He gives Jimmy the Tommy Dreamer DDT. Lince Dorado tries to help out but gets jumped as he slides into the ring. Gerard says Dorado and Olsen can’t prepare for The UnStable, who they will face next month in Easton, PA. This new faction heads out the front of the arena. Olsen and Dorado are helped out of the ring by officials.

Hallowicked {I}, Delirious {I}, Helios & Hydra {SD} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT}, Crossbones {ONT}, Bruce Maxwell & TJ Cannon

Maxwell and Cannon are known as “The Best Around.” Cannon was apart of the Rey de Voladores mini-tournament back in May. Delirious freaks out at the bell. He poses off with Hydra who has massive pectoral muscles. Hydra ducks Mantis and Crossbones’ double clothesline and knocks them both down! Helios attempts multiple pin attempts at Maxwell before putting on a modified Gory Stretch. He forearms Maxwell in the corner. All of his partners come in to get in their own licks. Helios tiger walks up Maxwell. Maxwell responds with a running suplex. Cannon stomps on his neck. Crossbones throws some kicks to the back and gets two with a running splash. Mantis gives him a Gourd Buster. Cannon comes off the second rope with an elbow drop. Helios sends The Best Around to the floor and follows with a Sasuke Special. Hallowicked big boots Crossbones. He almost attacks Hydra but remembers that they’re teammates. Cannon drops Hallowicked with a uranage. Maxwell sentons onto him. Delirious hits Shadows Over Heck on Maxwell. Helios follows with the Sky is Falling on Cannon. Mantis delivers the Cosmic Disaster. Hydra puts on the Hydralock! Crossbones German suplexes Hydra. Hallowicked chokeslams Crossbones. He and Cannon fight over Maxwell. Delirious trips Maxwell into a schoolboy for the pin at 6:17.Lots of action, though some of Helios’ offense was a bit sloppy at times. **¼

Hydra is washing up and posing backstage. Leonard F. Chikarason congratulates him on his win, but questions his physique. He points out that CHIKARA has a wellness policy and states that he will see Hydra Monday morning to discuss the matter further.

Soldier Ant {C} vs. Colin Delaney {U}

With his brother no longer interested in fighting Soldier Ant, Colin Delaney takes Jimmy Olsen’s place. They trade wristlocks. Soldier Ant salutes, but Delaney punches him to show that he’s in no mood to fool around. He chokes Soldier Ant with his boot and slaps him in the face. Delaney snap suplexes him and gets two with a jackknife pin. A legdrop and knee drop have the same effect. Soldier Ant fires up from Delaney’s slaps. He throws some of his own slaps before taking a chinbreaker. Soldier Ant gives him a diving saluting elbow. He catches Delaney with a quebradora backbreaker. Delaney gets his feet up to block a diving saluting headbutt. He hits the Attitude Adjustment for the pin at 3:26. Like Dorado and Kingston, this was designed to showcase Delaney’s character more than anything else. *

Colin Delaney can’t believe he was given a chump of an opponent by Leonard F. Chikarason. He says if he is to return to CHIKARA, Chikarason better give him somebody worth his while.

Cheech and Cloudy mention that they have been absent for the Summer, taking a siesta and enjoying the beaches. They re-introduce themselves as “The New Wave” Cheech Hernandez and KC ‘Cloudy’ Day, ditching their Up in Smoke gear for swim trunks. They say one win tonight has them surfing to Germany for the Tag World Grand Prix. Surfs up!

Tag World Grand Prix 2008 Qualifying Match
Cheech Hernandez & KC ‘Cloudy’ Day vs. Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP}

Amasis and Cheech reach a stalemate in the opening exchange. Cheech runs the ropes into an armdrag to send Amasis to the floor. Cloudy armdrags Ophidian into an armbar. He ties up his legs and uses Ophidian as a surfboard. Cloudy backdrops Amasis as he tries to interfere. He locks both Portal members in an Octopus Stretch. Cheech takes a swim and surf on the mat in front of them. He then ties up the Portal in a Gory Special/pendulum stretch combo. Ophidian knocks Cheech in the throat and drives his knees into his shoulders. Cheech tosses him out of the corner. Cloudy suplexes him into a slingshot senton from Cheech. Amasis gets tossed between Cloudy and Cheech like a beach ball. Ophidian knee strikes Cloudy in the corner, leading to a spinebuster from Amasis. The Portal isolate Cloudy while mocking his new surfer lifestyle. Cloudy catches Amasis with some kicks to the leg before landing a senton off the second rope. He rolls to the floor, allowing Cheech to come in with elbow strikes and a dropkick to Ophidian. He gives Amasis the Burnout. Ophidian takes Partly Cloudy with a chance of Cheech. Cloudy high crossbody’s Amasis. Amasis catches him with a powerslam as Ophidian puts Cheech in the Death Grip. Cloudy misses an enzuigiri on Ophidian. Amasis however accidentally shoulder blocks his partner. Cloudy drops Amasis with an Ace Crusher. Ophidian breaks the cover. He gives Cheech the Duat Driver. Cloudy makes the save. He goes for a tornado DDT. Ophidian places him on the top rope. The Portal hit the Pyramid Suplex. The Osirian Sacrament give the punc the Portal’s ticket into the Tag World at 12:04. These two teams have had more solid matches in front of better crowds. The action was fine, as Cheech and Cloudy had not lost a step in their respite, and the Portal’s heat segment was quite strong. It just seemed for some reason the crowd wasn’t sinking their teeth into it. **¾

Larry Sweeney vs. Icarus {F}

Icarus comes out in a DX jersey and spits water ala Triple H for whatever reason. He dropkicks Sweeney before the bell and chokes him on the middle rope. He rakes his eyes across the top rope and sends him face first into the turnbuckle. Sweeney responds with some elbows and a butterfly suplex. Icarus stops an Irish whip with an enzuigiri. He suplexes Sweeney and flubs a back dropkick. He puts on a grounded body stretch out of a side Russian legsweep. Sweeney escapes. Icarus cuts him off with a forearm. Sweeney schoolboys Icarus and holds the tights for the pin in 2:05. Well aside from Icarus’ flub there wasn’t much to this. Seeing these guys aggressively fight for a couple minutes was kind of fun though. ½*

Mike Quackenbush & Tim Donst {SD} vs. Vin Gerard {U} & STIGMA {U}

Before the match, Gerard informs us that Shane Storm has changed his name to STIGMA to match his new persona. Quackenbush slaps him in the face. STIGMA looks to slap him back but instead hits the floor. As Quackenbush follows, Donst takes down Gerard back in the ring. Gerard throws him down by his hair. Donst monkey flips him. Donst delivers an atomic drop and running back elbow smash. Gerard bails when Quackenbush tags in. STIGMA charges. Quackenbush takes him down and lays in some right hands and forearms. STIGMA slides to the floor. Quackenbush toreador’s Gerard out and follows with a tope con hilo. Donst chops up STIGMA. STIGMA comes off the second rope with a knee to Donst’s neck. The UnStable wear down Donst’s neck and back. Donst drives STIGMA to the corner. He gets in some punches until Gerard interjects and snaps Donst’s neck across the top rope. STIGMA get two with a senton splash. The UnStable go back to wearing Donst down until he shoulder blocks STIGMA off the apron and STO’s Gerard. STIGMA knocks Quackenbush down, causing his knee to get caught up in the second rope momentarily. The UnStable beat him down some more before willingly tossing him to the floor. They call in Quackenbush who unloads with chops. He hobbles as he hits clotheslines to both of them in opposite corners. He bulldogs Gerard and dropkicks STIGMA into a senton. He then gives Gerard a reverse brainbuster on top of STIGMA. He double stomps them both causing more knee problems. Gerard holds his leg so he and STIGMA can get in some shots to it. STIGMA electric chair drops Quackenbush into a back cracker from Gerard. They try a double suplex but Quackenbush counters with a double neck breaker. Donst German suplexes STIGMA and belly-to-belly suplexes Gerard. He gives STIGMA the Donstitution and Gator Rolls Gerard for two. Quackenbush waistlocks STIGMA. STIGMA reverses. Donst accidentally legdrops Quackenbush as he misses an enzuigiri on STIGMA. Gerard sends Donst outside. Quackenbush goes for the Quackendriver II. STIGMA rolls him up. Quackenbush goes for the CHIKARA Special but accidentally hits Bryce Remsburg when applying it. STIGMA taps but Gerard breaks the hold before Bryce notices. Gerard locks on the STF. Quackenbush’s arm drops thrice giving the UnStable the win at 12:40. Gerard and STIGMA had some fantastic team work in this match. Right off the bat they come off as a formidable unit and in one night ascend to the top of the Rudo ranks. Quackenbush’s hubris and pride got the better of him, something you don’t see often, adding a nice dynamic to the match. This hit all the right check marks it needed to. ***¼

Colin Delaney joins his teammates and gives Donst the Attitude Adjustment on the floor. The UnStable place a steel chair around Quackenbush’s neck. Jimmy Olsen runs out and eats a DDT from Delaney for his troubles. As STIGMA climbs the ropes, an unmasked Jigsaw comes in! He shoves STIGMA off the top rope and superkicks Gerard! The UnStable bail as Jigsaw encourages them to come back and fight. Quackenbush recovers and notices Jigsaw. Jigsaw is smiling and wants a handshake but Quackenbush won’t give it to him. When Jigsaw notices Quackenbush won’t come back to make amends, he leaves through the arena entrance.

A video chronicling the history of Brodie Lee and Claudio Castagnoli’s rivalry is shown. We then go to Claudio who says he’s very excited for his match tonight. Larry Sweeney interjects saying their match and partnership were so good last night, despite them not winning. Sweeney says they both want matches with Mitch Ryder, but since Ryder won’t give him a singles match, he has to go at it in tag action. He knows none of their history is any good but he wants the past to be the past. Sweeney felt magic in the ring, believing them being partnered together was fate. Claudio says no to the partnership and walks off. Sweeney tells him just to think about it.

Steel Cage Match
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Brodie Lee

The match can be won by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage. Lee strikes Claudio as he tries to enter the ring. He sends Claudio shoulder first into the ring steps. Claudio knocks Lee off the apron as he tries to enter the cage and suicide dives after him. The match proper starts with Claudio’s clotheslines not budging Lee. Lee belly-to-belly suplexes him into the cage! He chokes Claudio with his shirt and shoulder blocks him into the cage. Lee throws some thrusts at Claudio’s throat. He whips Claudio into the cage and boots him in the chest for two. Lee goes back to the throat when Claudio avoids being whipped into the cage. Claudio gets his boot up to stop Lee’s corner charge. Lee however manages to butterfly superplex Claudio for two. Claudio uses his boot to fend off Lee in the corner. Lee smacks him in the face and stands right on his throat. He throws some chops. He mocks Claudio by throwing a European uppercut. Fired up, Claudio dishes out some uppercuts of his own. Lee gets his hands up to avoid being sent face first into the cage. Claudio whips him head first into the opposite side of the cage. He Giant Swings Lee head first into the cage. Claudio pins a now bloody Lee for two. He punches Lee in the corner until Lee drops Claudio face first onto the top rope. He drops Claudio out of a torture rack into a neckbreaker. Lee goes to climb the cage. Claudio pulls him down. He gorilla press slams Lee into the side of the cage! After recovering, Lee reverses an Irish whip to the corner and lands a big boot. He gets two with a running Liger Bomb. Once again Lee climbs the cage but the blood loss makes escaping difficult. He and Claudio fight on the top rope. They end up both crotching themselves on the top rope. They trade slaps and punches on their knees and back up to their feet. Claudio ducks a clothesline and hits Swiss Death for two. He calls for the Ricola Bomb. Lee shoves Claudio into the corner which knocks down Bryce Remsburg. Lee backdrops Claudio. Claudio however lands on his feet and hits Swiss Chin Music. Derek Sabato can’t get in the ring as the door is chained shut. Claudio revives Bryce. Claudio blocks Lee’s boot with an uppercut. He hits the Ricola Bomb for two. Lee blocks a couple uppercuts. He turns Claudio inside out with a rolling clothesline. He powerbombs Claudio into the cage and then onto the canvas. Claudio kicks out! Lee nails the big boot, but Claudio once again kicks out. Lee calls out Buck Hawke who tries to give Lee a chain, but Larry Sweeney cuts Hawke off! Lee is nearly on the other side of the cage wall. He and Claudio once again battle on the top rope. Claudio uppercuts Lee back to the mat. Claudio then dives off the top off the cage with a huge European Uppercut! A big Ricola Bomb gets him the win at 15:48. This was an appropriate war for this feud to conclude on. Both guys threw all their big guns out, Lee bled to add to the drama, Claudio’s diving uppercut was a sight to behold, and even the short inclusion of Sweeney and Hawke made sense as did a throwback to all the referee nonsense that went on. It was a good way to encapsulate all the work put in prior to this match and made for a very satisfying watch. ****

You can watch the match in its entirety here.


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