ROH: Respect is Earned II


Philadelphia, PA – 6.7.2008

In March, Eddie Kingston made his presence felt at the “Double Feature” ROH shows, asking Ruckus whose side he is on. This was in reference to him being a member of the Vulture Squad in Ring of Honor, but a member of the BLK Out with Kingston (and others) in CHIKARA and elsewhere. Jigsaw, fellow Vulture Squad member, took umbrage with Kingston interrupting his and Ruckus’ tag matches. At “Take No Prisoners”, Kingston showed up with BLK Out members Sabian and Robbie Mireno. He and Jigsaw came to blows but nothing was resolved. Kingston disappeared for the next couple of months, but resurfaced at “Up For Grabs” to check on Ruckus after he took a rolling elbow from Chris Hero in a tag match. Jigsaw shoved Kingston away and the two came to blows again. They would be separated by officials, but would get a chance to settle their score in Philadelphia the next night.

Eddie Kingston vs. Jigsaw

Sabian and Robbie Mireno are in Kingston’s corner. Jigsaw has no back up. He and Kingston slug it out in the entrance way, slapping the crap out of each other. Ruckus tries to separate them but gets shoved down by both guys. Kingston whips Jigsaw into the barricades. Kingston ends a chop exchange with a knee to the stomach. He sends Jigsaw into the barricades again. They slap each other in the face. Kingston delivers a headbutt. Jigsaw shoves Kingston into the barricades and dropkicks him in the face. Jigsaw comes off the apron and takes down Kingston with a headscissors. The bell officially rings as Jigsaw hits a missile dropkick back in the ring. Jigsaw tries a superkick. Kingston catches his leg and powerbombs him. He chokes and chops Jigsaw on the mat. He tosses Jigsaw to the floor where Mireno and Sabian get in some shots. Ruckus does not seem happy about it. Kingston chops up Jigsaw back in the ring. Jigsaw avoids a corner attack and lands an enzuigiri. Kingston blocks the Jig N’ Tonic. He punts him in the head and chokes him on the bottom rope. Jigsaw sneaks in a roll up but gets chopped back down. He avoids a knee strike. He fights his way into a Frankensteiner. He gets two with a swinging DDT. Kingston rolls to the floor. Jigsaw 450 splashes onto him, Mireno, and Sabian. Jigsaw slaps and kicks the crap out of Kingston before throwing him back in the ring. Kingston thumbs him in the eye. He goes for a yakuza kick but Jigsaw avoids it. He drops Kingston with a torture rack bomb for two. Jigsaw misses a double stomp. Kingston gives him a uranage suplex and the Emerald Frosion for two. Jigsaw ducks the Backfist to the Future. He superkicks Kingston three times before successfully delivering a top rope double stomp for the pin at 8:26 (official). This was pretty heated but with no stakes and Ruckus barely emoting, not to mention neither guy being major players in ROH, it was really hard to care about the outcome. I’m happy Jigsaw was able to get the win but it ultimately meant nothing. The action itself was good though. **½


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