Young Lions Cup VI Night III


Hellertown, PA – 6.15.2008

Commentary is provided by Louden Noxious, UltraMantis Black, Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, Shayne Hawke, Larry Sweeney, and Mike Quackenbush.

C-Red is in the back with all three Soul Touchaz. C-Red says they came up a little short in the Young Lions Cup, but tonight they have one more chance for a win. When all is said is done, they’re going back to Chicago with their heads held high and chests puffed out.

Marshe Rockett {ST}, Acid Jaz {ST} & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson {ST} vs. Larry Sweeney {FT}, Mitch Ryder {FT} & Shayne Hawke {FT}

Richardson tosses Ryder to the mat. Ryder claims that he pulled his tights. Richardson tosses him to the mat again. Ryder gets in some elbows to the back before being taken down with a hip toss. Hawke and Sweeney also take hip tosses as they run in. Rockett and Jaz come in to celebrate. The Fabulous Three attack them from behind. Da Soul Touchaz greet them with triple hip tosses and scoop slams. Hawke charges at Rockett and eats a boot for his troubles. Rockett lands a legdrop. Richardson slams Rockett on top of Hawke. Jaz and Richardson slap him all across his body before Richardson powerslams him. Sweeney whips Jaz to the corner. Jaz comes off the second rope with a clothesline for two. Sweeney rakes his eyes. Jaz responds with a side Russian legsweep. He delivers two clotheslines and break dances into a fist drop. Sweeney retreats to the floor. Richardson puts Ryder in a wristlock. To give them a taste of their own medicine, he bites Ryder’s fist behind Bryce Remsburg’s back. Ryder pokes him in the eyes, allowing the Fabulous Three to wear down Richardson in their half of the ring. Richardson begins to fire up when Ryder rams his head into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Ryder misses two elbow drops allwoing Richardson to tag in Rockett. He takes out all of the Fabulous Three with bodyslams. Hawke snapmares him into a back kick from Ryder. Rockett throws some fists at Ryder. Jaz spits the Swiss Mist into Hawke’s face. He knocks down Ryder with a right hand. Rockett drops Sweeney with the M-80. Richardson drops the bomb with a top rope leg drop for the pin at 16:03. That was a lot of fun. The crowd loves Da Soul Touchaz and with the Fab 3 they managed a great blend of humor and wrestling. A nice way to open the show. **¾

Mitch Ryder gets on the microphone. He asks Sweeney what happened. Sweeney says he took a legdrop from the 500 pound gorilla. Ryder points out that he and Hawke are successful when it’s just the two of them but seem to come up short when they team with Sweeney. Ryder calls him the weak link of the team and a loser. Ryder and Hawke leave him all by himself in the ring. Sweeney seems non-plused as he heads to the back.

Lince Dorado vs. Jimmy Olsen

Olsen dives at Dorado. Dorado avoids it and hits a dropkick. He comes off the second rope with a moonsault press for two. Olsen slides to the floor. He avoids Dorado’s baseball slide and delivers a forearm strike. He drops Dorado chest first on the ring apron. Back in the ring he drives his forearm into Dorado’s neck. He goes after his mask. Dorado shoves him away. Olsen gets two with a suplex. Dorado tries a standing moonsault. Olsen gets his feet up to block it. He drops an elbow. Dorado throws some forearms. Olsen backs him to the corner and knees him in the face. He goes after Dorado’s mask again. From the apron Dorado springboards in with a crossbody. He gives Olsen a running knee strike in the corner. He follows up with a Lynxsault for two. They block each others’ offense. Olsen catches Dorado with a corner crossbody. His beautiful missile dropkick is only good for two. Dorado strings an enzuigiri and low spinwheel kick together. He hits a standing Spanish Fly and locks on an Anaconda Vise. Olsen shoves Bryce away by his shirt and takes off Dorado’s mask! As Dorado covers up, Olsen pins him at 6:01. That was an intense six minutes. Both guys really took it to each other, showing a new side of Olsen. This packed a nice punch in a short amount of time. ***

Mike Quackenbush makes his way out. Louden Noxious says that Mike has some explaining to do after attacking Shane Storm last night. Here, verbatim, is Mike’s extremely important speech:

“I asked Leonard Chikarason if I could have a couple of minutes to come out here for an explanation for some stuff that went down yesterday. And when I am done, I am going to ask for an explanation of my own. I also want to take this time to apologize to official Bryce Remsburg as I certainly lost my cool after the match last night. No offense, Bryce.

About two months ago, after a show called “Deuces Wild” here, a group of the usual suspects and I got together in the back to get dinner after the show, swap stories, talk about the matches, all that usual business. Conspicuous by his absence was Tim Donst. One of the guys told me during the show, Donst had got dropped on his head and left with UltraMantis Black and his cronies. Tim Donst is a friend of mine, one of my students, and a guy I care about. So I got on my phone, I called him a couple of times, he did not pick up. And let me assure you there are few people that appreciate the seriousness of head injuries like I do. I called him, no answer, I called him, no answer, but the next day he picked up. He told me he had spent the whole night listening to UltraMantis Black trying to persuade him that he belonged in the Neo-Solar Temple. When Tim Donst said that, an unusual opportunity presented itself.

Because at the end of 2007, on one of the episodes of our Podcast, UltraMantis Black briefly remarked that he knew how Chris Hero came to know the reversal to the CHIKARA Special. He said it in such a way that most people wouldn’t remember it. But that thought plagued me since the night I heard it, since the night those words came out of UltraMantis’ mouth. So in that phone conversation, on that afternoon, Tim Donst and I hatched a little plan. Because, if we were to find out how the counter to the CHIKARA Special made it from our Tecnico session on a Tuesday night to Chris Hero, there was no one in a better place to figure it out than Tim Donst.

The CHIKARA Special, which I am willing to say the majority of the people in the room have not been in it, is a hold of solid nuance. And if you were put in it once or twice, maybe you could figure out how to put it on for yourself. But you could not know…you could NOT know the exact counter that I taught to my guys. You just couldn’t. And at “The Sordid Perils of Everyday Existence”, I saw Chris Hero use that exact counter in this ring. It was then I knew we had a traitor in our midst. So after eight weeks of vegan treats and 80’s face paint, Tim Donst, my inside man Tim Donst, heard the name we had been waiting to hear. And he made a beeline to ringside and he put it in my ear. And when I heard it, I could not believe. I did not want to believe what he was saying to me. And I looked across the ring, I looked at Shane Storm, and I knew it had to be true. I don’t know why; but Shane Storm, it’s time for you to face the music. So come on out here, because you owe me, and half the boys in the back, an explanation right now.

…Shane Storm, can you hear my voice?”

Leonard F. Chikarason comes out to tell Mike that he looked everywhere in the back and that Storm is not here. Chikarason says he never saw him and he had been there all day.

Quackenbush says “If he’s not here then that’s fine, because he lives only 15 minutes from here.” Quackenbush then tosses the mic to Chikarason, takes out his car keys, and leaves through the back door to go after his now former partner.

Ultimo Breakfast, Sami Callihan & Steve “The Turtle” Weiner vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F} & Chuck Taylor {F}

Icarus forearms Breakfast to the corner. His head accidentally hits Breakfast’s toaster head. Breakfast spins him around before giving him a flapjack. Akuma and Callihan have an intense lock-up. Akuma throws kicks while Callihan responds with chops. They duck each others’ punches. Akuma ducks a lariat and slides to the floor. Weiner and Taylor tag in. Weiner rams him face first into the top turnbuckle. Taylor asks for a handshake, baiting him into an eye poke. Weiner knocks him down with a running forearm. Breakfast snapmares Taylor into a headscissors. Icarus knocks Callihan and Weiner off the apron before putting Breakfast in his own headscissors. Callihan puts one on Icarus and Akuma putsone on Callihan. Weiner turns everyone over in a Boston Crab. Akuma grabs the ropes to break the chain. Icarus and Taylor dropkick Weiner to the floor as Akuma low bridges Callihan out. Akuma hits Breakfast with a fallaway kick into a back cracker from Icarus and a senton from Taylor. Breakfast continues to be worn down by F.I.S.T. until Akuma foolishly dropkicks him to his corner. Weiner tags in. He clotheslines Taylor twice. Weiner gets attacked by Taylor and Icarus in the corner. Akuma accidentally runs into his shell. Callihan and Breakfast splash Akuma against Weiner’s shell, then whip Weiner into Akuma. Weiner takes him down with a bulldog. Icarus breaks the pin. He goes for the Wings of Icarus on Breakfast. Breakfast counters with He’s Toast. Icarus kicks out. He fights off Breakfast’s shoulders and successfully pulls off the Wings of Icarus. Weiner breaks the pin. Akuma and Callihan trade strikes and kicks. Akuma drives him knees first into the mat and kicks him right in the head. Callihan pops up and gives Akuma a Saito suplex. Akuma responds with an exploder suplex. Callihan nails a lariat. Both guys collapse. Weiner sends Icarus and Taylor to the floor with Akuma. Weiner falls off the apron onto them and his partners. Callihan attacks Icarus in the corner. He misses a forearm and falls victim to F.I.S.T. Kicks. Shooty McGee follows. Akuma hits a top rope moonsault. He does the deal with the Falcon Arrow for the pin at 15:30. Callihan was the star of this match. He and Akuma had some awesome exchanges and the crowd really got behind him. Breakfast also got a chance to showcase his new persona while the F.I.S.T. team’s cohesion brought in some really fun moments. Good times. ***

Tim Donst wonders how naive Mantis could be. He says he felt like a lion trapped in a lion’s cage the past few months, but his time in the Order wasn’t all bad. He went undefeated, he and Hydra collected three points, and he learned some new tricks. Donst is going to use some of those tricks against Ethan Page tonight and then he’s going after the man who dropped him on his head.

Tim Donst vs. Ethan Page

Donst is back in his USA singlet and is accompanied by Hydra. Page slaps Donst in the face instead of shaking his hand. Donst takes him over with a fireman’s carry. He slaps Page right back and snaps his neck across the top rope. UltraMantis Black comes out and drags Hydra to the back! Page capitalizes on the distraction. He applies a rear chinlock. After some chops he tries a hip toss. When Donst is about to reverse it, Page pulls a remote control out of his tights and rewinds the sequence. He presses play and this time he rakes Donst’s eyes when he goes to reverse the hip toss. He gets two with a sit-out gourdbuster. Donst ducks some clotheslines. Page sends him out to the floor. Donst tosses him overhead in a belly-to-belly suplex. Page pulls Donst out to the floor with him. He gets in some shots before tossing Donst back in. Page jaw jacks with some fans, allowing Donst to suicide dive onto him. Donst drops him with an STO for two. Page catches him with a boot. He comes off the second rope with a flying DDT. He hits the Doctor Bomb for two. Donst comes back with the Donstitution for the pin at 7:37. It’s amazing how far these two would come in the next few years (namely in AIW) but for the time they looked pretty good. You could tell they had unrealized potential, and that this was nothing more than for Donst to prove that he’s “back” to the Donst of old. **¼

Sara Del Rey & Bobby Dempsey {ROH} vs. Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP}

Amasis makes a proposal to Sara to come back to Egypt to be his Queen. Sara’s insulted by his insinuations of her doing house work and shoves Amasis to the corner. He sicks Ophidian after her. She takes Ophidian down in a side headlock and gets two with a seatbelt pin. They trade pinfall attempts of all kinds. They then trade strikes. Sara comes off the middle rope with a crossbody. She misses a kick. Ophidian Tiger walks up her but then gets kicked to the corner. She gets two with a small package. Amasis and Dempsey tag in. Dempsey lifts him up in a double knuckle lock. Amasis does a little dancing. Dempsey sends it back which upsets Amasis. Amasis’ offense does nothing. Dempsey takes him down with a hip toss and a couple of slams. Sara sends Amasis into Dempsey’s large stomach, causing a ping pong effect which allows Sara to get in multiple strikes. Dempsey and Sara send the Portal to the floor with tandem belly bumps. The Portal hypnotize Sara, then send her face first into the mat with a double leg sweep. The Portal isolate Sara until she catches Amasis with a second rope dropkick. Ophidian dropkicks Dempsey off the apron, but Dempsey drags him outside of the ring. Sara trips Amasis and tags in Dempsey. He tosses Amasis overhead with an arm capture suplex. He lifts up Ophidian by his neck. Ophidian counters with a Frankensteiner. He comes off the top with double knees. Sara blocks a kick. She puts Ophidian in the Royal Butterfly submission. He transitions into the Death Grip. Amasis takes down Dempsey with a diving shoulder tackle to make sure he can’t break the submission. She drives Ophidian to the corner. The Portal hit her with the Slave Initiation. The Pyramid Suplex follows. Dempsey breaks the pin. The Portal accidentally crash into each other trying to attack Dempsey. He cannonball splashes Amasis. He misses it on Ophidian. Ophidian tries a sunset flip. Dempsey sits down on his chest to get the pin at 13:20. Clever pin. I enjoy seeing the Sweet N’ Sour tag team in CHIKARA. They fit in. The Portal were fun foils for them and it was surprising to see them lose here. **½

Soldier Ant {C} vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston and Soldier Ant slap each other in the face. Kingston brings Soldier Ant down in a waistlock and applies a front chancery. He puts him in a double leg trap. Soldier Ant escapes a head vice with a chinbreaker. Kingston chops him against the ropes. Soldier Ant sends him to the floor with a satellite headscissors. He follows with a forearm off the apron. They exchange strikes around ringside. Soldier Ant has the upper hand as they come back inside the ring. He gets in some chops before Kingston gets two with a belly-to-belly suplex. He stomps on Soldier Ant’s chest for another two count. He puts on a Camel Clutch, grasping at Soldier Ant’s face. Kingston peppers him with open hand slaps and chops. He takes Soldier Ant over with a suplex and chokes him on the middle rope. Soldier Ant blocks a boot. He takes Kingston down with a dragonscrew leg whip. Kingston rolls to the floor. Like a missile Soldier Ant dives after him. He then dives again, tope con hilo style. Soldier Ant lands a saluting crossbody back in the ring. He goes back up tp. Kingston catches him this time with a uranage suplex. He tosses him in a leg-capture belly-to-belly suplex. He back suplexes Soldier Ant onto his head. Soldier Ant uses the ropes to pull himself up. He avoids another suplex and dropkicks Kingston to the corner. He follows in with a diving saluting forearm. Some more forearms are thrown. He slams Kingston off of his shoulders before coming off the top with a saluting headbutt. Kingston kicks out of the pin. Kingston puts on a modified sleeper hold. Soldier Ant uses the ropes to break. He turns into the Backfist to the Future giving Kingston the pinfall victory at 9:18. This was a nice, hard hitting exhibition match. Soldier Ant never really gets the opportunity to shine in singles competition but did so here. Kingston is the best at carrying himself like an ass kicking villain. **¾

Brodie Lee is backstage, mentally pre-occupied with Claudio Castagnoli. He says to his opponent Drake Younger “wrong place, wrong time.”

Drake Younger vs. Brodie Lee

Younger and Lee start pummeling each other outside of the ring. Lee gets in some throat thrusts and a slap to the face. Younger slaps him back and delivers a headbutt. He comes off the apron with a Swanton to a standing Lee. They trade strikes again. Younger sends Lee shoulder first into the ring post. Back in the ring Younger delivers a running knee strike and a splash for two. Lee misses a corner splash. Younger backdrops him. He goes to the apron and tries to suplex Lee to the floor. Lee instead chokeslams Younger onto the ring apron in which Younger lands face and shoulder first! Younger finds a way to kick out. Lee stomps on him. Younger tries fighting back. Lee throws him out of a pump-handle suplex. Younger fires up. He dumps Lee on his head with a Regalplex. Lee fights up. Younger headbutts Lee sending both men down. They exchange forearms. Younger blocks a big boot and Dragon suplexes Lee for two. Lee blocks an Irish whip with the Boss Man Slam. The Liger Bomb is only good for two. Lee misses the big boot. Younger throws some elbows to the neck before attempting Drake’s Landing. Lee slides out. He shoves Younger away. He cracks him with the Big Boot for the pin at 5:24 (official). Easily one of the most hard hitting matches in CHIKARA. I could have watched this for hours. So fun. ***

Stupefied is talking about how awesome grilled cheeses are in French. Player Uno says they’re starting their quest for three points again tonight. They face the Campeones de Parejas, Incoherence, who neither guy has anything to say about. They claim they’re getting one point tonight. They miss their ending high five again.

Delirious {I} & Hallowicked {I} vs Player Uno {SSB} & Stupefied {SSB}

Delirious freaks out at the bell. He laughs at Uno for only being 8-bit claiming he and Hallowicked are 1080p. He tells Uno to “live in the now.” He tells Hallowicked that Genesis is cooler than him, which enrages the SSB. The crowd chants for NES, so Delirious chants Sega CD. Uno and Delirious argue about video games. Delirious decides it’s time to wrestle. He headbutts Uno’s hand in a wristlock. He applies an armbar. Uno switches to a waistlock. Delirious reverses. Delirious withstands a shoulder block. He and Uno get in another argument. Delirious proclaims that “Princess Peach is a tramp” which stuns everybody. Uno angrily gives him a right hand. Delirious pauses him by accident as he gets to his feet. He theorizes that you have to blow into him like an NES cartridge. Stupefied unpauses him while Delirious is distracted. Uno rolls him up for two. Delirious kicks him in the stomach and tags in Hallowicked. Uno blocks a hip toss. He takes down Hallowicked with a couple armdrags and blasts him away with the Shoryuken. Stupefied punches Hallowicked in the side. He takes him down with an armdrag. He avoids the courting hold armdrag but gets taken down with a step-up Frankensteiner. Stupefied sends Hallowicked to the floor with his own Frankensteiner and follows with a dive. Delirious hurts his ankle as Uno sends him overhead. The Smash Bros. take turns picking apart Delirious’ hurt leg. The Smash Bros accidentally kick each other. Uno clotheslines Stupefied, allowing Hallowicked to tag in. He Samoan Drops Uno. He gets two with a side slam. Delirious foolishly tags back in. Uno again goes to his legs and once more the SSB are in control. Delirious catches Uno with a headbutt to the stomach as he comes off the top rope. Hallowicked chokeslams Stupefied for two. Delirious tosses him into Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Stupefied avoids a double whip with a double Pele kick. He assists Uno with a double Shiranui. He and Stupefied hit a tandem stunner on Delirious. Hallowicked breaks it up. The SSB give Hallowicked a tandem reverse DDT. Uno waterwheel slams him into a back cracker from Stupefied. Delirious breaks it up. Stupefied superkicks Hallowicked into the M. Bison Stomp from Uno. Hallowicked avoids the Final Smash. Stupefied accidentally knee strikes Uno. Hallowicked cracks Stupefied with a yakuza kick. He Rydeen Bombs Uno. Delirious polishes him off with the Chemical Imbalance II at 15:02. This match is obviously well known for the shenanigans with Delirious and Uno at the beginning, but the wrestling was really good too. Obviously Incoherence didn’t need a win, but it did further showcase how Uno and Stupefied aren’t on the same page while also making them look like formidable opponents against the Campeones. Nice foreshadowing for what was to come. ***¼

Young Lions Cup VI Finals
Fire Ant {C} vs. Vin Gerard

Fire Ant enters in some sweet new orange gear to “Heat of the Moment.” Gerard slaps him in the face before the bell. Fire Ant immediately dropkicks Gerard to the corner and lights him up with chops. He whips Gerard across the ring twice. He delivers a Koppu Kick. Gerard slips out before Fire Ant can go for the Beach Break. Fire Ant suicide dives after him. He tries a fireman’s carry on the floor. Gerard rakes his face to stop him. He drives Fire Ant back first into the ring post. Back in the ring Gerard repeatedly drives Fire Ant’s head into the mat. He picks him up by the antennae and suplexes him into a front facelock. Fire Ant reverses a suplex with a small package. He goes to Burn Down the House but Gerard blocks with a wheelbarrow suplex for two. Worker Ant makes his way ringside to cheer on his partner. Gerard chokes Fire Ant. Soldier Ant comes out as Gerard stomps on Fire Ant in the corner. More masked Tecnicos surround the ring over time. Fire Ant gives Gerard a pair of fireman’s carries. He goes for the Stop, Drop, and Roll but Gerard cuts him off with a running knee strike. He lands another knee strike for two. He whips Fire Ant into opposite corners to wear down his back. Fire Ant fires up. He boots Gerard away. He climbs the ropes. Gerard shoves referee Bryce Remsburg into the ropes to crotch Fire Ant on the top rope. Gerard looks for something on the apron. Fire Ant dumps him on the floor with a fireman’s carry! Gerard makes his way back in just before the 20 count. Fire Ant lights him up with chops before Burning Down the House. He comes off the top with an antzuigiri. He then comes off the top with a senton for two. Gerard legmares Fire Ant and puts on the STF. Fire Ant breaks out of it. Gerard powerbombs him twice. Fire Ant kicks out. Gerard looks for the CHIKARA Special. Fire Ant rolls him up to block it. He drops Gerard with the Beach Break. Gerard kicks out. Fire Ant wants a second rope Beach Break. Gerard reverse with a powerbomb. He pins Fire Ant with his feet on the ropes and still only gets two. He re-applies the STF. Fire Ant’s arm only drops twice! Gerard curb stomps him into the mat thrice before putting the STF back on. Fire Ant rolls his way out to the floor with Gerard still on his back. Gerard hooks on the hold for a bit. He then drags Fire Ant further away from the ring. Fire Ant is still able to make it back in just in time to beat the twenty count! Out of shock and desperation, Gerard goes for a running shooting star press and misses! Fire Ant kicks him int ehs side of the head twice. He drops him with the Burning Hammer. Gerard fires up! Fire Ant then hits the Beach Break for the pin at 15:37. This was amazing on every level but the story made the match. Fire Ant vanquished the villain of the Tecnicos, who desperately betrayed his anti-Lucha values and it ended up backfiring. Gerard did a great job working over Fire Ant’s back. The emotion was at an all time high. The crowd was losing their minds. This is a match many people still talk about to this day and with good reason; it’s one of the best matches in CHIKARA history. ****½

And wouldn’t you know it? You can watch that match in its entirety, for free, right here.


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  1. In re Quack’s promo: It’s “beeline,” not “b-line.”

    Amazing just how everything in CHIKARA would be so different, possibly to the point of being unrecognizable, if Equinox had defeated Chris Hero that night.

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