Velocity Pro: Summer Bash 2008


Philadelphia, PA – 7.20.2008

Hallowicked vs. Chris Hero

Hero drops a knee on Hallowicked’s arm. He uses the ropes for a neckdrag. Hallowicked put on an armbar. Hero drops him down and lands a senton for two. He uses the ropes again for an armdrag. Hallowicked runs the ropes in a courting hold. He and Hero trade armdrags. Hero knocks Hallowicked to the floor with a rolling elbow. Hallowicked kicks out Hero’s legs and kicks him in the side of the head. Back in the ring he gets two with a crucifix pin. Hero tries a sunset flip but gets kicked in the face. Hallowicked lands a senton for two. Hero rolls through a super snapmare. He nails a rolling elbow and small packages Hallowicked for two. After a Blockbuster he boots Hallowicked in the back of the head. They duck each others’ big boots. Hallowicked takes Hero over with a step-up Frankensteiner and hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow for two. Hero nails the rolling elbow for the pin at 7:14. Technically fine but nothing special. Pretty much the typical fare from either participant. *½

Larry Sweeney vs. Shiima Xion

Sweeney and Xion exchange holds looking for control. Sweeney elbows out of a hammerlock. Xion takes him over with an armdrag. Sweeney tries blocking a clothesline but Xion pulls him into an armdrag. Xion sends Sweeney face first into all four corners. Xion avoids a corner attack but misses a top rope dropkick. Sweeney catches him with a knee lift and applies a chinlock. He uses the ropes for some leverage. Xion escapes and crossbody’s Sweeney for two. Sweeney brings him out of the corner with a butterfly suplex. Xion ducks some punches. He gets in a jawbreaker. Xion hits the top rope dropkick this time around. Sweeney kicks out. The Crystal Pistol and Bible Black get Xion a two count. They fight on the second rope. Xion shoves Sweeney off. He lands a crossbody. Sweeney rolls through and holds the tights for the pin at 6:58. Decent back and forth action, but again, nothing to really sink your teeth into. *


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