American Luchacore: Tales From the Core


Bellefontaine, OH – 8.1.2008

American Lucha Cup Qualifying Match
Mike Quackenbush vs. Vin Gerard vs. Christian Abel vs. Gregory Iron vs. CJ Otis vs. Osyris

Gerard tags in Iron before he can lock up with Quackenbush. Quackenbush feels guilty tying up Iron’s crippled hand. Iron uses the opportunity to sucker punch Quackenbush. Abel comes in. Quackenbush throws his foot into Iron and forces Iron to backdrop Abel. He sends Iron into him with a dropkick as well. Abel and Iron each put on an overhead wristlock. Quackenbush armdrags his way free and dropkicks them both to the floor. Gerard knees Quackenbush from the apron and pitches him out. Otis chops up Gerard and drives his knees into his back. He gives Gerard a Perfect neck snap. Osyris gets in some shots on Otis before giving him a rolling senton. Abel gets Otis in a side headlock. Otis gives him a chinbreaker. Quackenbush palm strikes Abel to the floor. Osyris absorbs Quackenbush’s attacks. He drops him with a big slam. Quackenbush finds himself bullied by Iron, Gerard, and Abel. He gets his knees in Abel’s crotch and takes down Iron with a running elbow strike. Quackenbush clotheslines Gerard into a facebuster and superkick. He gets two with the Black Tornado Slam. Gerard drops him with an STO. Otis clotheslines Gerard and back elbows Quackenbush out. Iron uses the ropes for a DDT on Otis. Otis back elbows Iron to the floor. Abel gives Otis a Death Valley Driver. Osyris breaks the fall. Abel takes him out with some kicks to the legs and a chop to the head. Osyris mows him down with a clothesline. He comes off the second rope with a splash. Everyone comes in to break up the pin. Otis sneaks in the Chaos Theory on Abel. Otis German suplexes Quackenbush. He then German suplexes Gerard and Iron at the same time. Osyris dropkicks Otis. He goes to the top rope. Otis somehow brings him down with a German superplex for the pin at 15:48. No rhyme or reason to much going on here. Just stuff and a finish. *


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