PWG: All Star Weekend 7


Reseda, CA – 8.30.2008

Vin Gerard vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Jacobs aggressively takes Gerard down in a side headlock, laying in right hands to the face. Gerard rolls him onto his shoulders for a nearfall. He gets on a hammerlock. Jacobs rakes at Gerard’s face and spits at him. He goes for Jacobs’ leg, so Jacobs grabs the ropes. Gerard takes him down in a double knuckle lock and stomps on his hand. He chokes Jacobs in the corner. Jacobs slaps him in the face and boots him down. He pitches Gerard to the floor and follows with a diving forearm. He sits Gerard on a chair and pescado’s onto him through it. Back in the ring Jacobs hits a spear for two. He counters Gerard’s running STO with a choke. Gerard however reverses Jacobs’ whip with a leg sweep STO. He slams Jacobs’ head into the middle turnbuckle, then nails a running knee to the face for two. He pulls Jacobs off the ropes into a powerbomb for two. A running shooting star press gets him two as well. He looks for the STF. Jacobs escapes before it can be applied. Gerard drops him with a Rude Awakening for two. He can’t get the STF on. Gerard gets a superplex, then successfully gets the STF on. Jacobs gets the ropes, but Gerard pulls him back into the middle of the ring. When Jacobs won’t submit Gerard tires a 2k1 Bomb. Jacobs turns it into the End Time. Gerard taps out at 11:34. Although this had promise with both guys having similar characters, this went from aggressive to dull pretty quickly. The latter half was just not interesting and the fans were not all that responsive outside of occasionally chanting “Equinox” for their own amusement. **

PWG World Championship
Chris Hero (Champion) vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Low Ki vs. Necro Butcher

Kingston talks trash causing him to be struck by Butcher and Hero. He fails to avoid a chop by Ki. Hero gets on a wristlock. Ki kicks him in the chest to escape. Butcher and Kingston are fighting near the building entrance. Kingston chokes Butcher with his boot. Hero shoulder blocks Ki and snapmares him into a senton. Kingston pokes Butcher in the eyes when he sees Butcher begin to get angry. Hero puts Ki in a cravate while Kingston throws Butcher into some chairs. Ki kicks free but takes some chops. Hero puts Ki in a chinlock. Kingston attacks Hero from behind. He sends Butcher and Ki head first into one another. Kingston chops up Ki while keeping Hero on the floor, as well as Butcher. He gets two with a Northern Lights suplex on Ki. Hero sneaks in a running boot on Kingston. Butcher hits Hero with a chair as he hits the ropes. Kingston uranage suplexes Hero for two. He yakuza kicks Ki, then turns his attention back to Hero. He pokes him in the eyes. Hero responds with a boot and Blockbuster. Ki lights up Kingston with chops. He misses a forearm, but Hero gets in a couple boots on Kingston. Ki follows up with the Tidal Wave. Butcher gives Kingston the Tiger Driver ‘98 but Ki breaks the cover. Hero and Kingston fight ringside. Butcher gouges Ki’s eyes. Ki pulls him into an enzuigiri. He double stomps him on the second ropes. Hero swings Ki around like a ragdoll in a cravate. Kingston hits Hero with the Backfist to the Future. Butcher breaks the pin. He punches Kingston and gives him a bulldog for two. After laying in boots to Kingston in the corner, Butcher boots Ki to the floor. He follows and headbutts Ki. After trading some strikes, Ki boots Butcher into some chairs. A dazed Hero re-enters the ring. He gives Kingston sme strikes, but eats some slaps and a headbut in return. Hero gives a headbutt back. He ducks the Backfist. He hits a rolling elbow and cravate suplexes Kingston. A running boot gets him two. Butcher headbutts Kingston and clotheslines him to the floor. Ki Koppu Kicks Hero. Ki misses the Tidal Wave and eats a punch from Butcher. Ki double stomps Butcher after elbowing him to the mat. He puts Butcher in the Dragon Clutch. At the same time, Hero nails Kingston with two rolling elbows for the pin at 17:22. With these four, you’d expect it to be a little crazier. The issue is that while there’s so many intriguing singles bouts you could produce with the four individuals, together it felt like a styles clash at times. None of the challengers were built up well at all so aside from the crowd reacting to headbutts, chops, etc., there really was no emotional investment in terms of a winner or loser, outside of a certain segment of fans who didn’t want Hero to win. That said, I do think it was nice that they had continuous action with all four individuals happening and had organic ways of taking guys out of the action to keep things from getting chaotic. It’s a fun novelty seeing these four in the ring at the same time, but nothing more. I did really like the finish though, as both Butcher and Ki could lay claim to future title shots since neither of them took the fall or submitted. ***

Reseda, CA – 8.31.2008

Vin Gerard & Chuck Taylor vs. Joey Ryan & Scott Lost

Taylor and Ryan boot each other in the stomach at the same time. They gouge each others’ eyes at the same time, as well as pulling each others’ hair. They block each others hip tosses repeatedly until they get winded. Gerard and Lost tag in. Lost avoids Gerard’s offense and slides to the floor. Gerard chases him. He ducks Lost’s ring post tiger feint kick. In the ring Lost log rolls Gerard’s legs out. He knocks him down with a single leg dropkick. Ryan and Lost work over Gerard’s left arm. Taylor gets confused and gives Gerard a double axe handle to his arm. Lost tosses Taylor to the floor and goes back to work on Gerard. Ryan gives him a right punch for two. He assists Lost with a standing moonsault for two. As the Dynasty continue their beatdown, Taylor comes in asking to help them out. He outsmarts them by taking them down with a double clothesline. He hits Lost with a dropkick. Taylor puts on a modified seated Octopus. Gerard takes over with a nerve hold. As payback, he gives Lost a double axe handle to the ribs. He and Taylor double team Lost while the referee is busy with Ryan. Taylor hits a quebrada and Gerard gets two. Gerard and Taylor continue to wear Lost down until he catches Gerard with an Ace Crusher. Ryan tags in. He slams Taylor after a few punches. Ryan avoids a monkey flip. He kicks Taylor in the side of the head. Gerard chokes Ryan in the corner. Ryan avoids a corner attack from Taylor. He spears Gerard and superkicks Taylor. Gerard breaks the fall so Ryan tosses him to the floor. Lost comes off top with a frog elbow on Taylor. Gerard again breaks the cover. Taylor superkicks Lost into Gerard’s 2k1 Bomb. Ryan makes the save. He elbows Gerard to the floor. Taylor overhead suplexes Ryan to intercept his dive. Gerard hangs Lost in the second rope. Taylor sentons onto him. He gives Ryan a Sole Food into Gerard’s STO. Taylor does a Spaceman dive onto Ryan and Lost on the floor. Gerard puts Lost in the STF. Ryan kicks Gerard to break it. He gives him a high knee lift. Ryan gives Taylor a knee to the face. He pedigrees Taylor and Gerard simultaneously. Lost locks them both in the Sharpshooter. They both tap out at 16:27. That went on significantly longer than it should have. This was at it’s best when everyone was being goofy and I think that’s the route they should have gone. What I got from this was that Taylor won over the PWG fans in his debut weekend while Gerard did not. They did make for a pretty solid makeshift team, they just got have had a stronger, more entertaining match overall if they took it in a different direction. **¾

Eddie Kingston vs. Necro Butcher

Kingston jaw jacks with the fans a long time before the bell. Butcher throws him into multiple corners and delivers a running punch. He brings Kingston to the floor. He boots him in the ring entrance and hits him thrice with a garbage can. He throws some shots as Kingston is seated in a chair. Butcher throws a thrust kick near the commentary table. He sends Kingston face first into some chairs held by fans. Back in the ring Kingston nails a jump up knee strike. After a back fist, Kingston tries going after a fan, but gets held back. He chokes Butcher on the ropes. He puts on a sleeper hold. Butcher punches his way out. He pummels Kingston in the corner. Kingston comes back with an enzuigiri and short-arm lariat. He tosses Butcher in an overhead suplex for two. He comes off the second rope. Butcher catches him on the way down with a punch. Uncharacteristically, Butcher comes off the top with a high crossbody for the win at 9:49! That finish was pretty hilarious. This was a lot more charismatic and fun from their match at “Scared Straight” and a good follow up from the previous nights bout that involved them. **½


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