IWC: Hell Hath No Fury 3

5.17.2008 – Elizabeth, PA

IWC Super Indy Championship
Jerry Lynn (Champion) vs. Larry Sweeney

We get a dance off between these two guys before the bell rings. Lynn knocks Sweeney down with a shoulder tackle out of a headlock. Sweeney shoves Lynn, so Lynn shoves Sweeney to the mat. Sweeney pulls Lynn’s hair, so Lynn snapmares Sweeney over. Lynn trips Sweeney as he hits the ropes and applies a side headlock. Sweeney makes a comeback. Lynn looks to hit the ropes, but Sweeney knees him in the gut to cut him off. Sweeney hits a second rope elbow drop for two. On the floor, Sweeney throws Lynn into the guardrail.Lynn sweeps Sweeney’s legs back in the ring, and legdrops his head on the second rope. Lynn pescado’s back into the ring for a two count. Sweeney misses the 12 Large elbow. Sweeney gives Lynna fisherman’s suplex for two. Lynn schoolboys Sweeney, and Sweeney reverses for a two count. Lynn catches Sweeney on his shoulders and drops Sweeney face first in the corner. Lynn hits a tornado DDT for two. Sweeney gives Lynn a facebuster for two. Sweeney hits the ’68 Comeback Special. Lynn is able to give Sweeney a cradle piledriver for the pin at 15:22. This was pretty boring considering the caliber of both competitors. The sort of went through the motions for 15 minutes with nothing exciting or interesting really happening. Pretty disappointing all things considered. **


One Response to IWC: Hell Hath No Fury 3

  1. No mention of Lynn actually defeating Sweeney in the dance-off by channeling Ric Flair and Pee-Wee Herman?

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