Elite Pro: Haze of Insanity


Oak Forest, IL – 8.23.2008

Elimination Match
Helios & Marshe Rockett vs. Ash & Kris Chambers vs. Mustafa Ali & Jake O’Neill

Helios and Ali exchange holds to start. Helios gets in a couple armdrag variations. He tosses O’Neill to the floor and armdrags Ali after him. Ash and Chambers jump Helios but end up taking a double quebrada. He tiger walks up Chambers and flips Ash into him. Helios lands a cannonball senton onto both men. Ali throws Helios to the floor. He accidentally gamengiri’s O’Neill. Rockett takes out Ali with an axe kick. Rockett dives onto everybody (sans Helios) outside the ring. Helios follows his partners lead with the Sasuke Special. Back in the ring Rockett backdrops Chambers. Ash kicks Rockett into a spinebuster from Chambers. Chambers and Ash isolate Rockett.Rockett is able to avoid a corner attack, roll under a clothesline, and tag in Helios. Helios comes in with a double dropkick to Ash and Chambers. He spins out O’Neill in a slam. Ali and Helios fight for a waistlock. Helios sends Ali to the apron. Ali snaps his neck across the top rope. O’Neill does the deal with a Falcon Arrow for two. He drop toe holds Helios into a dropkick from Ali. Ali hits a spinwheel kick. He hangs Helios in the corner and nails an enzuigiri. Ali accidentally forearms Chambers. Ash punches Ali. Ali kicks Rockett away but Rockett catches him with the M-80. Ash foolishly breaks the pin. Rockett gives Ace Crushers to Ash and O’Neill. Chambers superkicks Rockett. Ali stupidly breaks his pin. Ali drives Chambers face first into the corner. He drives O’Neill crotch first into the corner and Ash gives him a back cracker. Ash and Chambers backdrop Helios onto Ali and O’Neill outside. Ash enzuigiri’s Rockett into a German suplex from Chambers. Ash puts Rockett Away with Californication (the Quebec Crash) in 13:36. Ash and Chambers take control of O’Neill and Ali until Ash accidentally boots Chambers. O’Neill gives Ash a backbreaker. Ali dropkicks him. Ali hits the WMD (reverse 450) on Chambers for the pin and the win at 15:07. This was fast paced and super fun. Rockett and Helios stole the show, but you saw a lot of potential in Ali even at this point in his career. **¾


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