Young Lions Cup VI Night II


Hellertown, PA – 6.14.2008

Commentary is provided by Mitch Ryder, Louden Noxious, Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg, UltraMantis Black, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Before Louden Noxious can introduce tonight’s 12 participants, Bryce Remsburg comes out to inform us that Jason Blade, who was supposed to face Tim Donst tonight, is a weenie and not here. Therefore they draw a new name from the hat, as is tradition. Matt Borne and Evan Sydal are not in the building, but Cleveland wrestler Christian Faith is. Worker Ant is conspicuously absent from the proceedings as well.


Lince Dorado tells us that he overcame the obstacle of his serious concussion last year to go on and win King of Trios. He plans to continue overcoming obstacles and win this year’s Young Lions Cup tournament.

Young Lions Cup VI Quarter-Final Round
Lince Dorado vs. Kyle Matthews

They trade wristlocks and knuckle locks. They each go for some quick pinfalls to no avail. Dorado sends Matthews to the corner with an armdrag. Matthews forearms him from behind. Dorado rolls up into a headscissors and gives Matthews a backbreaker for two. He hops onto Matthews’ shoulders. Matthews drops him throat first across the top rope, knees Dorado to the floor, then follows with a suicide dive. In the ring he snapmares Dorado into a back kick. He puts on a bodyscissors. Dorado escapes and gets two with a sunset flip. Matthews dropkicks him for two. Matthews wants a superplex. Dorado reverses mid-air and comes crashing down with a crossbody. He sends Matthews out with a superkick and follows with an Asai moonsault. After a standing Spanish Fly, Dorado puts on a modified Anaconda Vise. Matthews does not submit. Dorado kicks out his knee and hits the Lynxsault for two. Matthews ducks a kick and tosses Dorado with a German suplex. He dropkicks him to the corner for two. He also gets two with a Blue Thunder Bomb. He takes Dorado up the ropes. Dorado headbutts Matthews to the mat. He hits a shooting star press for the pin at 10:29. Matthews got in a lot more offense than expected, which I appreciated since this could have been a lot more one sided given that the victor was obvious. Although they have very different styles, Dorado and Matthews blended them together well and had a fine opening match. **¼

Steve “The Turtle” Weiner is looking forward to his first CHIKARA match and also being in the Young Lions Cup tournament. He points out some similarities between him and Ophidian, but says turtle power is going to explode all over him tonight. He plans to make it to the finals against Vin Gerard tomorrow.

Young Lions Cup VI Quarter-Final Round
Steve “The Turtle” Weiner vs. Ophidian {OP}

Ophidian attacks Weiner with a running knee strike before the bell. He stomps him down in the corner and chokes him with his boot. He throws some chops and chokes Weiner in the ropes. Ophidian puts on a body stretch in the ropes. He puts on a double leg nelson. He snapmares Weiner into a crucifix pin for two. He misses a corner splash. Weiner rolls him up for two. Ophidian attacks him once again. He drives his knees into Weiner’s mid-section. Weiner absorbs Ophidian’s spin kicks. He turns around so that Ophidian’s knees crash into his shell. He whips Ophidian into the corners multiple times, then rams his shell into his face and chest. Weiner gets two with a bulldog. The Shellsational Slam has the same result. He goes for a spear. Ophidian avoids it and puts Weiner in the Death Grip. Weiner passes out at 5:28. This was better than I anticipated, but you know what you’re getting from a Steve The Turtle match. The crowd was solidly behind him and his entry was certainly admirable, but Ophidian moving on was the right call. *

Chip Day says he’s representing NWA Anarchy out of Cornelia, GA. They sent him because they believed enough in him to think he could bring home the cup. Chip believes in himself too, and he’s going to take the Cup in the name of Anarchy.

Worker Ant makes his way out on a crutch with Leonard F. Chikarason. Chikarason tells us that Vin Gerard caused Worker Ant’s injury. He can’t in good conscience allow Worker Ant to compete, but he won’t let Vin Gerard do what he tried to do at King of Trios and cost the Colony the tournament. Chikarason brings out Fire and Soldier Ant. They play rock, paper, scissors to see who will replace Worker Ant in the tournament. Fire Ant wins.

Young Lions Cup VI Quarter-Final Round
Fire Ant {C} vs. Chip Day

After a wristlock exchange, Day pulls off a wheelbarrow armdrag. Fire Ant responds with his own armdrags. Day sends him out with a spinwheel kick and follows with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring Day gets two with a snap suplex. He delivers a legdrop. He strings a splash and bulldog together. Fire Ant comes back with the Stop, Drop, and Roll. He lands a coast-to-coast springboard dropkick. Fire Ant lands a tope con hilo of his own. Back in the ring the two competitors accidentally hit heads in the corner. They trade chops when they come to. Day dropkicks Fire Ant’s knee out and lands a senton across his back. Day catches Fire Ant with a Ranhei for two. Fire Ant goes for a huracanrana. Day counters with a powerbomb. A standing moonsault only gets two. He misses a twisting splash. Fire Ant antzuigiri’s Day before Burning Down The House. Vin Gerard tries to run in but Worker Ant hits him with his crutch. Fire Ant pins Day with the Beach Break at 6:38. This was fun. Day looked really good and I’m kind of surprised he never came back to CHIKARA after this. Fire Ant of course is excellent, though his lack of offense overall was really surprising. **¼

Young Lions Cup VI Quarter-Final Round
Tim Donst {ONT} vs. Christian Faith

Crossbones is in Donst’s corner. Faith’s larger frame allows him to easily shove Donst to the corner twice. Donst rolls him up for a quick two count. He trips Faith into an ankle lock. Faith kicks him away and Donst jackknife pins him for two. Faith throws him down by his hair. Donst tries a crucifix bomb. Faith drops him down and delivers a senton splash. Donst wants a German suplex. Faith backs him to the corner. He forearms him down and nails him with a running knee strike. He gets two with a sit-out choke bomb. He misses a Swanton. Donst takes him over with a couple fireman carry’s. He can’t lift Faith onto his shoulders. He tries a Gator Roll. Faith escapes and nails a rolling elbow. Donst finally gets in a German suplex for two. Donst locks on the CHIKARA Special. Faith taps out at 6:43. Faith did a good job establishing dominance and showing off his strength. In fact, it made Donst’s victory look even more impressive. Him winning with the CHIKARA Special was a nice touch given what we would see later from him in the evening. **½

Shayne Hawke says he’s taking home the Cup for the Fabulous Two, then he and Mitch Ryder are going to win the Campeones de Parejas. Then, all the gold will be where it rightfully belongs.

Young Lions Cup VI Quarter-Final Round
Bobby Dempsey {ROH} vs. Shayne Hawke {FT}

Hawke grabs a headlock. Dempsey shoves him off. Hawke avoids a shoulder tackle. He eats a body block against the ropes. Hawke gets sent to the floor with a shoulder tackle after all. They each pull off an armdrag. They do the M-Pro comedy jump out of nowhere. Hawke is too small to do much damage to Dempsey. Dempsey slams him and lands a splash for two. He wants a uranage. Hawke kicks out his knee and gives him the Tomahawke for the pin at 4:27. Short and sweet. *

C-Red, manager of Da Soul Touchaz, is standing by with Marshe Rockett. Marshe is so excited to be back in CHIKARA. He’s here to make a name for and prove himself. C-Red says they’re going to return to Chicago with a nice big shiny cup. He ends the promo with some singing.

Young Lions Cup VI Quarter-Final Round
Marshe Rockett {ST} vs. Johnny Gargano

Gargano attacks Rockett as he’s posing for the crowd. Rockett takes him over with a hip toss. He slams him and then sends him to the floor with a dropkick. When Gargano comes back in, Rockett applies a wristlock. Gargano trips him into a front facelock. Rockett catches him with a powerslam. He misses a corner splash. Gargano kicks him in the inner thigh and uses the ropes for a back cracker. He slingshots in from the apron with a splash. Gargano applies pressures to Rockett’s arms and neck. When Rockett fights back, Gargano goes to his eyes. He snapmares Rockett into a back dropkick. Gargano teases a superkick but ends up giving Rockett a clothesline. He chokes Rockett after a suplex. He gets two with a senton. Gargano misses a top rope splash. Rockett throws some high kicks. He drops Gargano in a modified Rydeen Bomb for two. He misses a Swanton. Gargano uses some catch wrestling to roll Rockett into a superkick. He only gets two with a Michinoku Driver. Rockett comes back with a butterfly suplex. Gargano drop toe holds Rockett into the middle turnbuckle. Gargano ascends the ropes. Rockett catches him with an enzuigiri. Gargano tries a sunset flip but Rockett sits down on him as Gargano comes off the top. Gargano hangs Rockett on the second rope. He brings him out with a reverse swinging STO. Gargano dives off the top rope. Rockett catches him mid-air with the M-80 for the pin at 12:06. Both guys looked really good and the finish was awesome. With both guys putting in good performances it’s easy to see why they were brought back on multiple occasions. **¾

The Super Smash Bros. are arguing over whether hot dogs or hamburgers are better. Uno then says tonight is a fresh start towards their quest for three points. Stupefied speaks in French. Uno says he was talking about cowboy boots. Uno says that Mike Quackenbush and Shane Storm are getting pwned tonight. The Smash Bros. miss their high five.

Mike Quackenbush & Shane Storm vs. Player Uno {SSB} & Stupefied {SSB}

Stupefied and Quackenbush look for control on the mat. Quackenbush armdrags Stupefied away and gives him a chop. He runs the ropes for another armdrag that sends Stupefied to the floor. Quackenbush steps on Uno’s hands to bring him to the mat. Uno goes for a few quick pin attempts. He attempts the Hadouken but Quackenbush covers up. Storm puts Uno in a side headlock. From out of the corner he pulls off a couple of armdrags. He gets two with a tornado clutch. He enzuigiri’s Uno to the floor. Stupefied takes down Storm with a Frankensteiner and leg lariat. Storm gives him a chinbreaker. He holds Stupefied in a side slam and Quackenbush slingshots in with a back splash. He drives his knees into Stupefied’s chest before stretching his whole body out. Quackenbush puts on a Romero Special, transitioning into a Dragon Clutch. Stupefied punches Quackenbush away. He ducks a palm strike and slides to the floor, but Quackenbush follows with a tope con hilo. Uno and Storm throw forearms and slaps. Uno drills Storm with the River City Ransom for two. Stupefied assists Uno with a tandem stunner for two. Stupefied accidentally missile dropkicks Uno into a German suplex from Storm. Storm drops Stupefied off his shoulders into a knee strike. Quackenbush gives him the Quackendriver IV for two. Uno and Stupefied drop Quackenbush with a side slam/springboard reverse DDT combo. Storm breaks the pin. Stupefied blocks a tandem Irish whip and hits a double Pele kick. He and Uno look for a double team maneuver, but Quackenbush and Storm counter and force Stupefied to give Uno a reverse spike Frankensteiner. They give Stupefied a double stomp/Air Raid Crash combo. That gets them the pin at 10:50. This was a fun, competitive match with the Smash Bros. stacking up against two of the top guys in the company. Of course, the content of the match is not nearly as important as the aftermath. ***

As Storm is pinning Stupefied, Tim Donst makes his way to the ring. He whispers in Quackenbush’s ear. Quackenbush turns his attention to Storm who is celebrating his and Quackenbush’s third point. Quackenbush pounces on Storm and begins pounding away! Bryce Remsburg holds Quackenbush back as Storm escapes through the back door. Quackenbush looks at Donst and says “you better be sure.” He then runs through the back door, presumably to go after Storm.

Acid Jaz {ST} & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson {ST} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

C-Red is in Da Soul Touchaz corner. Mantis sends Hydra to the back so he can be at Tim Donst’s side. Mantis and Jaz trade wristlocks. Jaz takes him down with an armdrag, hip toss, and spinwheel kick. Richardson tags in. Mantis retreats to tag in Crossbones. Richardson and Crossbones exchange forearms. Crossbones throws some kicks. Richardson palm strikes him in the chest a few times. He catches Crossbones with a dropkick after a leapfrog. He snapmares him into a back kick and comes off the second rope with an elbow drop. Richardson assists Jaz with a headscissors on Mantis. Jaz legdrops him twice before breakdancing into a fist drop for two. Crossbones kicks Jaz from the apron, allowing the Order to take control. Jaz is isolated until he catches Mantis with a knee strike/enzuigiri combo. Richardson plows through the Order with shoulder blocks and clotheslines. He gives Crossbones a twisting neckbreaker for two. Mantis gives him a DDT. Crossbones comes off the top with a splash. Jaz breaks the cover. He drops Crossbones with an X-Factor. He attempts a Shiranui but Mantis blocks. Jaz shoves Mantis into Richardson’s POUNCE! Richardson goes up top. Crossbones and Mantis follow him up and bring him down with a double superplex. Richardson rolls to the floor. Jaz throws some kicks at Crossbones. Crossbones stops him and hits the Freakin’ Sweet Driver for the pin at 12:47. The fans were really into Da Soul Touchaz but the action left a little something to be desired. It was solid but had a moment or two of sloppiness. The last couple of minutes with the Pounce and the finish were the best parts of the bout. **¼

Young Lions Cup VI Semi-Final Elimination Match
Lince Dorado vs. Ophidian {OP} vs. Fire Ant {C} vs. Tim Donst {ONT} vs. Shayne Hawke {FT} vs. Marshe Rockett {ST}

Hawke shoulder blocks Dorado and mocks his severe concussion by convulsing on the mat. Dorado chases him around the ring. Ophidian and Rockett come in. Rockett takes control with some chops and a legdrop. Hawke runs the ropes looking for a double axe handle. Rockett boots him out of the ring. Donst tags in. Ophidian goes for a victory roll but only gets two. He Skins the Snake for another two count. Donst and Dorado look for quick pins on one another. Dorado puts on a black singlet, signifying he wants to mat wrestle with Donst. The trade waistlocks accidentally getting Bryce Remsburg involved in the process. All three fall down. Dorado takes down Fire Ant with a springboard headscissors. Fire Ant puts him in an Octopus Stretch. He headscissors Dorado to the corner. Fire Ant puts on an Anaconda Vise in the ropes. Dorado knocks him to the floor. Fire Ant pulls him down to the floor as well. Hawke and Ophidian double hip toss Rockett in from the apron. Rockett ducks their clothesline and dives onto Fire Ant and Dorado. Ophidian Skins the Snake to the floor, giving Rockett a headscissors on the floor. Hawke dives off the top onto Rockett, Dorado, and Ophidian. Donst is poised to dive. Fire Ant cuts him off with a fireman’s carry. Fire Ant gives one to every other participant as well. Donst drops him with an STO for two. Fire Ant monkey flips Donst, but Donst suplexes him into the corner. Dorado dives on Donst in the corner. After an enzuigiri he hits the Lynxsault for two. Hawke gives Dorado the Oklahoma Stampede. He comes off the second rope with an elbow smash. Rockett gives Hawke a uranage for two. Ophidian drives Rockett into the mat with double knees. Dorado pitches Ophidian to the floor. Rockett gives Ophidian a chinbreaker. Dorado kicks out his knee and rolls him up in a Magistral Cradle for two. Rockett wants a roll up. Dorado sits down on it and locks on the CHIKARA Special. Rockett taps out at 12:17.

Ophidian slaps the Death Grip on Dorado. His arm drops twice. He fires up and drives Ophidian head first into the corner. Dorado takes him down with a spin out slam. From the apron he hits a flip seated senton. The standing Spanish Fly leads to a modified Anaconda Vise. Ophidian fights out. He turns Dorado over into a reverse prawn hold for the pin at 14:03. Donst grabs Ophidian. Ophidian rolls him up in a reverse prawn hold for another pin at 14:24. Fire Ant misses a crossbody. Ophidian puts the Death Grip on him. Fire Ant backs him into the corner repeatedly to break. Ophidian tries the prawn hold, but Fire Ant turns it around and pins Ophidian at 15:02. Hawke goes for the Tomahawke. Fire Ant escapes and goes for the Beach Break. Hawke slides off and superkicks Fire Ant for two. He goes up top. Fire Ant brings him down with a super fireman’s carry. He comes off the top himself with a senton splash for two. He tries to Burn Down the House. Hawke shoves him off and superkicks him again. Hawke hits the Swanton and Gomorrah and another superkick for two. The Tomahawke is only good for two as well. Hawke brings Fire Ant to the second rope for a super Tomahawke. Fire Ant instead brings him down with the Beach Break for the pin and the win at 18:06. While this was mostly a collection of moves, the last few minutes with Hawke and Fire Ant were excellent. Now we have ourselves a heated final contest for tomorrow. Everyone looked cool, but there was no real cohesive story to the action. ***

Vin Gerard comes in and stares down Fire Ant, who he faces tomorrow in the Finals. He leaves without any issue.


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