IWC Super Indy VII

Elizabeth, PA – 4.25.2008

Larry Sweeney says win, lose, or draw, he loses the IWC Super Indy championship tonight since he has to relinquish it to the tournament winner. He says however that he will win back his Texarkana Television Championship tonight from Bryan Alvarez, who won the belt 6 months ago and hasn’t defended it since. Sweeney says he’s taking everyone down and winning his belt back. The usual Sweeney greatness.

ICW/ICWA Texarkana Television Champion/ICW Super Indy Championship – Elimination Match
Larry Sweeney (Super Indy Champion) vs. Bryan Alvarez (ICW/ICWA Texarkana Television Champion) vs. Delirious vs. Ruckus

Delirious of course goes nuts at the sound of the bell. Ruckus and Sweeney start off. With no clear advantage, they tag out to Delirious and Alvarez. Alvarez is weary of Delirious’ odd offense, and also tries to steer clear of Sweeney as well. Alvarez tries some shoulder blocks to no avail. He drops Alvarez on his stomach and gives Alvarez a back senton for two. Alvarez gives Delirious a chin breaker and clothesline and tags in Ruckus. Ruckus hits a leg lariat for two. Delirious stops a cartwheel moonsault and backdrops Ruckus. Alvarez tags back in, and beats on Delirious while also preventing him from tagging in Sweeney. When Delirious does tag Sweeney, Alvarez tags out to Ruckus. Sweeney takes it to Ruckus in the corner. Ruckus hits the Razzle Dazzle and an axe kick for two. Ruckus hits a moonsault legdrop, but Sweeney grabs his leg and rolls him up for the pin and elimination at 9:09. Delirious tries a few roll-ups on Sweeney with no luck. Delirious gives Sweeney a headbutt to the gut, and Alvarez bling tags in. Sweeney gets in some shots and Alvarez immediately tags out. Delirious dropkicks Sweeney into the corner and then hits the Panic Attack. Delirious hits Sweeney with Shadows Over Hell. However, Dennis Gregory is outside the ring pestering Daizee Haze who is managing Delirious. Alvarez sneaks in to pin Sweeney as Delirious gets counted out at 12:07. Sweeney kicks out of Alvarez’s pin. Alvarez targets Sweeney’s neck with a snap across the top rope and a sleeper hold. Alvarez keeps on top of Sweeney but can seem to get the pin. Sweeney evades a top rope somersault senton. He gives Alvarez a piledriver and the 12 Large Elbow drop for the pin and both championships at 16:59. This was a very smartly worked match. Alvarez dodging Sweeney the entire match until it came down to him and Sweeney, and only coming to get a couple shots at a weakened Alvarez worked for the crowd and made for a fun watch as well. Ruckus and Delirious did their job well too. Nice to see this get some closure finally. **3/4


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